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  1. I also ran the same Mac Mini w Euphony/Stylus via a USB decrappifier(Schiit Eitr) to SPDIF into the Yggy and didn't experience issues. Sure seems like something with Schiit USB and Euphony and if so have to believe others would have experienced issues; maybe others will chime in to help narrow down the issue. In my current setup keep in mind I not only changed software but also changed to a AES connection. fyi, I'm now running a Pi2AES HAT with a Pi4 and for software I'm using Ropieee/XL with UPnP capability and Mconnect on my iPad for control. I stream local files, Webradio and Qobu
  2. I experienced similar issue with Euphony Stylus to Yggy with Unison. When I changed between Webradio and Qobuz streams I experienced a loud constant hiss distortion no music. I opened ticket but they couldn’t reproduce the issue, at the time I wasn’t sure if was caused by the Yggy so not sure they tested with one. In the end they closed the ticket. I have since moved to a different streamer and software that sounds really good to me and uses AES connection with no issues. Sorry I can’t offer you a solution but wanted you to know you’re not the only one who experienced this type of issue.
  3. Is there a trial code/key?
  4. I'm looking to add the Digione Sig to my USBridge Sig Player(w case). If I order the Digione Sig and new case that has the cutouts for the Digione Sig will this include everything I need - ie looks like a special USB power cable is needed for the Digione Sig so that the power adapter can fit into the back of the case. Thanks
  5. I’m aware of Eitr being based on Gen5; this was the only way for me to connect via SPDIF. I also have a USBridge Sig and the SPDIF connection sounded better. I need to do more listening. I was interested to see if anyone with a native SPDIF connection had a similiar experience or may be my ears are failing me. Thanks
  6. Has anyone tried their SPDIF connection since upgrading to Unison and if so what are your thoughts vs Unison. I did this with my Euphony Stylus PC in to a Eitr and believe the sound is more detailed and spacious, but bass not as full. I need to do more listening but was wondering if anyone else tried this and what was the result.
  7. Can anyone recommend or have a good experience with a prebuilt fanless PC for Euphony Stylus. I don’t upsample so suspect I may not need the most robust PC but maybe one with a fast base speed to minimize latency. My old Mac Mini processor only runs around 15-20%. Been looking at onlogic PC’s such as an I3-7100u. Thanks.
  8. Is there a way to do what I would call rudimentary room correction by taking measurements with something like REW and making adjustments using a software graphic equalizer that is part of software like Moode? Could some benefit be achieved even if it's not a full Room Correction filter implementation?
  9. View Classified Schiit Modi Multibit Schiit Modi Multibit less than a year old. In excellent condition no blemishes. Replaced with a Yggy and I don’t need two DAC’s. Comes with original box, manual and 115v USA wall wart. $195 plus shipping, payment via Paypal. Seller sjj Date 09/26/20 Price 195.00 USD Category Digital to Analog Converters
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    Schiit Modi Multibit less than a year old. In excellent condition no blemishes. Replaced with a Yggy and I don’t need two DAC’s. Comes with original box, manual and 115v USA wall wart. $195 plus shipping, payment via Paypal.

    195.00 USD

  11. Is there a way to play webradio stations from Gentooplayer similar to they way Moode has a webradio section?
  12. Just replaced by 28yo Pioneer AVR and Schiit Modi Multibit with a Schiit Freya+, Yggy and Vidar. Currently experimenting with the Freya+ three different gain stages to determine which I prefer. Can anyone tell me how long of a burn-in time I should expect for the Freya+, Yggy and Vidar. Thanks
  13. Had this happen to me on my Mac mini. I unplugged it from the power, waited about 5 mins, plugged it back in and it rebooted Euphony with no issues.
  14. Just got my USBridge Sig and Shanti. Took approx 20 mins to setup with Moode using MPD and UPnP. Streaming Qobuz using Mconnect HD on iPad via UPnP. Absolutely blown away with the SQ especially at this price point. Can’t thank @bobfa enough for his guidance and saving me time with additional research on various options and saving me money. Hopefully Moode and Mconnect will be stable and reliable without the need for restarts and tinkering.
  15. Yes, selected the Audiocard. When configuring MPD through the old method/wizard, on MPD restart I got a message indicating that a port was previously assigned but the process would continue anyway - it scrolled off the screen before I could capture the details.
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