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  1. Yes, I’ve being doing this for months with different apps and recently with AM lossless. To me upsampling in MacOS Audio Midi sounds no worse than native rate playback, maybe it’s even slightly better.
  2. Purist tendencies aside, after some more testing I'm rather liking the "broken" Audio Midi implementation of Apple Music on the M1 Mac mini / MacOS. Very handy when trying to wring out ultimate sound quality from a streaming service / web browser etc by piping the system audio to HQ Player via Rogue Amoeba's Loopback software. And under more casual conditions, by just setting the sample rate to "whatever" – it still sounds at least as good as using an iOS device (or Qobuz) which does do the autosample rate switching properly.
  3. I’m guessing it’s to save bandwidth ($$); they want to limit people pulling lossless files from their servers. Especially as there is no benefit to lossless for the majority of their users.
  4. Nice clear labelling of Lossless files...
  5. The early Neil Young stuff is in 24/192, I'm finding the max available sample rates in Apple Music so far match those in Qobuz, I think it all depends on what the label has released the track in, no tricks.
  6. Exactly the same issue here, no idea why. Has anyone managed 768 via i2s?
  7. Hi Matt, Yes, NOS mode on the May and PCM upsampling only, never got serious with DSD processing. For Spotify and internet streaming, I upsample in MacOS Audio Midi, for Qobuz I use Audirvana at the native rate (cannot be bothered tweaking the Sox settings) and HQ Player for local files (PCM upsampling). It all sounds pretty good and I do listen to a lot of lossy streams; my choices are thus dictated by convenience as much as anything else. If I really wanted to max out the quality of a favourite album, I would buy the CD/download and use HQ player with the
  8. Interesting question, Matt! To my ears both DACs are "neutral" with no niggles. The difference is just the extra resolution of the May. You can more easily appreciate the artistry of the musicians. The other day, I was listening to Free with the family and we were all just blown away by the gravely tone of Paul Rodgers' voice. The discussion moved on to whether or not he is the best male rock vocalist EVER. At no point did anyone care to wonder if the hifi system had changed (they are only curious if I change speakers). Another example, listening to Gregory Porter'
  9. I've had the May L2 (Wildism) for a couple of weeks now. Excellent sound quality with my Mac mini M1, nothing to add to what's already been said. Superb DAC! Regarding set-up/installation, I first ran in the unit with the supplied USB cable. Substituting my normal Oyaide Continental 5S (£375) cable didn't reveal any obvious differences. Not motivated to investigate other USB cables. Once I'd settled into the May's basic sound, I pulled out my Denafrips Hermes converter to test the other connections. Considering some of the comments I've read on this thread,
  10. Been following this thread for a while, I ordered a May a few weeks ago and should have it very soon...
  11. You get what you pay for but as with all audio gear, the law of diminishing returns applies too. On the whole, Allo gear is good value, IME. The "direct sale" brands also have an advantage as there is no dealer margin.
  12. SOLD, thanks to everyone who expressed an interest.
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