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  1. Thanks, Mitch. That does help a lot. I figured that wasn't going to be an issue with their optimized magnet structure and assumed that the mass was mostly voice coil, but I don't complete speaker designs based on assumptions. My only thought is that, with less than ideal designs, mass will not only effect the sensitivity, but does cause a lag in the driver's settling time. That's why I always like to see a waterfall display as well (if possible). That this driver can cleanly integrate with a Mundorf ATM (and they make the best) says a lot. Also, I do know about Bootcamp, Parallels and VMware. My problem is with the inelegance of jamming a computer into the middle of my audio system. Before you go any further, yes, everything today is a computer (even egg trays!?). Unless you want to pay dearly for the best of Trinnov or Datasat, an all-in-one or fully integrated multi-box solution doesn't exist. The cheapest, great sounding option at present that doesn't have a computer wasted as a DSP processor is using a loudspeaker processor like Xilica's XD-4080. Legacy Audio still uses that processor's brother, the XP-4080 (has no digital i/o or FIR filters), for some of their better speakers. The XD-4080 allows you to upgrade to even better A/D and D/A processors via AES/EBU if you want to. Again, this winds up being expensive and inelegant (too many boxes). The best I can hope for is that Emotiva follows Datasat's lead and offers that one box solution with DSP (Dirac) and great crossovers for multi-amping in it's next flagship pre-pro. And of course, have it cost about $5 or 6K. That would leave me with nothing to complain about. Take care.
  2. Hi, Mitch. Unfortunately, neither of those DSP solutions will work for me since I use a Mac. Also, at present, integrating a system like yours into a home theater seems to be a lot of work and offers a lot of redundancy. I really wish that someone would come up with an audio protocol for sending digital audio out of a theater pre to a speaker processor for high end DSP and crossover functions. I realize that on good stuff the D/A/D conversion is inaudible, but it's just unnecessary. Given the rising popularity of wireless DSP speakers, that can't happen fast enough. Since I see a TV in your listening room, should I assume that you aren't using surrounds? The design I have in my head to supplant the LS50's is a 2 way design with Raven Design Studio LineSource ribbons (which go down to 800Hz) and then mids to go down to the existing Rythmik subs. While I was seriously considering BG Neo-10 planar magnetics, Parts Express just doubled their price (ugh!). Had Purifi not com out with this driver, there was no option, but to take it. The Neo-10 is a great driver, but it runs out of steam at 150Hz and it's not happy being pushed hard there. The only option is to load a bunch of them onto the front baffle so that mid-bass output is unrestricted (8 or 9 depending on the preferred dispersion pattern). That is not cheap and the front baffle will be huge. The Purifi 6.5" and its soon to be released 4" brother seem to be great replacements for this design. It would also allow me to have a much slimmer front baffle. Think D' Appolito line source (mid-bass line source with a line source ribbon in the middle). It seems both drivers can very comfortably make it to 80Hz as a dipole. Then do that Dutch&Dutch trick where the mid-basses are dipoles, but have a small, treated cab behind the baffle to catch some of the rear wave. My only reservation with Purifi's drivers is their moving mass. It's double that of comparable drivers. I'll have to ask them about that. Take care.
  3. Hey, Mitch. This report was especially pertinent to me since: • I use Rythmik subs (L12's... love them and want to get another pair) • I own LS50's (love them, too) • I'm very interested in both of the reviewed products for future upgrades (custom active main speakers and amps) • I use DSP So, a few questions: • What are you using for correctional DSP? • Are you using DSP for the crossover of the subs to the mains? At present, my system has LS50's fronts and center. The fronts are driven by a Parasound a-23 and the center is driven by an inexpensive Emotiva class D amp. I cross them over at 170Hz so they can stay in their happy place. Those little LS50 drivers are not very beefy. The Parasound will be replaced by a Benchmark AHB-2 and the Emotiva by a Nord Purifi mono. I ordered a single KEF LS50 for the center, but was given a pair!? My plans to round out the 7 surround channels with Magnepan LSR dipoles has been thrown into disarray. Not a bad thing. As it goes now, the surrounds will be LS50's with LSR's as rears. If they send me another pair of LS50's instead of a single one, I'll do LS50's all around. The surrounds and rears will be driven by Emotiva class D's. Given the limited nature of surround channels, I'm not spending a ton on amps for them. And eventually, I'll do the Atmos thing. That will be easy for me since my listening room has a drop ceiling. My room is a LEDE setup since it's got a weird shape. The sound absorbing blankets & heavy curtains that cover most of the front and side walls offer about 20dB in attenuation above 400Hz. The live, rear half of the has a few closets with double doors that I leave a bit open to randomize reflections. In front of them are 3 Boltz media racks that offer a good bit of diffusion as well. Because of the shape, the thick carpeted/padded concrete floor and the basement drop ceiling with insulation in the rafters, the low end is incredibly even without room correction. In this set up, I find a flat in-room response to be perfect. It's the best sounding room I've ever heard. All the best in the new year.
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