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  1. Yes, the best way to know for sure would be to try both power supplies. I do like the idea of the larger 3A supply idling away, rather than the smaller 1.5A unit being a little closer to the edge of its maximum capacity. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Brilliant - thanks for the quick response. Greatly appreciated. One final thought... do you suppose that the USBRIDGE Sig might draw more current at boot-up, or do you think that a power supply of 1.5A *may* be sufficient for both boot-up and then during normal use? Of course, this may be difficult to answer with any degree of certainty! cheers and thanks, Pete
  3. Hi all, Long-time listener, first-time caller (and a serial pest on many other audio forums out there!) To the team at allo, congrats on the release of the USBRIDGE Signature! I am considering purchasing one to replace my ageing Logitech Squeezebox Touch, which currently outputs digital audio to my DAC vis its USB connection. I have two questions: 1. My DAC features the Amanero Combo 384 OEM USB board. Are there any known conflicts/issues/incompatibilities with the USBRIDGE Sig and the Amanero? And is there a preferred or compatible OS for the Amanero board, or can I simply choose which best suits my needs as an end user? 2. Apart from adding a Wifi USB dongle to the USBRIDGE Sig (probably the recommended Comfast unit), I will not be adding any other HATs/boards/extras. With this kind of setup, do you have an estimation of the maximum current draw and thus the amperage of the power supply? I have two nice linear 5V power supplies in my system at the moment - a SBooster BOTW 5V 3A unit, and a Gieseler Audio 5V 1.5A unit powering the Squeezebox Touch. I note, of course, that the specs of the USBRIDGE quote 3A but I assumed this also included headroom to power attached USB devices. I would prefer to use the Gieleser if I can, but I guess this depends on the current draw, particularly during boot-up. I note the lovely Shanti PSU, but I only require a single 5V rail so this is overkill for my needs. Any shared wisdom would be great! cheers, Pete
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