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  1. madman73

    HQ Player

    I have to admit, this really shocked me. Why you say I don't have to use Roon? For years I have been slowly building my setup, and based on my personal experiences I establish some fixed points that I try to bring to the best compromise between quality, functionality and price. The comfort offered by Roon is unmatched at the moment. I've been using it for years, and a lot of the music I listen to is also on Tidal So... why????? I would prefer it too, but isn't it a "bit" excessive to do "only" PCM 768Khz Sinc-L LNS-15 ?? Now my i7-3770k, works very well at 3% on averag
  2. madman73

    HQ Player

    Already done. What do you mean? Roon sends the stream to HQPlayer Embedded Now using Gentoo Player and i'll buy an Nvidia 1660 Super asap (waiting for lower prices, after the new 3xxx models). I will test it vs HQPlayer OS. Tried it in the past, but my NAA hardware is not fully supported, so i started with Gentoo Player Now on UTP cat. 5/5e. Optical Cable will be a next upgrade.. but why not shielded cables?
  3. madman73

    HQ Player

    Does HQPlayer Embedded store data on the disc during playback even if used via Roon and you don't change the settings? In my setup, the goal is to switch on and listen, once the best settings for me are set, I want to forget them. Also for this reason I preferred the Embedded to the desktop version.
  4. madman73

    HQ Player

    Can you better explain which kind of improvement i should get? Until a few days ago the default setting was 32-bit, as the JLSound USB manages up to 32-bit, and I have never found it difficult to listen. Now I'm listening with 19-bit and it all sounds just as natural. About gentooplayer, as I said, I am using it for compatibility reasons with my hardware, both for HQPlayer Embedded and for NAA. It allows you to choose between RT and non-RT Kernel and to use ramdisk. It has a very intuitive web interface for those like me who are not familiar with linux commands. Do you
  5. madman73

    HQ Player

    Hi @Miska, my setup is built around a DYI dac based on PCM1704 chip and JLSounds I2s USB vIII interface, so only PCM. The HQPlayer embedded machine is based on Gigabyte Z68MX-UD2H-B3, Intel i7-3770K not overclocked (for now), 4+4 Gb of ram running @1066 mhz XMP-2133 (11-11-11-31). I also use a NAA with linear power supply. In both case i use gentooplayer as OS. I like a very detailed sound (ie studio monitor sound), so i prefer poli-sync-xtr-mp, LNS15, @705/768Khz but i'm also appreciating Sinc-L. Can you help me with: the DAC bit setting: now i have 32bit, is correc
  6. Done, via putty.. how can i do It via web?
  7. Via web or via putty?
  8. Cannot find the option in the pick list, will you check It?
  9. I try It on my Naa. Can i do It while it's playing?
  10. Hi all, hi @Miska. i need to upgrade my cpu, now i have an i3-2100t running on a Gigabyte GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3-rev-13 with 8GB of Ram. I don't need the output DSD (but i want to play it), my DAC is PCM only (BB1704k based), max 768Khz. Trying HQPlayer 4 Embedded with Roon, i can get XTR-MP filters upsampling from 44.1 to 768Khz/NS5, with a 40/50 sec of initialization time but i want to add convolution for 2ch only. I can find i5-3570k for 50/60€ and i7-3770k for 110/120€, my goal is to reduce the initialization time at minimun possible. Is the 3570k able to do it or i need
  11. Hi all, hi @Miska. i want to upgrade my cpu, now i have an i3-2100t running on a https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3-rev-13/support#support-cpu. I'dont need DSD, my DAC is PCM only (BB1704k based), max 768Khz. Trying HQPlayer 4 Embedded, i can get XTR-MP filters upsampling from 44.1 to 768Khz, but i need to add convolution for 2ch only. Which cpu is more suitable among the compatible ones, wanting to keep a low TDP? Or is it better to use the top i7-3770k? Tnx.
  12. i've solved using this image. Thank you for the support.
  13. @Miska i've tried to install the driver as in the driver's readme file, without success. I always get the message "No such file or directory", trying the tar command. But also i've unpacked the tar file using 7zip on windows and copied the folder DriverInstall trying to launch directly the file install.sh, with the same result. Probably you'll have to include the driver in the 32bit image....
  14. Maybe i need some driver? The adpater is a Marvell Yukon 88E8059, i found a package for Kernel Linux 2.6.x here https://www.marvell.com/support/downloads/driverSearchResults.do# . Can i use it? and how i install it?
  15. Yes, on the same machine NAA works fine on Win Server 2019. My lan range Subnet with DHCP this is the result of the command ifconfing:
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