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  1. Had this happen to me on my Mac mini. I unplugged it from the power, waited about 5 mins, plugged it back in and it rebooted Euphony with no issues.
  2. Just got my USBridge Sig and Shanti. Took approx 20 mins to setup with Moode using MPD and UPnP. Streaming Qobuz using Mconnect HD on iPad via UPnP. Absolutely blown away with the SQ especially at this price point. Can’t thank @bobfa enough for his guidance and saving me time with additional research on various options and saving me money. Hopefully Moode and Mconnect will be stable and reliable without the need for restarts and tinkering.
  3. sjj


    Yes, selected the Audiocard. When configuring MPD through the old method/wizard, on MPD restart I got a message indicating that a port was previously assigned but the process would continue anyway - it scrolled off the screen before I could capture the details.
  4. sjj


    My sound card shows a status of closed and no sound is produced when playing music. Would appreciate tips on how to resolve. I’m using the X86 version with MPD and upmpdcli.
  5. Has anyone tried using Euphony UPnP to a allo USBridge as an endpoint running Moode with UPnP? If so what was the result?
  6. just wondering, is there an update on these two items?
  7. Considering purchasing a USBridge Sig. Have a couple of questions: 1- for those running Moode, do you find it to be reliable and stable and not require restarts or constant attention? 2- I’ll be primarily streaming Qobuz, for those using Moode and Mconnect do you find this to reliable and stable? Thanks
  8. I have a 2009 Mac mini that I’m planning to replace. Been considering different options including USBridge. Looking forward to your post on what you been working with. Maybe it’ll provide me with another option - before my mini dies.
  9. Thanks for this. Haven't gotten that far in my testing with my trial. Sounds like the solution.
  10. Have you tried this and after the clone is complete booted successfully and used the clone with no issues? Just curious.
  11. For those of us running Euphony from USB thumb drives, has anyone successfully tested a way to backup the thumb drive in case it fails? I know Euphony provides a way to rebuild a corrupted system but I don’t believe this addresses what to do if your drive totally fails.
  12. Bob, First thanks for all your efforts in testing different HW and SW configurations. Your efforts have lead me to trialing Euphony which has been the single biggest improvement in SQ on my system. A couple of questions regarding your post on SQ and different storage devices. 1) regarding your tests with Euphony and SSD, was the SSD internal or USB attached? and 2) in your test of the SSD was Euphony the only thing on the SSD? and your local music was located somewhere else, eg NAS...3) to notice the improvement of running from USB did you physically remove the SSD? or was it still installed but nothing loaded from it? last 4) did you hear the same issues and improvements in local music as well as streaming between SSD and USB? Just trying to quickly focus my efforts on what be best to try with my gear. Thanks again
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