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  1. to finish this off: got the Soundmagic E80 since two days. I thought i had a reasonably good sound setup before, with well known Bluetooth(...) headphones and "highres" youtbe. but damn. the combination LG V40 and Soundmagic E80 rocks compared to what i had. it literally hat me in tears... Now i subscribed to Tidal HiFi and it's just amazing. i was not aware how much better sound can be - the clarity, the sharpness, the details. 😇 gonna get some over-ears magnetic planars at some point, but for the moment very happy with this setup. thanks for your hel
  2. some quick feedback here: the LG V40 so far is a great phone. But a word of warning: two days ago i received the HE-4XX. Problem: volume is too low. not very low, probably healthy level 🙂 but max just isn't enough. i researched a bit and turns out: the LG V40 activates High Impedance Mode with extra power only for headphones with more than 50ohm. The HE-4XX has 35ohm. There are some solutions, like rooting the phone and changing this setting. or more common: plug an adapter with resistance in between. i don't want a hack, especially since these adapters seem to interfere w
  3. iBasso DX160 & Astell & Kern A&norma SR15 🤩 great... now im torn between the Lenovo V40 and one of these dedicated players. the iBasso would probably be the better player than the cellphone at similar price 🤔 i went ahead yesterday and snatched some Hifiman HE-4XX for 120USD (new). So, much cheaper than i expected. Probably i'll get a pair of more expensive ones with different sound characteristics, just to have some variation, later on. But the HE-4XX should be fine without absolut high end DAC & amp (V40 🤔)
  4. Great info guys, thanks a lot! Since i will use the setup primarely with streaming services at high quality, but not lossless, it looks like the V40 is the way to go. Altough i'm afraid i will want more as time goes by 🙂
  5. Thanks Doc. That might be a solution too. But it's already helpful to know, that there isn't a bunch of solutions for streaming music / internet access. Something like the MHA50 does look very much like a solution. I was not sure if these kinds of devices work only with the Lightning Port(?) of iPhone, but it doesn't seem to be the case and work also with android phones. on my current phone, i only have microUSB connector, not USB-C, let's see of those solutions work. The cellphone i posted above would currently be the most desirable solution - for portability and comfort at least (and mon
  6. This could be something im looking for: LG V40 ThinQ "...but this phone features a high-quality quad DAC, which is basically responsible for producing the sound from your digital file into your earphone or headphone. Not to mention its high amp output modes..." I can get this for under 500USD and i need a new cellphone anyway. This should be a good device for driving a planar magnetic (one with low resistance), shouldn't it?
  7. Gentlemen i'm looking into getting magnetic planar headphones, probably something entry level around 500USD that doesn't need too much juice to drive. I mostly listen to streaming music from Spotify and Youtube (both paid accounts) and do not plan to change this. Is there a portable DAP with amp that also has Wifi and i guess Android in order to access these services? The way i read it, it does seem to be important to have quality DAC as well as some amplifier for these kinds of headphones. The Cowon Plenue D2 looks nice functionality, price and portability
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