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  1. Can the JS-2 power the Enther REGEN and ISO REGEN? If so, any benefits if any going this route? I do have the ISO with the UC 1.2.
  2. Does the UC 1.2 suppose to get hot when in use? It’s working great with the ISO REGEN as far as sound quality. Though just little concerned about the Caps heat and longevity.
  3. Is there anyway to increase the output in the S2D? Some tracks, even MQA ones in tidal has good output. But most tracks are too low. Even in ITunes. Like it can’t drive my amp and speakers. I have my sensitivity gain on my amps maxed out. And the S2D up 0. Still sounds low. But there is some tracks are just loud that I have to turn down.
  4. Anyone run a high quality USB cable to the ISO? And will it make a difference? Looking at a Curious USB. It’s going to plug in straight from my current model Mac mini to ISO REGEN.. thanks
  5. Bump. I wanna know this as well. There’s some open box specials at my local bb. Though current mini’s. There’s also older refurbish mini’s at the big A too. But, then are not Apple certified and checked.
  6. I like that idea. Though only if I can find a used Mac Mini. Will the MMK work with new versions?
  7. I thought the ISO REGEN/ UltraCap lps-1.2 will cleanup any noise after the laptop? Anyways I’m new to real two channel setups. So still learning. My main use is for streaming tidal and iTunes. I’m not going to use any headphones with my setup. It’ll go directly to my front main amps then to my home entertainment speakers. As far as noise, where should I start from? My family all use WiFi in house. And my home system is the only one hardwired to a switch. 2 ports goes to Xbox and ps4. But not always on. And another port is planned for my music stream. Everything else in my system is WiFi.
  8. Thinking of getting a ER for my very first 2 channel setup. Want to know if this would be the proper chain. Very simple setup.. Router> switch> ER> windows laptop> ISO REGEN (with LPS 1.2)> DAC (Pre Box S2d)
  9. Aloha! From Honolulu Hawaii. And Happy Super Bowl day!! My first time posting here. I tried to find a introduction thread, but there’s none. And hopefully this is the right thread to post my question. Starting to get into 2 channel listening. Will the ISO REGEN/UltraCap LPS-1.2 combo work with a ProJect Pre Box S2 digital? I want to stream music from my laptop to my home theater/audio equipment. I’ll be connecting the chain to a Yamaha CX-A5200 as Pass-Through only. Thanks in advance
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