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  1. Добрый день! Вы сможете отправить в Россию?
  2. Alex! Thank You and your team for making my lps 1.2. I live in Russia and it is far from You, but there are no borders for uptone! This is a World-class service! Today I got my LPS 1.2 back and it works great again. It's very nice to know that I own not just a small device, but also the support of a great team of good people. Thank you again for being there!
  3. 301650,Новомосковск Тульская область
  4. Good afternoon! Will you send it to Russia?
  5. Рассматриваете ли Вы доставку в Россию?
  6. Рассматриваете ли Вы доставку в Россию?
  7. Good afternoon! I also encountered the same problem yesterday, suddenly LPS 1.2 stopped issuing voltage, measured the device, after turning on the power supply, when the green led lights up, about a minute or a half later, the output power starts jumping from 1 to 7 volts, also wrote a message in uptone, waiting for a response. I live in Russia. I think We have a very similar problem.
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