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  1. Very interesting to hear, I personally have a pair of Monitor Audio Platinum 100 and was considering going for a Raidho and Nad M22.2 amp when I saw this, now I’m wondering if this is a better route... for at least the amp or even both... but if the LS50 can keep up with the Purifi, maybe I should stick with the original plan on the speakers...? This hobby truly is an enigma, when you can’t ‘try before you buy’! Cheers
  2. Honest opinion on the PX is that its one of the worst sounding headphones I've had the displeasure to listen to, at its price range. Its tizzy/bright, grainy and uneven sounding. Like several drivers with a bad crossover, trying their hardest to sound detailed by adding more treble. And the noise cancellation does basically nothing, compared to competitors. The build is phenomenal though... Can't speak to the new models however, as I haven't tried those yet...
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