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  1. My DAC is using Amanero Combo384 and I'm trying to install Windows server 2019 core with AUDIOPHILE OPTIMIZER 3.0 and JPlay. After installing the windows 2019 core, I followed the following steps to install the Amanero driver from Amanero web site: https://amanero.com/drivers/combo384_drivers_w10_1062.zip http://jplay.eu/forum/index.php?/topic/2780-amanero-under-all-modes-wasapi-asio-ks-in-ws2016-core/ 1. Install AudioPhile Optimizer but do not run it! 2. Run Audiophile Optimizer with the -Wasapi parameter, so as to inject Wasapi in your core Windows system > ao -wasapi 3. Copy mmci.dll file in Windows\System32 directory and reboot 4. You need to deactivate the driver signature enforcement, so at the time of boot you need to press F8 and select accordingly or PRESS "SHIFT" at BIOS logo, then press F8 in the windows menu, then choose disable "driver signature enforement" 5. Then comes manual installation of the HDaudio and HDAudioBus drivers > pnputil /add-driver hdaudio.inf /install > pnputil /add-driver hdaudbus.inf /install 6. After rebooting, by typing 'devmgmt.msc' you will see 'HD Audio' under a small loudspeaker icon. Do not worry if it is not accordingly written in the device manager. eg under 'Unknown', Everything is installed correctly. 7. Now you are ready to install your Amanero Kernel streaming drivers 8. Only after verifying that everything is working, then you can go to run Audiophile Optimizer. I've completed Step 5 but didn't see "HD Audio" in step 6. Then I tried to install the Amanero Kernel streaming drivers but it showed "!" in device manager. Please share your experience with me of how to move forward. Many thanks in advance.
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