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  1. I don't know enough bout the terminals to hook anything up [safe ranges etc]. Terry London mentioned them briefly in his review just stating that they accept resistors to tame a hot sounding amp. As delivered the Ulfberhts were incredible as delivered and only became better after breaking in. Owners not tweaking the speakers might be testimony of how good these speakers sound as is. I think a lot of people see the Be price tag and out of curiosity want to try them. I mean, installing them myself I can easily go back to the stock soft domes. The Bes are definitely different sounding, however, d
  2. Hi Ben, The top terminals are for resistors to tame the high frequency tweeter. I haven't experimented myself but was curious how a potentiometer might fare there offering variable resistance to tune. The Be tweeters are absolutely beautiful sounding. I made the upgrade myself replacing the stock Scanspeak softdome w/ the Be Illuminator from ScanSpeak est $500.00 ea). After about ten hours of break in the Be became rather "hot" and needed taming down. I decided to use the MiniDSP to achieve this, but do recommend your route by contacting Eric and having your tweeter of choice installe
  3. Here's an updated picture of the room treatment as I begin making way up the left side wall. I'm going to need round 8 more panels I think to finish up the walls. Then I may begin removable/hanging panels for window coverings and the television for those critical listening times.
  4. An abrupt NO! if "they" dare even look upwards before the mighty towers. Also there's a tall clawing post nearby. The newest guy Asher is already trained and seemingly understands his claws are only to come out on his clawing post. Kinda funny in that both Asher and Abigail come running no matter where they are in the house to the prime listening position when they hear the click of the system powering on. Both will lay down and listen while falling asleep. I mean, it's every time. Guess the system passes the feline listening test! Seen b
  5. Thanks! I actually began working on the review again after having several months with the Ulfberhts. The article review is a work in progress, I'm taking a different angle while having fun as an amateur reviewer: https://www.disqus.social/2020/09/review-tekton-design-ulfberhts.html
  6. Just purchased my first DSP. Wrote a little mini review or just shared some of the initial hiccups I encountered and remedies which hopefully may help others. 

    MiniDSP DDRC-88A with Bass Management and Dirac Live 3

  7. Second Tekton Design 4-10 installed. 

    Complete Sound Stage.jpg

    Tidal Streaming.jpg

  8. Spent a few hours tonight listening to the Parasound Halo A31. By the end of the night I realized these two amps are totally different. The sound from Parasound is like warm butter spread over soft bread whereas the Emotiva is like cold butter spread over toast. If the Parasound "colors" audio then I love the painter of Parasound. I'm in audio bliss at the moment.
  9. Just a note Emotiva has wonderful customer support and service. They allowed me to return the amplifier by making an exception beyond the trial period. The Emotiva DR3 is no longer for sale.
  10. Price reduced by another $100.00 dollars. That's $1400.00 a savings of $600.00 on a less than two month old Emotiva DR3!
  11. Selling one Emotiva XPA-DR3 that was purchased on January 27th 2020. No manual but original boxing and birth certificate. You pay shipping and insure if you wish but you arrange pickup [easy through UPS]. Amp is in perfect condition. I prefer Zelle payment from your bank to my bank [no fees] but I will accept PayPal. I'm located in Idaho, Nampa and if you need exact address for shipping please message me as I will provide my address. Asking price $1500.00 [Transferable warranty]. Amplifier sits underneath an AcInfinity cooler. Full Specs available here: https://emotiva.com/collect
  12. Thanks firedog, That'd be ideal. My only hesitation is being locked [ethically] to the local dealer which is demoing me the amp. I'd feel bad if I demoed their equipment and bought elsewhere online for lesser price. Though, demoing the equipment might save me money if the seller I'm looking at this time doesn't have a return policy to demo the equipment. I'll ask. Thanks Shawn, The reviews I have read said there is no audible difference between the A21 and A31 only another channel. As far as dynamics that's what I'm hoping for. I prefer class A a
  13. Hi, I currently own an Emotiva DR3: https://emotiva.com/collections/amps/products/xpa-dr3 I'm in the middle of purchasing a Halo Parasound A31: https://parasound.com/a31.php The manufacturer of my speakers [Tekton] seemingly love Parasound and I've run into many positive reviews about them. Actually, there's a lot of "familiar language" when reviewers describe the Parasound amp that was used for the Tekton Ulfberhts. And I also note that most reviewers don't compare the Parasound to lesser costing amps but moreso including the likes of McIntosh. I have to admit I'
  14. Hi, There's a few songs in my collection that sound wonderful. I'd like to be able to play the song on my computer and analyze the song because I'm curious to where the bass frequencies are. Of course these are from Youtube but the CDs sound excellent on my system and since they sound much better than "other" recordings I'm curious as to why. If you could recommend any freeware software I can download into Windows 10, play, and watch a spectrum analyzer in order to point me at the frequencies I'm hearing that'd be great! Jesse Cook, Album: One World, Track: TOMMY AND
  15. Probably a no brainer to most here. Amazon Music HD was continuously disconnected until I performed a simple Wifi channel change. Began by observing what Wifi channels my neighbors were using: https://www.disqus.social/2020/03/tip-stop-amazon-music-hd-streaming.html

  16. Acinfinity.thumb.jpg.bd712052144086b677a21744d09c8c13.jpg


    Found a cooling solution to help keep the amp within desirable temperatures and extend its life:


  17. Shimei

    Newbie to REW

    Hi, I'm looking to install REW and use it from another room to the listening area. Thinking about a calibrated microphone and 50 feet of USB cable. I'd like to measure the listening room as well as the entertainment system with the program to help make adjustments. Question, for output of a test signal what's the best way to send a signal to my entertainment system? 3.5mm to RCA? Any suggestions for a newbie that might make life easier or learning REW more simplistic? Thanks, William
  18. G'morning Superdad, Haven't seen the show! I'll have to check it out. Speaking of noses, I am curious why we do not see our noses in our view while looking straight ahead with our eyes? Just wondering what the mind actually filters out or emphasizes when we first sit down and listen to music. Do we have to acclimate to the musical subject matter or deliberately focus on something in particular? I mean, I've listened to a song thousands of times in my youth but it wasn't until later until I "heard" the lyrics and the song turned awful. I remember the first time rap musi
  19. Speaking of the brain, no pun intended. Kinda fascinating when taking into account that the human mind is capable of "speech" without a larynx or mouth. Happy listening to that voice in your head during story time 🤣 I'd rather a controlled "phantom" voice in my head being guided by words in print than uncontrolled schizophrenia.
  20. I too went through a time in my studies when I marveled. I'm sure others at the "sound" of Bryson's voice may respond with astonishment or other emotions especially if Bill sounds too much like a drunk father shouting........ j/king, William
  21. Hi kumakuma, Question, hasn't it been a rather recent advancement in simple robotics to even take the baby steps of a human? I mean what we do [walk] without even thinking about requires massive processing from computers. Just commenting non competitively on the subject that the human body is a wonder. I mean I am not aware that there are enough computers networked or otherwise to equal one human mind nonetheless the entire audience enjoying the concert. Someone correct me if wrong? When I think about sitting down and listening to a real opera etc I cannot fathom the
  22. Makes me wonder what we choose to reflect or not consciously or not. For example, in the above indoor concert is it even possible to measure "everything"? What does the "sound analyst" leave out or include? Whether deliberate [filter] or not out of intention pure or otherwise as well as possible laziness I'm just wondering if it is even fathomable to measure the above exampled sound stage? Does the armchair analyst behind the computer even have enough "processing" power to gather "all that there is" in data? Then there's the question as to whether anyone is even capable of interpreting such da
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