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  1. Yes, I Sometimes but increasingly rarely.
  2. The headless PC (streamer) and the tX-USBexp are powered by an HDPlex 100W
  3. Hello, Today I use an Audioquest Carbon USB cable between my streamer and my DAC. I wonder if there is any benefit to place an USPCB between my AO Carbon and my DAC by using an USB A Female to B Female adapter like this?
  4. Hello, My audio system is the following: QNAP TVS-471 NAS-->Router-->Acousence Giso GB-->headless custom PC based on a Intel I7 6700K / SATA Filter III / tX-USBexp-->T+A DAC 8 DSD-->Rouge Audio Studio N-7-->Magico A3. The custom PC is running Windows 10, AO and JRiver. I want to upgrade the rig (of course goal is to enhance SQ) and I thought to one of these two solutions (unfortunately, I don't have the budget to buy both...): -add a SOTM sMS-200 Ultra NEO and use it as renderer via DLNA or -insert a SOTM TX-USBultra between the PC and the DAC My intention is to continue to use JRiver which is my preferred player. What is the best solution? Thank you !
  5. You must absolutely listen to this acoustic duo !
  6. Very good guitar trio and very good sound
  7. Hello, When I try to manually disable some services, like wscsvc for example, using services.msc, all options are read-only. How can I disable it? Windows 10 Pro last build using an administrator account.
  8. Hi, I want to upgrade from AO 2.2 to 3.0 but also take the opportunity to install windows 10 updates. To do that, I suppose that I have to: - do a service tool reset of AO 2.2 - install Win 10 updates - install AO 3.0 Is it correct?
  9. I use REW with a UMIK-1 USB Microphone and optical output from a laptop to my DACs and it works perfectly to do measurments and corrections
  10. I use a class D dual mono power amp based on hypex NC500 modules with a T+A DAC 8 DSD and Magico A3. At normal listening volumne (around 70-75dB), the amp do not heat.
  11. Sorry, my mistake! I have the album which is displayed on the video (on the streamer) and the part with the cover song of Queen is not on it. So, I presume that's a special live version...
  12. @The Computer Audiophile "The Doug Macleod track I'll Be Walking On": Are you sure that it's the right track/album? The song is a cover of a song from Queen, Mama...
  13. Hi, Another class D power amplifiers integrator: https://www.rougeaudiodesign.com/power-amplifiers
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