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  1. Darko.audio provides playlists (Tidal, Qobus, Spotify) to his Patreon supporters.
  2. Great description of the sound, Gearge. I got my PONTUS 2 weeks ago and I wholeheartedly agree with George's conclusion. This is an extraordinary DAC. I don't have any recordings which I attended myself, so I cannot make the same comparisons. The PONTUS's presentation is very revealing and above all super engaging. It is hard to put into words. I find myself drawn into the "performance" much more. Besides hearing the music I also get a sense of the space where it was performed, and my attention is often drawn to details I seem to notice for the first time. When I go back to my other
  3. Hello Hifinewbiw - Welcome to the community and thanks for your feedback. I am still waiting to listen to the Zen MK3 and Zenith MK3 at my local dealer. Innuos are a bit back-ordered apparently. I have a couple questions about the configuration you tested: Dell laptop as a source: do you mean the media files were stored on the Dell and the Zenith used the Dell harddisk as the media source? Did you test the different ROON integrations on the Zenith?: Use as Roon Core Use as Roon Player Use as Roon Core with Squeezelite Player
  4. Great feedback momo. My plan is also to connect via USB to my DAC (PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell Preamp) The system software then takes about 300 GB. Perfect that's what I wanted to know. Thanks again.
  5. Here is a great summary / comparison of file sizes for 5 mins of recording in different sample rates and data formats (including DSD): https://dsd-guide.com/size-comparison-chart-various-formats-dsd-wav-flac-mp3#.XvjOcVWxWQI
  6. Great feedback. Thanks for the effort your momo So you also hear a clear difference between the Zen MK3 and the Zenith MK3? One last question: approximately how much disk space is taken up the system software? Do you have Roon Core installed? Thanks again.
  7. I trust that reviewer. Hans B. is a long time professional tech journalist who wrote for several respected publications before starting his Youtube channel. So I would be really grateful, if you would check if indeed the caps on the Zenith are higher class than the Zen or not. Thanks in advance.
  8. John D. mentions in his review of the ZEN MK3 when he compares it to the SE, that the SE is a limited series. So that would make sense then. The ZEN MK3 is an upgrade of the MK2 but not of the SE. The SE is in a class of its own.
  9. The difference between Zen MK3 and Zenith MK3 as stated above is not entirely correct... See the review by Hans Beekhuyzen (my post just above). Thanks
  10. Hello all, Apparently the Zenith MK3 also has higher class capacitors on the power supply. See Hans Beekhuyzen's review: I had an email exchange with INNUOS in the beginning of the year, in which they mention that a Zen MK3 can be upgraded to Zenith MK3 spec. What exactly is replaced/upgraded, I don't know. Based on HB's description of the difference between the 2 models (@ 5 min into the review), my guess is the power supply will be upgraded/replaced. John Darko compares the Zen MK3 to the Zenith MK2 SE. These models are also listed in hi
  11. Yes, so it seems. I am not as adventurous as some of you and also not as skilled and courageous. Regardless, I really appreciate the friendly and informative feedback. Happy listening !
  12. Well - then my hearing my not be up to the task. I have a 6K+ setup and I cannot hear the difference between DSD128 and DSD256. I tested this with the following equipment : Roon Core on a dedicated Mac Mini connected via WiFi to Pro-Ject Streambox S2 Ultra, connected via AQ USB Cinnamon cable Mytek Brooklyn DAC (1st Gen) with linear PS, connected via single ended cable to PSAudio S300 power amp, feeding into FOCAL Aria 926 speakers via Dynavox Perfect Sound cables. I also use professional power cables. I used a high resolution download (same song) in different resolutions (FLAC, DSD
  13. Quite right. But unless you have a system costing north of $20K and you have near perfect hearing I challenge you to hear the difference between DSD128 and DSD256. We Audiophiles tend to get hung up on the specs too much. At some point we need to be happy with what we have put together and spend more time listening to our favorite music reproduced in great quality. That is why I will replace my MacMini running Roon with a single purpose server designed and built by experts, just for that task. Enjoy the music.
  14. Take a look at INNUOS Zen MK3 music servers: www.innuos.com Reviewed by Hans Beekhuyzen (https://youtu.be/PrKFvGTVmiM) and John Darko (https://youtu.be/RlCG2fK-abo). This will be my next upgrade to replace my MacMini Roon Core server.
  15. I have a similar issue on a Late 2011 MacMini. CPU usage rises tot approximately 150%. The mini is only used as a ROON core. Mac OS system maintenance (I use ONYX) fixes the problem for me. I do this every 4 months or so. I think the issue is, file permission problems for the Roon software. I run the Roon remote app on 3-4 different devices to control 1 single Roon endpoint. The Roon remote on my Huawei Mediapad crashes a lot (i.e. the app starts again when I wake it up from background modus), and I imagine this causes open processes on the core not to closed properly. At some point
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