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  1. I am now using a JS-2 for both MMK and Brookln DAC+. I have a plan to replace Brookln DAC+ with Manhattan II. Is it possible to use a JS-2 for both MMK and Mytek Manhattan II?
  2. I am a Japanese audiophile. I got JS-2 a week ago. Before describe my impression, let me explain about the digital part of my audio system before introducing JS-2. Basic construction is: Mac mini --> MUTEC MC3+USB --> MYTEK Brookln DAC+ MC3-USB and Brookon DAC+ are synchronized by the clock from a clock generator. Further I am using 10MHz OCXO clock for the clock generator. Between Mac mini and MC3+USB, I used a USB isolator (HUMANDATA USB-029H2-RP). I used a DC power supply for Brookon DAC+, but the result is not so good. So I was looking for a good power supply. The reason that I know UpTone Audio is USPCB A>B Adapter which some Japanese audiophile uses. I was very surprised by the sound when I used this adapter in place of a USB cable. Then I visited the UpTone Audio homepage, and I found JS-2 and MMK, and I visited this forum. I decided to buy JS-2 and MMK. The result is much better than I expected. The sound becomes very much clearer. Now I enjoy the sound by JS-2 and MMK. I appreciate Alex Crespi and the members of this forum.
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