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  1. Hi Hecky, That’s an interesting arrangement. I’m assuming your Shanti’s DC outputs are +5V & +5V? Whereas the Cuinas charger outputs +12V DC, and I assume there’s a Vreg in the capacitor box (upstream of the capacitors) to drop the final Vout to 5V. Time to get the multimeter out and investigate over the weekend. Although I’ve currently got the Cuinas powering one of my other RPi/IQAudio streamers (and doing a nice job).
  2. Have you considered MoOde or Volumio? They really are “one-stop” players.
  3. A pleasure. I run my USBSig/DigiOneSig/Shanti/MoOde through a Naim DC1 BNC cable to my Naim DAC and am very happy with it:)
  4. That is correct. I've left mine in place.
  5. In my case the top board diode had already been replaced by a link. I left the middle board diode in place and simply soldered a loop of TCW across it. Worked for me
  6. No. The chassis connector on the Shanti can be used with the USBridgeSig’s aluminium case chassis connector.
  7. That’s what I do as well. And in answer to another of your questions I connect the ground plug on the Shanti to the ground plug on the USBridgeSig case. Does it make a difference? Can’t say I’ve noticed......but what the heck!
  8. Yes, got one, used it, it does work. What I found interesting was that the Cuinas Audio ISO-PS and Shanti actually sound better. This is, as we know, impossible coz digital is perfect and “bits iz bits”.
  9. Yes, and I have compared the two, powering the USBSig/Digi1Sig in the Naim system. And they’re not too far apart in terms of SQ. One of the reasons for buying the Shanti (apart from needing another PSU anyway, was to see whether the separation of clean and dirty supplies made a difference - the Cuinas has two outputs ports but they are paralleled from the same supercaps. And it does appear to work. There is a tad more low level detail (maybe due to the restoration of galvanic isolation between the clean and dirty halves of the DigiOneSig?). The Shanti is a in large case, which takes up a lot of space on my rack; OTOH, the Cuinas comes in two cases with an extra cable - so, swings and roundabouts really. The Shanti is paired with the USBSig/Digi1Sig feeding the nDAC in the Naim active SBLs system. The Cuinas is now powerering an RPi3B+/IQAudio Digi+ feeding a Linn Numerik in the Aktiv Isobariks System. They are both very fine PSUs, and I could happily live with either........come to think of ii......I do, LOL!
  10. The consensus on other forums (PFM, TAS, etc) is that the 3B+ is more than adequate for playing audio files.
  11. So as it seems that DietPi does not work and Volumio does appear to work, I’m thinking that there must be something that DietPi “has” and that Volumio “does not have”? Otherwise why not show switch to Volumio?
  12. Currently running USBridgeSig+DigiOneSig+MoOde from a Cuinas Audio Supercapacitor PSU, via SPDIF (Naim DC-1 IC) to a Naim DAC and thence to active SBLs (82+SC, SNAXO+SC, 2 x 250). The Shanti is on order........could be interesting.
  13. Too many boxes.........

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