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  1. It’s been discussed quite a bit on the Naim forum, actually. I preferred the way things sounded without the Cisco having previously daisychained two. Most but not all posters expressed the same preference.
  2. Is that the new one with 2x75 Ohm square wave outputs?
  3. Not just in my system and my environment but also in others (on the Naim forum).
  4. Have you compared? I chain two EtherRegens and find it worthwhile but the Sean Jacobs (Custom HiFi Cables) DC3+ power supply made a much bigger difference.
  5. The better the power supply the bigger the difference. The big PSUs from Hynes, Jacobs (CHFC) and MCRU are a big step up from the Farad. I would imagine the JS-2 is aswell.
  6. I look forward to hearing how you find it. I prefer the standard Belden 1303E CatSnake with floating shield to the pre-2020 Sablon Panatela.
  7. As I wrote, it wasn't the Ghent, but the same cable they use: Belden 1303E CatSnake Cat6a - in my case made up DesignaCable in the UK.
  8. I haven't tried the Ghent cable, but I have compared the standard stranded copper Belden CatSnake Cat6a that Ghent use against the Blue Jeans cables (Belden solid copper Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a) and Supra Cat8 and much prefer it: it has greater bass extension and overall instrumental texture and detail with a broad and deep but natural soundstage.
  9. The Sablon is a perfectly good cable and the shielding is floating, meaning it is not connected to the metal connector
  10. Neither do I, from the UK. Many techies worldwide are into the bigger and better whether or not it has an impact on sound quality or quality of life. It has nothing to do with location, politics or race. It's just sadly human....
  11. I and others have found the EtherRegen can get "upset" after several cable swaps and start dropping out, after which it will require a power down and restart. Give it time for everything to properly discharge or you may find you have to do it twice.
  12. Respectfully the problem is somewhere else. That makes no sense. They are simply Belden broadcast cables. I have a full loom of CatSnake Cat6a cables and no problem with Roon Nucleus and two daisychained EtherRegens to a Naim ND555.
  13. I had a Melco S100 on demo here for around 10 days, putting in around 150 hrs to burn it in, and listening both with its own power supply and then with an upgraded Sean Jacobs/Custom Hifi Cables DC3, which improved things quite a bit. Having heard that the S100 could at least equal an EtherRegen with external LPSU (Paul Hynes SR7) AND Mutec Ref 10 clock connected I thought it could be a good way of keeping my box count down. Anyway it was a considerable disappointment. A quite seductive, very warm lush sound with artificial pop-out details and an equally artificial expanded sounds
  14. That’s its Cat8 successor. How are you finding it compares (assuming you had the Cat6a in the past)? I’ve not yet heard a Cat8 that I really like, but I’ve never heard the Ghent.
  15. How do you find the old and new Sablons compare? I quite liked the old one in many ways, but wasn't sold on its reproduction of classical instrument tones and textures or micro-dynamics which I found unconvincing for say piano, brass and cello but also drums.
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