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  1. on Friday One owner Mclntosh MA6400 Integrated Amplifier. I have the manual, but unfortunately have seem to recently misplaced the remote. Rare piece. Well taken care of. Has only been moved once in its entire life to where it now sits. Included is a set of audioquest midnight + directional 10 foot speaker cables, and two pair of audioquest interconnects. For my asking price I will include a Mclntosh MR7084 tuner. I also have the manual for this......One owner tuner. $2750 If you desire the full resolution pictures, I can email them to you. you can see my reflection in the face of the units...... Located in Kingston WA. I will ship, assuming I can get it boxed up and feel confident it can safely get to you. I am brand new here. I have over a decade of feedback under this screen name and email address on various other forums.
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