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  1. John Siau, who's the chief designer & CTO at Benchmark Media, said it best when, in an interview, stated that if you need a power conditioner for your system to sound its best, your equipment has really terrible power supplies in them. Here would be my thought: rather than waste money on a 3rd party power supply, buy a better DAC. From what I can tell, all of these products are garbage.
  2. Thanks, Mitch. That does help a lot. I figured that wasn't going to be an issue with their optimized magnet structure and assumed that the mass was mostly voice coil, but I don't complete speaker designs based on assumptions. My only thought is that, with less than ideal designs, mass will not only effect the sensitivity, but does cause a lag in the driver's settling time. That's why I always like to see a waterfall display as well (if possible). That this driver can cleanly integrate with a Mundorf ATM (and they make the best) says a lot. Also, I do know ab
  3. Hi, Mitch. Unfortunately, neither of those DSP solutions will work for me since I use a Mac. Also, at present, integrating a system like yours into a home theater seems to be a lot of work and offers a lot of redundancy. I really wish that someone would come up with an audio protocol for sending digital audio out of a theater pre to a speaker processor for high end DSP and crossover functions. I realize that on good stuff the D/A/D conversion is inaudible, but it's just unnecessary. Given the rising popularity of wireless DSP speakers, that can't happen fast
  4. Hey, Mitch. This report was especially pertinent to me since: • I use Rythmik subs (L12's... love them and want to get another pair) • I own LS50's (love them, too) • I'm very interested in both of the reviewed products for future upgrades (custom active main speakers and amps) • I use DSP So, a few questions: • What are you using for correctional DSP? • Are you using DSP for the crossover of the subs to the mains? At present, my system has LS50's fronts and center. The fronts are driven by a Parasound a-23 and the center is dri
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