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  1. Some people use heatsinks and some use fans. I'm using a fan and the case is now just warm rather than hot and I have not noticed a decline in SQ. I actually put a fan on my stereo amp too and it now runs much cooler but I did not notice any change in SQ either. John, thanks for sharing with us.
  2. I have used Monoprice Cat 5e, Cable Matters 8, and Supra 8+. Both the CM and Supra are better than the Monoprice, but I consistently liked the Supra 8+ better. I may try the Ghent Audio cable at some point, but I'm pretty happy with Supra @ $50/meter. You can find them on eBay.
  3. @JohnSwenson Very interesting John. It would be helpful for us if you could provide a few photos to show how it all is put together, if possible of course. @charlesphoto So, I was able to do a few tests with the iFi AC Purifier today. I've concluded, in my system, that it seems to smooth the leading edges a bit, but air and ambience are refined and that cymbals sound more real and the midrange is also more believable. For me, the iFi does more right than it does wrong. So I'll pick up a few more and see if I can gain more sound quality. I've purc
  4. @charlesphoto I wondered some time after I posted if it was you that posted the photo. I appreciate your noting it was another; nevertheless, thank you. BTW, I have one iFi AC Purifier in my system and am thinking of purchasing a few more. I just got this one maybe a month ago and I thought that it was making things better, now I wonder. So I just need a little time to test to make sure what I'm hearing. If I hear positive SQ improvement, I will probably buy around three more to plug into each of my dedicated lines and I suppose try them around the room to see if I get better resul
  5. @charlesphoto I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing the photo of your audio rack with the AC Infinity fan used to cool the ER. I have bought two of the 120MM fans after seeing your photo and it is amazing what they can do. I run both on medium and now my power amp is near stone cold and the ER runs very cool, not really even warm. The ER has never run so cool but I'd imagine that this should extend the life of it very significantly. Now all the components in my rack run cool or barely warm. @sgr You may be worried about minor vibration from the
  6. @chungjh Yes I am. I think it works very good. That being said, you "reminded" me of the SR4T. And I thought, even if I order it today, it'll take a month or maybe even two to get here. So I decided to purchase one today. I'll be back to report how it improves my SQ. I'm sure it will as I've not read one negative comment in this regard. So, for now, the SMP on the ER is working fine. I now look forward to implementing the SR4T. Thanks for asking!
  7. @chungjh I have not yet purchased an SRT4 but I think it will be my next purchase - I'm not doing anymore research on linear power supplies. My system is just singing now and so I haven't been in a rush to change anything yet. As I mentioned before, I really wish that UpTone would build a single-rail LPS that did not employ a SMP to power it. I do realize however that that would require a different-size chassis to facilitate the IEC power input. I'd buy the JS-2, but I only need one rail in my audio rack. Hope all this helps.
  8. @lxgreen I appreciate the comments.
  9. @R1200CL Your input is much appreciated. I think I'm much closer to getting the SR4T. What I've read gives it the nod and it is overall much less expensive. If I like what it does for my ER, I may buy a second to power my router and then be finished with the digital chain from router to ER to music streamer. Steve at Empirical Audio has recommended Paul Hynes for many years. And if you've ever heard any of Steve's equipment as I have at the Show in Newport, his systems sound amazing.
  10. @JohnSwenson As always, really appreciate your insight.
  11. I appreciate the two recommendations so far. Anyone else have a recommendation?
  12. Wow, it has been a week and no replies at all. BTW, I did confirm my suspicion that it was @austinpop thread where I read about both the SR4 and Farad Super 3. I'm hoping others with experience will share.
  13. I'm looking to upgrade a computer power strip (PS) that powers my router, several SMPS, computer, etc. I'm currently using a $25 power strip bought 8-10 years ago. Now that I'm streaming music from the router that is powered by this PS, I'd like a replacement that will hopefully bring a sound quality bump and do a better job than what I have now. What are you using to do similar duty in your systems? Budget is relatively open but don't really want to spend for a power conditioner. Seems it may be overkill in this position? The reason for me posting here is that I am a happy ER use
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