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  1. You use either an eMMC card attached to a SD card adapter or a SD card. One or the other.
  2. Is there a how-to on this mod? I've got a nice soldering iron and some free time, I'd like to give it a go and see what improvements there are to be had. TIA!
  3. Same. Plus the USBridge has a nice case that's actually worthy of sitting next to my other gear whereas the DigiOne was cheap looking so I hid it away when in use.
  4. I'm using a Shanti on both inputs and IMO it makes a difference, even on the "clean" input.
  5. I run the USBridge Sig/DigiOne Sig combo powered by a Shanti and feed the USBridge and the "clean" side of the DigiOne Sig with the two outputs from the Shanti.
  6. I'm running almost the same setup, but with a Hugo 2 rather than a Qutest, and I've found the Shanti to make the biggest difference when powering both inputs for the USBridge/DigiOne combo. I tired it powering just the clean side and the Hugo 2, but didn't notice much of an improvement and found powering both inputs of the Allo setup to sound better. Hugo 2's batteries may play a roll in that though.
  7. If all you need is a Roon endpoint I like Ropieee the best.
  8. Can't say that I've heard their speakers unfortunately, but I definitely enjoy them in my pair of Utopia (headphones). While I'm here I'll stop and sing Allo's praises because adding the Digione Signature/USBridge Signature/Shanti combo to my setup (Roon > Chord Hugo2 > Utopia) has easily been one of the best changes I've made thus far. I've been able to lower my normal listening volume by literally half because there's just so much more low level detail I'm able to hear without cranking it up. There's also a huge increase in PRaT for me. I'm instantly pulled in
  9. FWIW, the only difference I heard after mounting the DigiOne Signature on the USBridge Signature is increased focus and better PRaT. Nothing else changed in my system and to my ears.
  10. I wouldn't add anything to the signal path on the output of the USBridge Signature.
  11. Yep, it comes from India and it's a bit slow, but that's just the reality of the situation. Flash Ropieee to your card, boot it up, set it up, and listen.
  12. There's really no reason to turn off power supplies or network streamers. Just leave them on and let them be.
  13. Have you used the same optical cable in other setups without issue?
  14. Yep. My Shanti/USBridge Signature/DigiOne Signature setup has been running since I got it setup almost three months ago.
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