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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I forgot to add in my post that I checked several times, and the FiiO is the default audio output in Windows. I'm a Windows expert (I know, everybody says that), and I've done the proper troubleshooting. I will add that if I uninstall the driver and reconnect the FiiO, it does work perfectly driver-free at USB 1.1 (instead of USB 2.0), but then its resolution tops out at 24-bit/96KHz. Whether or not I can hear the benefit of 24-bit/192KHz, I just want to get what I'm paying for. I will also add that the FiiO driver works fine with all other apps, includi
  2. I'm listening to Qobuz via the desktop app in the latest build of Windows 10 (updated as of today), through a Fiio K3 USB DAC in WASAPI (not Exclusive). When waking the PC from sleep, or when rebooting the PC, or when reopening Qobuz, I see that Qobuz has switched to ASIO mode and frozen itself, along with disabling the rest of the PC's sounds. This happens maybe every other time. When this happens, I can manually switch Qobuz back to WASAPI and restart Qobuz, and then everything works as normal for a while. How can I keep Qobuz from switching to ASIO mode?
  3. I have no issues with buffering on any device. My post was about downloading streaming tracks for offline listening. But The Computer Audiophile's recent hack on downloading tracks in the background while other tracks are playing is a good one! I'm downloading a big playlist right now while my iPhone screen is asleep. Yes, it's taking forever, and yes, it's a workaround when downloads should be faster, but it's a good enough workaround for me. Thanks, Computer Audiophile!
  4. Oh yeah, you bet. I did all that stuff. But it shouldn't be necessary. As stated, Tidal downloaded the same playlist in seconds without me having to perform any troubleshooting. In fact, none of the above was necessary to download tracks from trials of Tidal, Amazon Music HD, or Apple Music Lossless.
  5. No crashes but, while streaming a playlist, the app hangs and freezes when it gets to a song that has left the service, something that happens all too often recently.
  6. This missing track/album situation seems to be getting worse instead of better with time. My Qobuz subscription is set to renew September 24. I'm teetering on the fence...
  7. For the first time, I decided to download a 28-song playlist at CD quality via Wi-Fi for offline listening. My iPhone 12 Pro Max was roughly 10 feet from a router on a 500Mbps fiber connection at the time. But via the Qobuz app, I never got faster than dialup speeds, even though Speedtest said I was downloading at 508Mbps. I gave up after 10 songs had been downloaded in an hour (as you probably know, the screen has to be awake for the downloads to continue). I tried again this morning: same result. This small playlist was a test run, as my favorite playlist has 181 songs and that w
  8. I'm getting the same thing with Qobuz this summer. Lots of tracks that were there, and are now gone. And yes, like you, the tracks are on other services. So are we to believe that the labels just don't like Qobuz and are fine with the other services? Among other tracks, I'm getting lots of "here today, gone tomorrow" tracks in my Lounge Jazz playlist, where 7 out of 17 tracks are now gone. (The top albums from modern Bossa Nova artist Nicola Conte, for example, are popular and major label enough to be on Qobuz, as they're available everywhere else.) Please don't recommend that I co
  9. This is about the Qobuz desktop app in Windows 10. I have a 4K monitor, which means Windows 10 scales everything to 200% to make text, icons, etc. legible. The problem is, it makes text in the Qobuz app (and that app only) too big for my taste. As you already know, we can resize the Qobuz desktop app's text at will, just like a website. (Nice!) Unfortunately, unlike a website, the Qobuz app won't hold the setting. When I reboot or close/reopen the Qobuz app, it's back to the unwanted size. Anything I can do about this?
  10. On the latest build (6.0.0) of the desktop player, Windows 10 notifications work well when a track changes. (I get the slide-out notification of a new track at the bottom-right of the PC.) However, those notifications no longer disappear from the "Manage Notifications" panel after the track plays. They just pile up, track after track. If I play 20 tracks, Windows shows that I have 20 notifications. This is on a one-week-old Windows 10 installation. Is this happening with anyone else. Can Qobuz duplicate the issue?
  11. This may be a bug, or just an annoyance for me: (I'm talking about the desktop app. I haven't tried this with the web app.) Let's say I'm in a playlist, and I navigate away from that playlist for any reason. When I return to the playlist by hitting the Back button (or via any other method), Qobuz doesn't go back to my previous location in the playlist. It always goes to the top of the playlist. When I'm in one of my long "new music" playlists and I navigate away to read about the artist or a related artist, for example, it's a pain to scroll down the playlist to find wh
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