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  1. I'm looking to upgrade a computer power strip (PS) that powers my router, several SMPS, computer, etc. I'm currently using a $25 power strip bought 8-10 years ago. Now that I'm streaming music from the router that is powered by this PS, I'd like a replacement that will hopefully bring a sound quality bump and do a better job than what I have now. What are you using to do similar duty in your systems? Budget is relatively open but don't really want to spend for a power conditioner. Seems it may be overkill in this position? The reason for me posting here is that I am a happy ER user.
  2. As you may remember me recently posting, I've decided that my ER works best as near to my streamer as possible. So, now that I've figured that out, and I've experimented with Network cables, it is time to upgrade to an LPS. I've read a lot on the Paul Hynes SR4 and what I could find on the SR4T. Also read as much as I could on its competitor, the Farad Super 3. So, now I'm looking for any insight or advice in this purchase. What little I've read comparing the SR4 and Farad Super 3 gave the nod to the SR4 (could have been the SR4T, can't remember for sure). I think it was @Austinpop in his ER review where I picked up this data point. Since I only need one rail in my audio room, I've decided that either of the two LPSs mentioned above are suitable and am leaning toward the SR4T. I'd like to do business with UpTone but I'd rather not have an LPS with an SMPS powering it (more stuff to organize). And as good as the JS-2 apparently is, I only need one rail. I do wish that UpTone made an LPS that was all contained in one box. I also wish they'd make an ER in a larger enclosure with it is own specially-designed LPS powering it and thus an IEC inlet for power. I will have to wait for either of those options though I suppose. I do remember Alex at least jesting about the ER with its own LPS though. So understanding my needs, which LPS would you choose and why? And if I'm missing another direct competitor, both in performance, and pricing, please also inform me here.
  3. I had planned to purchase a JS-2 if the ER stayed in the other room. I'd have used the other output on my router. But because I am going to leave the ER in my audio rack, I'm will most likely go with a Paul Hynes SR4T because I only need one output. I do wish that Alex and John would make a single rail power supply that didn't use a wall wart to power it. Also, Alex did mention somewhere about building the ER in a larger enclosure and including an upgraded LPS. That'd be sweet! I'd buy one for sure.
  4. So, you may remember that several have mentioned that having the ER closer to the source is supposedly the best place for it to be. As it has been in a different room for months, I finally got to experiment last Monday. A friend and I tested, with the same Ethernet wire (three cables - 2, 1M Supra 8+, and 1 Monoprice Cat5e - it is the cable out of the router). The only difference is the placement of the ER - either in the audio room or the other room where its been for months. In this other room, it is about 2' from the router. Since my friend and I only did this test one time, with one song, I knew I needed to test more to make up my mind. So, I decided to perform the following test - start with the ER in the audio room since that is where it was at. Both tests used the same four songs though today I added a fifth song. They are in order: Eerie Wanda - Pet Town Matt Lange - Testarosa Lambchop - Everything for you Carey Bell - It's so easy to love you Royksopp - The Alcholic Round 1, play songs - take notes. Round two, switch ER to old master. Round three, switch ER back to audio rack. Surprisingly I heard the same thing both days only more so on the second day. With the ER in the audio room, I heard overall more resolution, which yielded more convincing tones, timber, and I found it more engaging. There was more air, better bass control, especially on the Matt Lange track, and instruments that sounded more real or natural. I also noticed better defined separation, a more snappy and real snare sound on several tracks, 3D soundstage (wide, tall, good depth). There is just a more linear, balanced, natural cadence to the music with the ER just a 3' section of Supra 8+ away from the Aurender N10. Cymbals also had that very natural sound and decay and that tinkly sound cymbals make, not a "sssshh" sound. Vocals on the few tracks with them were also very natural with excellent timber and believableness. I also found myself more relaxed and wrote "lovin' it!" on one track. Truthfully it was on all tracks I was lovin' it. Though the ER being in the other room did seem to have better bass on some tracks with perhaps more texture, it was not as natural and was even ever so slightly boomy (not good). And I also observed that when the ER is in the other room, some instruments or frequencies almost seem louder; ER closer to the source seemed to yield more linear sound. As you may remember when I first reviewed the ER back some months, having the ER in the other room is better strategically for me as I've got room for it and an upgraded linear power supply (to come) and there is more open space for the ER to vent the heat, but the ER just sounds better closer to the server. So I'll have to figure that out next since I'd like to put a second power conditioner where the ER is currently in the audio rack. So, I, like some others, have found that the ER being very near the source is a plus. I also believe Alex said the same thing.
  5. @TwinPeak I too think the Supra 8+ is pretty good. But it is $49 for 1M. If you can get it for $20, please share the link. Thanks
  6. Since I built my system a couple years ago, I've had Monoprice Cat5e, Cable Matters 8, and Supra 8+. Surprisingly, the Monoprice is pretty good. After doing some research, I bought the Supra 8+ and didn't like it as much as the Monoprice. But once burned in, the Supra was a good bit better than the Monoprice. Then, based on the recommendation of several here, I bought the Cable Matters 8 and swapped it in for the Supra 8+. The Supra 8+ was much much better than the CM8. However, after about 1.5 months of burn in, the CM8 and Supra 8+ are pretty close. I still like the Supra 8+ the best, but it is pretty close. I think the Supra is just overall a bit more natural and being that I already own it and the CM8, I have the Supra 8+ on my server and the CM8 is now on my TV. BTW, I compared the Monoprice 5e to the Supra 8+ on the TV and there was not that much differnce in PQ, but in SQ, the Supra 8+ was much better on the TV. At $49 for the Supra, not a bad bet. But really, the CM8 is also near it and about three times less. I plan to try the Ghent ET12 Linkway CAT8 40Gbps/2000MHz Ethernet(JSSG360) Cable next as many note it to be better than the CM8. Though I'm going to focus on an LPS for the ER and a better power strip to run it and the few computer items in the separate room where the ER resides, first. @FrankMA - I agree, even network cable needs significant burn in. I've proven that twice with the CM8 and the Supra 8+.
  7. So, what cable did you try?
  8. I had been looking at Paul Hynes or Farrad, but the two above options look intriguing, especially at less than $100. Martin Andersen, have you purchased either power supply? If so, what are your impressions? MartinT, have you tried the power supply recommended by Alex? Thoughts?
  9. So, I purchased a Roku Streaming Stick a month or so ago. Bought it so I could download some apps and have new streaming options. I noticed that the Roku sounded much better than the app built into my TV and that maybe it had slightly better PQ as well. I know this isn't related to the ER, yet. But wanted to preface how the discussion below came about. I've been meaning to try experiment with my TVs network connection as it has always been connected to my router. So last night I swapped some cables around. I connected the TV to the "A" side of the ER and the SQ took a small but significant jump. It was really in the micro detail where it was evident along with a larger presentation of the sound stage with nice depth and perhaps the sound is a bit cleaner as well. I used a new Netflix show with excellent PQ/SQ, "Don't Crack Under Pressure III" to try to ascertain the change from acquiring a network signal from the router vs the "A" side of the ER. In terms of picture quality, it seemed mostly a draw. But again, in the finer details it seemed that the ER won out and I think overall the PQ was slightly improved. I have not tried the "B" side of the ER to the TV as it is dedicated to making music with my N10. I do know this though, I will leave the TV connected to the ER because it brings better sound and that for me is enough.
  10. I too hear the same type of significant improvements. I'd say that my ER took more than 3 weeks to fully burn in and settle, but it was surprisingly very good 10 minutes out of the box. I use Supra 8+ and it is much better than the Monoprice Cat5e I was using before. I also have the Cable Matters 8 and am waiting for them to finally burn in. The Supra 8+ took around 4 weeks to burn in/settle, but I really like them. The CM8 was initially, even after four days, mechanical and non-musical. Lately it seems pretty musical. But I'll know when I compare to the Supra 8+. Hoping to do that this weekend. I think my next step is to power the ER with an LPSU like an SR4T or Farad3. And will look into the clock mentioned above. Price on that is under $100. Please update us as your ER burns in. Cheers.
  11. For those who have purchased an SR4T, do they have variable voltage? It is not mentioned on the website, but the photo shows this feature.
  12. I've had the Monoprice 5E from the start (1.5+ years). Actually works quite well. Then I got the Supra Cat 8+ and after it burned in it was much much better than the Monoprice, both on my server and my TV. Then based on yours and a few others comments, I tried the $11.99 Cable Matters Cat8 (with about 4 days burn in) and found that the CM seemed better in the mids but inferior in both bass and treble response - basically it does not seem very linear in frequency response. The Supra 8+ overall is much more musical whereas the Cable Matters Cat8 is mechanical. I'm putting on more hours on the CM and will report back after around a month. I don't really think it'll get much better, but want to keep an open mind. I may give the Ghent Cat8 a try after the Cable Matters burns in. Thanks for the feedback Jud and others.
  13. @MartinT I did find that my replies from Uptone threads are going to my spam. I'll add their email to my address book. Hopefully that'll stop that.
  14. @sandervdp Can you buy the Ghent jssg360 cables assembled or is this DIY only?
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