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  1. So as it seems that DietPi does not work and Volumio does appear to work, I’m thinking that there must be something that DietPi “has” and that Volumio “does not have”? Otherwise why not show switch to Volumio?
  2. Currently running USBridgeSig+DigiOneSig+MoOde from a Cuinas Audio Supercapacitor PSU, via SPDIF (Naim DC-1 IC) to a Naim DAC and thence to active SBLs (82+SC, SNAXO+SC, 2 x 250). The Shanti is on order........could be interesting.
  3. Too many boxes.........

  4. Now add the DigiOne Signature and see what it can really do! :):) BTW, have you connected (or not) the grounding studs of the USBridgeSig & the Shanti?
  5. Seems I’d better buy a Shanti, then. 😃😃 Am I right in thinking that the stud is 6mm diameter?
  6. Moode has a “Shutdown button” on its menu. Works for me.
  7. @Allo The USBridgeSig case has a grounding stud. I'm curious to know what I should do with it.... Is the thinking that it should be connected to the grounding stud on the Shanti?
  8. I run my USBS+ADS stack from a Cuinas Audio Supercapacitor dual +5V supply. Curiously, because the two outputs are wired in parallel, it negates the galvanic isolation between the “clean” and “dirty” sides; however it drives my Naim DAC exceedingly well! I think that John now has an upgraded version with isolated +5V outputs aimed at the ADS (which I haven’t tried). He has a test version doing the rounds in the UK - if you are interested, then the Pink Fish forum is the place to look (the thread is called something like “Supercapacitor PSU grand tour”. Around 200 euros, same ball park as the Shanti (which I really must grab some time and compare).
  9. Oh, well it that case..... I’ve already got one. Use my DigiOne Sig on it. Bought the aluminium case as well. It’s very nice
  10. Just curious, because I’ve read references a couple of times on various forums. What is an “Audiophile Pi”, and how is it different to a bog standard Pi?
  11. You might also like to look at Cuinas Audio’s Supercapacitor PSU. I run my USBridgeSig+DigiOneSig from a dual +5V unit feeding a Naim DAC. Certainly “does the job” for around 200 euros.
  12. Maybe it’s MoodeAudio, or my configuration. My default config is to run SPDIF from the DigiOneSig to the nDAC. So in Moode I have the I2S Audio Device set to “Allo DigiOne Signature” As a very quick experiment, I connected up my old V-DAC2/V-PSU to the Clean USB output on the USBridgeSig and thence to my NAC82. I found that I could get sound via SPDIF but not via USB, unless I changed the I2S Audio Device setting to “None” and rebooted. I confess I didn’t spend too much time on it. So perhaps I screwed something up. I’ll give it another try tomorrow.
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