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  1. Hi All, I’m a newbie here. Very interesting discussions in this thread. Want to throw in my quandary. I have been trying to work out if I stream my iphone 8 via lightning to usb to my Marantz NA6005 (No HEOS support) MFI Ipod/USB input I will get the the same bit and sample rates the music HD app says it’s playing (the Marantz can go up to 24/192 according to specs). The app says device capability is 24/44.1, but is that the iphone or the Marantz? Interestingly if I remove the usb cable and playing just the phone then It says device capability is 24/48! Is the app reading the Marantz or is it just making it up? I have been thinking about getting a Meridian Explorer 2 dac and connecting to iphone via usb 3 camera adapter? But my reservation is the iphone will still only output at 24/44.1. Can anyone confirm this is not the case? Will I be able to get the original stream resolution. Lots of questions I know but really trying to determine whether I can stick with what I got, go the Meridian DAC route or go back to Tidal (but how can I guarantee hi res there?). Thanks
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