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  1. alekc

    HQ Player

    @Miska thank you for your help. ASDM5 works almost perfect except it still breaks sound on few flac files. This is actually Lenovo Yoga 4th gen. Oh well, probably as you've said CPU boost is too weak to handle upsampling in HQP.
  2. alekc

    HQ Player

    i7 1.80Ghz, ASDM5EC, poly-sinc-lp (assuming you are asking about HQP filter not Mytek).
  3. alekc

    HQ Player

    Hi, I'm trying to setup DSD256 upsampling with USB input on Mytek Brooklyn Bridge and HQP 4.10.3 on Windows 10 and so far I failed to get uninterrupted playback. Setting upsampling to DSD128 or 64 is not a problem and it works as expected. Anyone had a luck with proper settings and wish to share those?
  4. 100% agree. One has to be very careful with selection when new and remastered does not always means better. Same with audio equipment. I am happy owner of Chord Mojo which is few years old already for example and I think it overshadows easily a lot of newer portable amp/dacs of similar price range. Our life is not simple - it is rather like balancing on a very thin ice when it comes to make right choice. This can be frustrating at the times but when you find something that is excellent in terms of SQ it is a grand prize we are all into it in the first place.
  5. Keep in mind that services like Qobuz are not yet available in all regions/markets where Tidal is. So sometimes there is no real choice if you consider only streaming services as source of your music.
  6. One interesting statistic may be this masterswitch article about best 2020 DACs: https://www.themasterswitch.com/best-dacs Out of 18 selected products only 4 support MQA. Considering there are products that definitively are being used with Tidal for example it shows there must not be a very strong demand for MQA enabled DACs from customer end.
  7. A bit late but hopefully still useful for you: Mojo performance can be impacted by quality of USB cable and the one included in the box isn't great. I am using WireWorld ultraviolet and it gives improvement. However I would not buy a cable that is within price of Mojo itself. I have no experience with Jitterbug or Intona, I am using iFi iUSB3.0 micro but rather for comfort of charging Mojo than for SQ improvement. However I am using Windows machine so your mileage may vary.
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