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  1. This is my goal too....Topk
  2. Hi, XE card gives sound improvement against onboard USB. Yes...AO3 works on dual Xeon... vhs
  3. Hi Ilona, I am using P4800x 375G for OS and 905P 1.5T for music files storage. Even for music filesstorage, using Optone 905P still benefits.... Hope it helps...... vhs
  4. Optane P4800x PCIe with Intel VMD next level up should be Optane P5800x......but haven't tried yet vhs
  5. Hi Nenon, Any further news about Taiko Audio DC-DC Atx? Thanks. vhs
  6. Hi, I am also using Jcat XE usb card with ASUS C621E Sage, WS2019 core, AO3 and Hqp4 without any problem. vhs
  7. Ordered the rams thur a fd who placed a special order to Apacer directly. As seeteeyou referred above, you may contact Apacer US directly.
  8. Apacer ecc rdimm 4g(d51.23184s.001)
  9. Using the latest intel vroc driver, https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/30189/Intel-Virtual-RAID-on-CPU-Intel-VROC-and-Intel-Rapid-Storage-Technology-Enterprise-Intel-RSTe-Windows-Driver-for-Intel-Server-Boards-and-Systems-Based-on-Intel-62X-Chipset CPU 0 - PCIe Slot 3 - optane p4800x 375g as OS storage CPU 1 - PCIe Slot 7 - optane 905p 1.5T as music storage
  10. Hi all, My newly built dual Xeon server had started singing beautifully...... cpu: Xeon scalable silver 4214 ram :Apacer ecc rdimm 4g x12 (d51.23184s.001) os ssd : optane p4800x 375g music ssd : optane 905p 1.5T usb card : jcat xe usb os : ws2019 server core player : hqp 3 plus naa tuning the server in progress, will update regularly.... vhs
  11. https://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-goes-all-passive-cooling-87c-temps-turemetal-up10-chassis/
  12. Hi Nenon, Looking forward to it...
  13. Thx Nenon, Please let me know once the case is available.
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