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  1. I have the WaveDream Net coming, I’m excited,..GoldenOne have you had a chance of listening to an English brand Melco Audio their flagship line ? The fellow I bought the Rockna Net from told me he bought a Melco streamer / server to replace the Net with ,,.
  2. Would anyone know how to configure the l2s pin outs with the May dac ?,.. I may , pardon the pun have to re-configure the pin lay out to match another manufacturers i2s output . Many thanks ! I just received an email from the distributor with a copy of their l2s pin out my question am I right this is a match ?
  3. That Holo Audio stack looks sooo good together however the Pass Labs spoils the photo, sorry Nelson , I’m currently using a honey of a preamplifier now , Sparkos Lab Aries though I’m ready to place an order for a Serene simply out of pure curiosity wanting compare it to the Aries though most importantly the Serene will look so much better with the May KTE dac.,, This well worn out phrase “game changer” is too often used on forums though for me the Holo Audio May KTE dac truly is a game changer component. GoldenOne I remember a comment you made regarding trying different USB ca
  4. Same up here except I paid duties of $43.00 Canadian dollars with exchange on the dollars is equal to $1.55 USD ,,…
  5. I made my own power cords a Helix configuration the recipe can be found on most any DYI site world wide , I like them very much , a friend stopped by with a USB cable he wanted me to try Net Work Acoustics brand anyway I’m not overly interested in switching USB cables will see if anything is surprisingly different,,.
  6. I haven’t changed my power cords or Sablon Audio USB cable out I’m content with them I like the neutrality of the wire . I did plug my May KTE dac in 4 different receptacles one being a every day standard household receptacle , a dedicated line to a Furutech receptacle, a popular Ac conditioner and a Furutech TP80 Ac distribution box in the bank of filtered receptacles and found the TP80 much to my liking by a fair margin over the others , I mentioned briefly the results in an above comment regarding rediscovering a famous RCA live recording . I love what the May dac has broug
  7. Using a worn out tired and old phrase, ,….Vails have been lifted and I am re-discovering my favourite music . Yes Jeff Zhu , it would be great if GoldenOne could secure an interview with this man , how interesting that would be ? !
  8. I’m working on my third TB of music in my server and last evening came across Harry Belafonte At Carnegie Hall , the historic recording of that sensational concert . I haven’t listened to it in perhaps years though having a fond memory of it I haven’t heard it quite like this with the May KTE dac in the mix . The sound of Carnegie Hall itself through the intro of Darling Cora into Sylvie then clearly hearing that poor audience member with some sort of chronic respiratory problems coughing up a load of phlem , through the rest of concert hearing tiny details of a tapping foot keeping ti
  9. We recently had some fairly major electrical up grades and up dates done to our 45 year old home though prior to work I swore I could hear a radio station playing over the Entech noise meters speaker , a audio dealer recommended the Puritan conditioner it helped though it’s going up for sale. I borrowed the Furutech and I’m am absolutely thrilled with what it brought to the table and of course the better the recording the more spectacular everything sounds .
  10. Yep if all sounds good leave good enough alone , kick back and enjoy what you have though I’m so glad I did this , I now know where the bear shits in the woods ,..
  11. I have had my Holo May KTE dac for a few weeks now , it’s certainly a good dac no question.,,. Ive just experienced a nice jump in performance, actually that’s an understatement. Having four different Ac power outlets to choose from , a standard household wall receptacle, a dedicated line direct from the panel , a Puritan Audio Ac conditioner and a Furutech TP-80 passive power distribution box . The Ac power in my home I suspect is as noisy as anyone else’s anywhere else though using a Entech Ac noise meter plugged into the Puritan Ac conditioner that’s plugged into t
  12. Peter thank you so much for your reply , I’d like very much to check out the Raals including the Susvaras, Stax and Abyss . No speaker interactions with the room our new digs there isn’t a decent spot in the whole house and my wife won’t let me set up in the living room , right now the washer and drier are just to left of my speakers in a unfinished basement...Yes my server does sound good and it’s the best digital playback I’ve experienced in my home so far .
  13. This is the thing I don’t stream , I have access to a huge music library and it’s free . Perhaps someday I will stream ...
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