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  1. Yes, I Sometimes but increasingly rarely.
  2. The headless PC (streamer) and the tX-USBexp are powered by an HDPlex 100W
  3. Hello, Today I use an Audioquest Carbon USB cable between my streamer and my DAC. I wonder if there is any benefit to place an USPCB between my AO Carbon and my DAC by using an USB A Female to B Female adapter like this?
  4. Hello, My audio system is the following: QNAP TVS-471 NAS-->Router-->Acousence Giso GB-->headless custom PC based on a Intel I7 6700K / SATA Filter III / tX-USBexp-->T+A DAC 8 DSD-->Rouge Audio Studio N-7-->Magico A3. The custom PC is running Windows 10, AO and JRiver. I want to upgrade the rig (of course goal is to enhance SQ) and I thought to one of these two solutions (unfortunately, I don't have the budget to buy both...): -add a SOTM sMS-200 Ultra NEO and use it as renderer via DLNA or -insert a SOTM TX-USBultra between the PC and the DAC My intention is to continue to use JRiver which is my preferred player. What is the best solution? Thank you !
  5. You must absolutely listen to this acoustic duo !
  6. Very good guitar trio and very good sound
  7. Hello, When I try to manually disable some services, like wscsvc for example, using services.msc, all options are read-only. How can I disable it? Windows 10 Pro last build using an administrator account.
  8. Hi, I want to upgrade from AO 2.2 to 3.0 but also take the opportunity to install windows 10 updates. To do that, I suppose that I have to: - do a service tool reset of AO 2.2 - install Win 10 updates - install AO 3.0 Is it correct?
  9. I use REW with a UMIK-1 USB Microphone and optical output from a laptop to my DACs and it works perfectly to do measurments and corrections
  10. I use a class D dual mono power amp based on hypex NC500 modules with a T+A DAC 8 DSD and Magico A3. At normal listening volumne (around 70-75dB), the amp do not heat.
  11. Sorry, my mistake! I have the album which is displayed on the video (on the streamer) and the part with the cover song of Queen is not on it. So, I presume that's a special live version...
  12. @The Computer Audiophile "The Doug Macleod track I'll Be Walking On": Are you sure that it's the right track/album? The song is a cover of a song from Queen, Mama...
  13. Hi, Another class D power amplifiers integrator: https://www.rougeaudiodesign.com/power-amplifiers
  14. This one is also very good and the SQ is extraordinary
  15. Hi, Do you know when AO 2.20 will be released? The beta version has now more than 1 year old :-) Best.
  16. Just to be sure to understand (my english is no so good...): When you say "best done at the listening position and with both speakers set with optimum toe-in, which is 20-30 degrees off axis to the listener", means that the speaker axis are crossing in front of the listening position? If yes, have to tried to "toe-out" the speakers 20-30 degrees off listener axis?
  17. For those interested, JRiver Media Center now exists in 64 bit. See the JRiver Interact Forum.
  18. satbox

    HQ Player

    I use HQPlayer version 3.17 with convolution engine enbled (with 2 mono files (L & R) created with Acourate (384 kHz)). In the HQPlayer user guide, it is mentioned "When an impulse response file is selected through “Browse...”, it's estimated gain function is calculated and displayed in “IR gain” box". In my case, nothing is displayed in the IR Gain box... Any idea? Thank you!
  19. satbox

    HQ Player

    Thank you Miska! "Acourate has an option to do high frequency extension for the correction filter": is it the Brick option in the Acourate filter generation window?
  20. satbox

    HQ Player

    Hi, I mainly use HQPlayer to upsample to DSD 256 or PCM 384 and want to use the HQP convolver engine with .WAV files created with Acourate. My system is a 2.0. Concerning .wav files that I have to create with Acourate: -Is the HQPlayer convolver engine is a 64 bit one? If yes, I suppose that I have to create 64 bit .wav files with Acourate, right? -I have to create mono files, right? -At what sampling frequency, 192 kHz? More? -Is there other advice? Thank you for your help!
  21. Hi, I'm looking for the frequency curve of the B&W 802 D2 speakers. Can you help me? What I want to try is to reproduce this curve on my 802 D2 speakers using Acourate...
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