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  1. @johnnydev may I ask why you went for that and not something like Mutec with 8 clocking interfaces ?
  2. So, I embarked on my optical transport experimentation journey. Here is my chain: From ER on, the power is provided by 4 LPS1.2 and 2 Farads. The result were utterly disappointing. The sound quality has really worsened. I did not expect this to be so harsh and piercing. :( So I switched back to copper. And am contemplating next steps. Continue playing out optical options? A different transceiver? Attenuators ? Maybe forgo optical for now and insert an "audiophile switch" upstream? Maybe add clocking to ER and
  3. Yet another category of optimization: rack space real estate! 😄 please report on how much space can actually be saved by vertical placement of multiple LPSes, ER, etc!
  4. @Mike Rubin ... off topic ... can you share the details on your creative shelf for vertically housing ER+LPS ? ... never ending expansion of small LPS and cables calls for creative real estate solutions! :)
  5. Hi @JohnSwenson, Can you please suggest the optimal application of Uptone power supplies to the following gear: SotM 10G Switch -> Etherregen -> Auralic G2 Streamer (AC)-> ISOregen -> M-scaler -> Opto_DX (batteries) -> Hugo TT2 DAC. Currently JS-2 powers HMS and Hugo TT2. ISOregen by LPS-1.2. One LPS on January order. Thanks in advance !
  6. Thanks! .... Everything in the chain is powered by uptone gear 1.2 and 2 LPSs. OPTO-DX by batteries.
  7. HI there, I welcome any opinions/suggestions around SQ improvements with the tweak I am about embark on ... T
  8. @Superdad is lack of galvanic isolation as @ecwl mentions a valid concern?
  9. Hi, I am happily using "half" of the JS2 to power a Chord TT2. I am getting an M-Scaler this week and was wondering if powering via JS2 as well would be too much ? Also read somewhere that JS2 can be upgraded to 15V as required by the m-scaler ? TIA Andrew
  10. Hi there, Currently, I am running a Roon core on 2012 Mac mini, powered by Uptone LPS, serving up Tidal/Qobuz and NAS sourced streams into a Chord Hugo TT2 DAC through ISO Regen. Contemplating to move the digital transport into more modern age: I am intrigued by FullySilentPC option, powered by external LPS, JCAT USB and Ethernet cards. I am curious of opinions how this config would compare to Innuos Zenit MK3 or Auralic Aries G2 ? Thanks in advance
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