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  1. I'm also one of those who also received the EtherREGEN in Australia on Monday. The EtherREGEN has finally fixed the problem I've had with my system since I initially bought B&W 804D3 speakers two years ago. The issue was that these speakers are extremely transparent (possibly to a fault) and as soon as I installed them it exposed all the weaknesses in my components. I've since upgraded amplifier, source, cables, even installed a power regenerator. All have made substantial improvements but I'd been frustrated, that with all these upgrades things still weren't sounding completely right. Sure, the system as a whole was sounding very good but there was subtle distortion and unnaturalness to the sound that would irritate me on some days. I thought perhaps the speakers were just too bright. I'd only recently discovered the impact on Ethernet on the playback chain. Just a few months ago I was streaming over WiFi. I actually started up a thread on another forum asking why people recommend Ethernet over WiFi. The thread eventually got shut down (due to the usual activity that happens on these types of threads). Fortunately it did motivate me to try stream over Ethernet, then to try a better Ethernet cable and then to try a Baaske isolator (which a kind forum member lent me). I was pretty surprised at what the Baaske did to the system and that then opened my eyes what the EtherREGEN may do. So now I sit, with about 24 hours on the EtherREGEN and the following descriptors come to mind: clear, alive, holographic, realistic, impactful and detailed bass (which is quite addictive I must warn) and a sense of space between instruments and voices. It's definitely elevated my system and I think completely removed the issues I've felt I had, though I'd need more time with it just to be sure. What's also great with the EtherREGEN is it's such an easy tweak to install. Was up an running in a few minutes. My system specifications are as follows: tp-link modem/router-->EtherREGEN-->Simaudio Moon 390-->Simaudio Moon 860A-->B&W 804D3 (with PS Audio P20 PowerPlant).
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