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  1. Hello all: I know there are reported problems with the newest JCAT card. So I stayed away. But the JCAT FEMTO V2 I just installed is having problems as well. Anyone have success with this card on Euphony? Is it the V2 update that is the problem? Funny thing, when I get sound between intermittent clipping it is fantastic lol.
  2. I'll be interested to hear your take on the Fortes when you get them.
  3. abdodson

    HQ Player

    Seems like I must be missing something obvious, but my settings are not saving in HQplayer. I go to file>settings make adjustments and close (there is no "okay" button as in manual) and when I reopen the "settings" menu settings have reverted to default. Any ideas? I am using Audiophile Optimizer for Windows 10 and using HQplayer to process out of Roon.
  4. I very skeptically made the switch from running a dual system Roon setup over ethernet to a single system Euphony setup with simple USB out to the DAC. The jump in sound quality was actually stunning. Can't go back. But like many of you I am missing the Roon interface. I am wanting to play around with integrating the two and am unclear on the setup. From what I can discern, Roon Core is preloaded in Euphony? Does this mean I can just point the Roon client to the Euphony server? How do I set this up?
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