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  1. It makes sense now but earlier it didn't even cross my mind to question whether it should work. Oh well, live and learn. Which I did learn that two USBs CAN be combined.
  2. No go. The computer doesn't see the Denon AVR-X4700h when connected by USB, and the Denon doesn't see the computer, so the Denon cannot be used as a USB DAC. I plug a USB thumb drive into the Denon and the Denon will see it and play music from it, but not the computer.
  3. I'll give more info later, but I've got my two test USB devices combined using the VoiceMeeter app (not VoiceMeeter Banana). Tomorrow or Saturday morning I'll hook up my two Denon AVRs with USB and see if VoiceMeeter will output to both of them.
  4. I don't think the USB splitter is going to work. I tested it using two different portable USB DACs (Topping D50s & FiiO BTR5). The computer sees each DAC as a separate device and will not send the audio out to both at the same time. I was hoping that this would work the same way that my HDMI splitter works, but the HDMI splitter works, and the USB splitter doesn't.
  5. I've been experimenting with the methods listed above but can't get either to work. Realtek HD audio: I've installed this but I see nowhere to enable mixing of both USBs in either Windows Sound Control Panel nor Realtek HD audio Console. JRiver zone linking & WDM: I have successfully linked the zones of the two USBs. Both zones play simultaneously while playing audio within JRiver. I have successfully enabled WDM and can route Windows audio (Deezer app & other websites) through any single zone of JRiver. However, trying to play Windows audio
  6. Several years ago I had experience routing streaming apps through JRiver WDM. I haven't grouped zones together yet. Same for the Realtek HD Sound Mixer, I had used it momentarily years ago but can't remember the details. I'll look into both of these further. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. I do have JRiver which is used for my CD ripped catalog. Most of my listening now-a-days is streaming apps, mostly Deezer, some Tidal, sometimes experimenting with Roon. I may try to use an app called Voicemeeter Banana (sp?) which acts like a switchboard inside your PC. I tried this app years ago because someone said that it could force all PC audio through Exclusive Mode to be bit perfect, but it didn't work, I found out that the app (Deezer, Tidal, JRiver....) has to allow Exclusive Mode AND allow a bit perfect path.
  8. QUESTION: Using Windows 10 PC USB, how do you get the same audio out to two different AVRs (using USB)? 1) Is there a way to configure Windows Sound to output the same audio out through two different USB jacks (I've tried configuring Stereo Mix in Sound Settings but it doesn't work to combine two different USBs)? OR 2) Is there a way to use a USB splitter cable or USB Hub ( https://smile.amazon.com/Splitter-Charger-Female-Extension-Adapter/dp/B07S8XC8PK/ref=pd_ybh_a_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=5GKNBG1XG7F7C9C7VHZ1 )? If either of these methods is
  9. Well then I get answers based off of the capabilities of the Amazon Music app. That is not the purpose of my question. The purpose of my question is to find out if the audio quality of the Windows mixer is dependent on the hardware of the PC. Is there a CPU/motherboard that does a better job of processing the audio than a different CPU/motherboard? But the thread got derailed by comments of using WASAPI/ASIO which can't be used unless the parent app allows it, which is why I am wondering if there is a way to get better Windows audio processing through different PC hardware (CPU/mo
  10. Rats. Thanks for the info, even though it's not what I was hoping for.
  11. Outside of the computer world there is a great variety of components that process audio, such as an AVR. There are AVRs that process audio very well, and there are AVRs that process audio poorly. Is it the same for the computer audio processing? If we live in the Windows world, we can't do much about the Windows software, but there there are many different motherboards to choose from. Are there motherboards that process the Windows audio very well, and are there motherboards that process the Windows audio poorly? (These questions are in relation to the initial Windows audio p
  12. Inquiring minds still want to know... Where does Windows process it's audio, is it all done within the Windows 10 software, or does Windows send the audio to an outboard piece of hardware such as the CPU or audio chip in the motherboard?
  13. Hence my original query of... is there a way to get better processing through Windows? Does Windows use an outboard processor or is it all done inside of the Windows 10 software?
  14. Yes, but the parent app needs to go through WASAPI/ASIO. As examples I've already given, JRMC and TIDAL have this ability, many other apps (such as Amazon Music) does not provide this bypass option.
  15. Please tell me where the EXCLUSIVE mode option is in Amazon Music HD app. Many people have tried finding a way to bypass the Windows mixer for Amazon Music HD (and many other apps) but so far it can't be done. EXCLUSIVE mode only works if the original/parent app provides the option. If you know of another way to implement EXCLUSIVE mode please share.
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