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  1. Stating what is not an audio grade computer might be helpful. Take the TRX40 chipset for example. A couple sources of information on the subject: The AMD TRX40 Motherboard Overview: 12 New Motherboards Analyzed "AMD did not include any onboard passthough audio in the chipet. That means that all the motherboard vendors that are using a Realtek HD audio codec for the rear audio have had to include the ALC4050H audio codec to bridge the USB to the I2S. The Realtek ALC4050H is used to integrate a bridge between the chipset and USB 2.0 to give the Realtek ALC1220 all the necessary connectivity to the onboard audio." TRX40 AORUS Master Vs. ASRock TRX40 Creator - Bigger is NOT Always Better. Of course a serious person wouldn't use integrated audio anyway. Still, I'm dismayed and dumbfounded by what AMD did with their supposed "creator" chipset. When did audio become the PC industry's undesired step child? I don't do high fidelity playback but rather content creation and audio editing. For my needs, I might consider an AM4 socket chipset instead of the TRX40 because of AMD's I2Sgate (think Watergate or Ukraine-gate).
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