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  1. Second cover image along: CD and MP3 bundle. https://store.nonesuch.com/artists/gaby-moreno.html
  2. I've downloaded music in the past which hasn't been what it was purported to be. This has usually been rectified straight away by the source. All options appear to be on the store page including 16/44, 24/96 and MP3
  3. If there is no parity between US and non-US markets, this may be a bit of an own goal for Qobuz in some areas. I still purchase most of my music on CD, largely because it is usually cheaper than downloads, but I've always had a streaming service for music discovery. I had Qobuz a good while ago but it didn't suit me, not enough choice of what I wanted although I still buy downloads from there occasionally. I tried the new Amazon offering and the music is good but I don't like the interface. So I'm still with Spotify, willing to change, yet resentful of the fact that I would have to pay a premium just because of geography. If the European pricing changes, I'm in, otherwise I'll stick with Spotify.
  4. Is this for the US only, the European site has the same standard pricing as previous including the MP3 option?
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