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  1. MusicScope (and XiSRC) still is a good tool and hopefully still can be used for quite some time. I contacted Xivero regarding re-activation of my bought products when I will be switching to a new Mac beginning of next year and by this they told me they are working on offering a long-term solution for existing customers. Whatever that will mean....and when that will be....
  2. As you can see in the screenshot above, the most recent (beta) version of the Kii Control Firmware is version 1.8
  3. Yes. Apparently it will. Bluetooth APTx and AAC Audio support are supposed to become available.
  4. Thx Stephan for clarifying w/ Tom. Can't be too long then...
  5. Quote from one of the recent change logs: You can set up to 8 individual 2nd order filters per speaker in range of (Freq 20hz - 20kHz, Q 0.125 - 31.3, Gain +/- 6dB) to one of the following types: Low Pass High Pass Low Shelf High Shelf Notch Parametric EQ with a constant Q Parametric EQ with a proportional Q R.
  6. Hi Stephan, no, it is not available on their homepage. As mentioned before: try to contact Tom from Kii. From him I got a link to the software/ firmware. I think they are planning on having it available enventually on their HP, but I don't know when that will be. I've done several update(s) using the MAC version and that works just fine. You install the SW-Tool, connect your Kii-Control to the laptop/computer and then you go. You'll find a confirmation screen at the end of the update. Rubysea
  7. Hello community! @Cazzesman : "A simple way" to better and cheper adapt the Kiis to your room is using the Kiis themselves 🙂 With the current firmware (v1.0.7) you have control over a lot of recently introduced new filters (w. 1.0.5): Low Pass, High Pass, Low Shelf, High Shelf, Notch, Parametric EQ with a constant Q, Parametric EQ with a proportional Q in the range of +3db to -24db (and that per channel/ Kii Master - Kii Slave) I've tried that myself and with a UMIK1 + the Kii Control directly linked into REW I have done a lot of measurements and immediate corrections and thus could completely tame a terrible room mode around 40Hz. I guess you should get in contact with Kii (Tom Jansen) to get access to the updated FW (and change log). An Update-tool is available for Win and Mac in case you don't alreadyhave access to it. The FW also updates the DSP and Kii-Control (where on the Apple remote you now can also switch between presets instead of only sources previously 🙂) BR Rubysea
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