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  1. As shown below. Don't know why terminated.
  2. Oh, I know how to solve this problem now. Thanks for help.
  3. I click the button "update all" and now the playlist shows on well, but I still can't play music. It stuck on 0:00 all the time. When finish the update process, no error link appears though.
  4. Thanks for replying. Could you please tell me how to check this log?
  5. As picture shows, I managed to add files to the ompd library. But when clicking into albums, there's no music shown. System is dietpi with allo gui running on sparky. What should I do?
  6. And I use the old Dietpi edition 6.18 because of some issues mentioned in previous reply under this title.
  7. No, in the configure page I can only set between "disable" and "native". As for in latest 6.26 system edition, Allo web guide page can not be opened, so I can only use 6.18 edition for these settings. And when I try update, I noticed there appears some errors and shows terminated at last rather than reboot.
  8. I found that when playing dsd files, dac can only get PCM signals. Could I make it locked in dop mode when playing dsd? Don't know if these lines can help. [email protected]:~# cat /proc/asound/card1/stream0 AUDIOBYTE BLACK DRAGON at usb-aotg_hcd.1-1.1, high speed : USB Audio Playback: Status: Running Interface = 2 Altset = 1 Packet Size = 127 Momentary freq = 95997 Hz (0xb.ffe4) Feedback Format = 16.16 Interface 2 Altset 1 Format: S32_LE Channels: 2 Endpoint: 5 OUT (ASYNC) Rates: 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000, 176400, 192000, 352800, 384000 Data packet interval: 125 us And if I use ssh to tap in "squeezelite -D", system returns nothing, seeming like stuck.
  9. I don't know how but after dozens of reflashing, I finally get sound. Thanks for your help and wish you a good day.
  10. Thank you for your reply. After updating to latest system version, the Allo web gui page goes wrong... It shows "login failed" on the page. But this does not matter too much. The main problem still remains. At the beginning after update, playback goes fine, but the dac can't get any signal. And now... gmrender playback goes wrong, too. App error shows"Action timeout" or something like that.
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