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  1. Pointless or not is your interpretation, audible or not is your experience. But it has a code sequence that objectively does "something"! The links to John Swenson's tests were present in the thread where this discussion happened. It's now buried too deep into one of the dozen obscurium threads created by March audio, so might take some searching to find out.
  2. Do you have objective statistics for this? No, not the my friend got influenced by feb31audio reviews channel story.
  3. Lmao. He's just sour that pretty much every assertion he made was successfully refuted by me and few others. List of assertions 1. Junilabs player doesn't copy to memory - shown false 2. Junilabs player doesn't do anything other than copying to memory - shown false 3. His assertions of noise - shown false multiple times with measurements from John Swenson and few other people's valid arguments (last I remember jabbr was getting a dose of March audio therapy). He loves to invoke my name for whatever reason 😂. Sounds like a very objective pursuit.
  4. Many companies in recent times have "switched" (Pun intended) to SMPS supplies - Linn, Chord, Burson, and many more. Even the uptone LPS-1 while LPS in name is a series of Supercapacitors and microcontroller controlled charge/power delivery unit. The growth in PC/Mobile industry has fueled a lot of research into this domain and I think they will be the go to for the future of audio (atleast upto headphone power output levels).
  5. @The Computer AudiophileI would also like to point out the amount of narrative skewing and hypocrisy being propagated under the blanket of a word called "objectivity" while not being truly objective. There are many instances where this has happened. March audio tried to do an air-quote to assert weightage to his statements using a "white-paper" from Bruno Putzeys. When I asked him for an actual peer reviewed paper, he brushed it off and questioned me how dare I question Bruno Putzeys! (This is by no means intended to disrespect Bruno, just to let you know that the March audio context and argum
  6. Burson's SMPS is very high quality (likely well above meanwell supplies) and tightly integrated to their amplification circuit and I think your conductor 3xp uses multiple of them in parallel (parallelling multiple SMPS is not a trivial task, very delicate stuff). Even with an external LPS you would likely end up with worse sound than stock unless the LPS is ultra low output impedance. Burson used to use LPS in their older products and "Upgraded" to fast switching SMPS in the last few years.
  7. Everything is great with numbers until someone tries to use the numbers to manipulate narratives, claiming nothing exists outside of a tiny subset of possible inputs given as tests. I follow an excessive number of measurement forums for cameras, optics, displays (notebookcheck and anandtech are fantastic), where they measure far more stuff (including field curvature effects) and try to check out causations but I have seldom encountered them basing everything of a device by mere synthetic tests numbers. The only two places where I find this kind of narrow minded conclusions taking p
  8. Don't worry, I didn't take it the wrong way. Its kinda scary that the recovery price is like atleast 5x the price of a hard drive. Better buy 3-4 hard drives for that case.
  9. I went through custom linux route but ended up preferring optimized windows. I use xxhighend. Made a setup tutorial here if you're interested: If you want to try linux, I highly recommend wtfplay-live
  10. manueljenkin


    One of the more enlightening threads I've seen from this forum 😅. On a side note, I have always found their ui and usability choices to be counter intuitive. Different for the sake of being different I guess
  11. I do maintain a backup of my most important files. This was a temporary work, so I was waiting to finish it off before backing up and it went off 😅.
  12. No. This is my external drive. It has nothing to do with the internal drive wearing process. This happens due to a variety of reasons and can be random.
  13. Unfortunately no, as the player at present doesn't support optimization for external usb drives.
  14. Thank you. I tried most of the trivial choices, and tried with another PC too. All my other drives work fine in both this and the other PC. I found a decent resource on this topic : https://www.flashbackdata.com/hard-drive-clicking/ . I need to think about recovery services but I don't think I have enough funds for that. Maybe just would have to code a few things again from scratch. Funny that a hard drive is unhappy about assessment of another hard drive!! It shows up on my PC but when I press the eject option most of the time it throws up an error, and in very rare occasions safe
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