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  1. >90dB of noise rejection to beyond 1GHz is indicative of superb broadband common mode rejection in the kHz and MHz regions where the majority of noise products occur.
  2. Yes, but its only reason to exist is to improve audio quality and the way to determine if audio quality has been improved is by listening.
  3. In my experience, the >90dB of noise rejection to beyond 1GHz and low impedance system ground provided by the 512 Engineering Symmetrical Power Source input transformer are essential for the highest possible audio quality. We used a similar system (which the 512 Engineering Symmetrical Power Source surpasses) at Pacific Microsonics during development of the HDCD process and the Pacific Microsonics Model One and Model Two studio A/D&D/A converters. Power line noise diminishes the audibility of quality differences between components, especially digital components, which is why we went to great lengths to have the cleanest possible power and grounding. It’s difficult to optimize circuits or algorithms when you can’t hear the result!
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