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  1. I've went through 30 mins of the video before it got a little over my head. So I am trying to solve certain math fundamentals before continuing. I shared because even the 30 mins I saw was fantastic content, and felt someone else could proceed further if they had prior knowledge.
  2. The playback software and noise (or lack thereof) from pc. Xxhighend being my favourite, wtfplay my favourite free player and playpcm being the most convenient yet sounding great. The interpolation algorithm too, I really love the arc predict function in xxhe. I hope to code a customized one myself, with my own learnings in some time. May not be as good as Peter's but I'll learn something and gain experience along the way.
  3. Hi John. It's been a while now and I have taken effort to go through electromagnetism and quantum physics to decent depth. Now I'm able to understand the above conditions even better. It needs to be a low pressure gas so that the interaction between gas molecules is minimised. The hyperfine lines correspond to electrons moving between degenerate orbitals, and it needs to be maintained in a specific electric/magnetic field to reduce randomness of this happening. And since this is mostly intrinsic to each gas molecule it is generally unaffected by the other interaction, atleast in the low pressu
  4. I would be happy if I got the opportunity to talk to Bob (I'm also open minded about this topic at present). Any possibility?
  5. A poem I made a while ago. Oh my beloved precision analyser, how do I live without you. Squiggle sines right round right rount from da top to da bottom. From earth shaking 10hz to ultrasonic 30khz, gimme dat phlatt lyne. How do I enjoy music without knowing my amp is objektib-good. Let's ignore toobs, coz dey are for noobs. Sing along you semiconductor beauties. If it walks like a dack and quacks like a dack, it must be a dack. Let's forget em coz they all sound da sayme. Together we'll save this world from the evil clutches of audiophoolery and snek oyle. Oh my beloved precision a
  6. This company is very good at attention to detail but the first video is just describing what's there is almost every dac lol 😅, just the level of accuracy and perfection changes. I'm not a PCB designer, but I feel that the clock routing looks 👌👌. Anyway most of the magic would be in that 8 layers you don't see. I Ion't quite understand if this is a delta Sigma dac or a PWM dac. And by the way, I see a few ti opa1612 and opax140 opamps. Interesting to know a 39000$ device still relies on a 7$ chip at some point. Was expecting Linn to make custom opamps or choose something discrete,
  7. If a person asking for recommendations for books on a topic gets someone provoked I think they must have got serious issues.
  8. Thank you. I went through a few youtube videos to get a basic idea of the structure of the basis functions. There were a few subjects I read books to understand only to find that they miss out on specific information or convolute simple things too much, and then have to run through online to really fill in the gaps (this can be frustrating if you're a beginner in the domain, especially if a better alternative is present). Hence I was seeking specific advice on books that I felt someone else here would have been through this topic already.
  9. This recording is very good. I'm not even sure if it's really binaural but it sounds very realistic. Looking for an uncompressed version of it.
  10. At this point I'm convinced no one here has any idea about wavelets. Anyway I got the answers/recommendations I was seeking in PM and hence I'll excuse myself from this discussion (unless someone has a resource on the specific topic). I wish you all a happy back and forth ranting to 1000 pages and beyond, and maybe Bob stuart would plan to engage with you all.
  11. I got your logic. If you cannot comprehend it the other person must be wrong!
  12. Here is your answer. This is where it actually began and you've tried to poke something random in the middle without understanding the context of the discussion. So it clearly shows that most people here in this thread (a few exceptions) are not interested in a discussion, just find ways to deviate discussion into irrelevant oblivion. What has ifi's usage of Gibbs name in a specific product has to do with what I wrote. Elon Musk has a car company named Tesla. Doesn't mean Nikola Tesla autographed on the units being sold. Why would you assume someone who is researching r
  13. Why am I being constantly given replies with content totally irrelevant to the actual question I was asking. This is like asking for directions to a nearby hotel and getting responses to go to the beach at the next edge of the continent. I am not here to have arguments on manufacturers wierd naming schemes for their products. One can go ahead and ask is the schiit wyrd really wierd. Or is it named so because it is wired? Or is it a white yellow Red denim color scheme? I asked for resources on wavelet theory and splines, and the exact sentences I quoted relate to that alone.
  14. I understand Gibbs phenomenon which is why I didn't take the rest of the article into quotations, and yet the thread got diverged to that way. My questions and the content I quoted was fully relating to wavelets and splines. Maybe this isn't the right place to ask for suggestions on books/resources to go through a "specific topic", relating to the content of the thread, if it has any deviation from established cocooned thinking.
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