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    HQ Player

    I recently purchased HQPlayer Desktop and I love it. Quick question: is there any way to get HQPlayer Desktop running on my iMac to output to USB (without Roon)? The only option I can see is to stream to a NAA.
  2. I picked up one of these at a very good price (over 50% discount) and would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an access point. Quite a few people here use Ubiquity routers, switches and wireless access points as they offer better quality than the networking gear that is bundled from the ISP. I have a Ubiquiti AC lite, the Aruba is far more solidly built and has better range. Unlike the Ubiquiti which relies exclusively on PoE, it can take a 12V/1.5A DC input and also accommodates the Telegartner plugs seen on many premium Ethernet cables. You can buy a separate Aru
  3. +1 for the Denafrips Iris. Significant improvement over the Allo Digione sig. out of the USBridge and a different ball game to the older generation of converters.
  4. Another interesting test would be to change the PSU of the Switch (to a noisy SMPS) while the LAN cable is unplugged. Assuming the sound degradation is readily audible, at what point does this happen? Is it when the new PSU is connected, when the LAN cable is reconnected, or when the original buffer has run out? I missed the earlier exchanges, wonder if it’s already been done?
  5. ...I did find the sound with fibre more natural when the fibre (and EtherREGEN) was further upstream. But still I was happy to come back to copper. Obviously my optical network set ups weren't optimal, but what I heard didn't inspire me to start "transceiver rolling" or drop more money on optical modules/renderers (and the PS's for them). I suppose the length of cable runs (and the quality of such) might be a factor too, my entire wired system is taken care of in 1-2m lengths of LinkUp Cat8. Also my LMS/HQPlayer server/NAS box and all other internet devices are isolated via Wi
  6. I didn't try your exact set up, but I did have a try with fibre and didn't like it. The fibre was between Edgerouter-x SFP and Etherregen (Ubiquiti SFPs). Perhaps the background was "blacker" and my initial impression was quite good. But over a period of days I noted less engagement with the music. There was a kind of mechanical quality whereas returning to copper felt more natural and alive even if there might have been a touch more "noise". Normally I have a small go with something and if the improvement is in the right direction I optimise further. Regarding fibre networ
  7. Feel I should update my findings... Having recently acquired a Zyxel VMG8924-B VDSL modem / router I've now ditched the Edgerouter-X and standalone modem. The EtherREGEN is connected more conventionally to the streamer with copper ethernet (now DC3 powered). Ubiquiti wireless AP, WiFi disabled on the Zyxel (Farad Super 3). The Zyxel VMG8924-B seems to be a nice unit, it has a good Broadcom chipset and uncommon built in noise filter. There's even the ability to turn off all the LEDs! I also got rid of the microfilter in my phone socket by running a BT -> RJ11 cable and unpl
  8. Agree with almost all you wrote, but if you attached a WiFi AP AND another network device to your ER-X, I believe it would be in fact running as a router + switch? Presumably your experience of the ER-X "sounding rubbish as a switch" was when attached after the combined ISP router? On the subject of multiple switches, I haven't tried because I don't have enough good PSU's after separating modem + router + switch + AP ;-)
  9. @CrushingIt it’s cdsgames on diyaudio.com, I guess he reads this too and (wisely) declines to jump in! I was simply interested in the specifics of @RX8R3ROD experience, if he was comparing his regulated batteries to the Shanti, to the Allo holder plus the recommended batteries or to his own battery holder prior to adding the regulation.
  10. Interesting, what were the batteries and regulators used and how much extra did the iFi bring? Did you also try Allo battery pack direct with LG LiPO4 batteries?
  11. I wouldn’t buy a power cord specially for the Shanti, my meaning was just that it could be worth experimenting if you already had one elsewhere in your system, or could borrow one.
  12. I use the Allo battery pack for clean, and Shanti plus Ciunas Supercap for RPi (actually USBridge Sig). This sounds a bit better than just Shanti on its own. The only reason I do this is that I’d already purchased both supplies. I’ve also found the Shanti responds to better power cords (even though it is only charging the supercap in my system!). If you have a selection of PC’s available, try your best one on the Shanti.
  13. Been messing since January with the EtherREGEN, network configurations, Edgerouter X SFP, fibre, Ethernet cables and LPS. I think I’m settling on a network set up similar to that posted by Nenon https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/58164-building-a-diy-music-server/page/36/ I’m now using the EtherREGEN upstream of the Edgerouter, connecting the two with fibre and running the WiFi access point into the EtherREGEN side B. Edgerouter to audio endpoint. Farad / DC3 on modem/router. In this configuration I found the EtherREGEN doesn’t benefit much at all from LPS, and
  14. I have that combo. My DAC at the time was SPDIF only, so I started with the DigiOne Sig and later added the USBridge which improved the sound quality over the basic RPi 3B. My current DAC accepts both inputs. I narrowly prefer SDIF over USB but that could be just as much down to the cabling or my DAC inputs as any difference in the 2 Allo boards.
  15. After reading this I moved my EtherREGEN upstream of the EdgeRouter to act as an FMC converter as described. My best sound yet! And more importantly, it looks like I might have saved a couple of LPS’s on switch and PoE injector, thanks so much.
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