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  1. Vangelis Bigaimc makes some good points to comment to your reply myself prior to any interest with Innuos my first gripe was the cheap use of folded aluminum chassis and the use of USB only turned me completely off the brand . However some online feed back got my interest and after listening to the Zenith 3 my gripes faded and finally going back to John Darko's comment’s of comparison of the LE and Zenith 3 told me Innuos proprietary innovations move quickly.
  2. John Darko compared the Zenith 3 and the once flagship SE 2 apparently for two days , it’s all there if you listened to what he said , as a owner of the Zenith 3 and Phoenix I would suggest you go to a Innuos dealer and arrange to take a Zenith 3 home to audition in your own system then borrow a Phoenix. I asked , the SE 2 is obsolete with no future upgrades will be offered according to a dealer however future upgrades will be offered with current line up of servers once a suitable North American rep can be found . The purchase of a Zenith 3 was a good solid move at up grading the sound quality of my system the Phoenix added another leap forward, listen for yourself.
  3. Last year I listened to an incredible system I realized much later the dac was the flag ship APL MR . In the mix of the other familiar components APL was the only manufacturer name I didn’t recognize though I didn’t ask too many questions about the components I remember the owner briefly mentioning his APL dac was a new purchase. We talked about music mostly however that listening experience left me mesmerized I did look into the cost of the APL MR sadly however I will definitely consider APL’s entry level dac when I’m ready to upgrade.
  4. You read that about the Zenith mk3 in Darko latest review of the Phoenix? Hmm , i re-read that review , was it someone else’s review ?
  5. Frank I only mentioned those two examples because I just played them back to a friend just prior to posting it here . The Tonian Labs Drums & Bells isn’t too well known however played back on most any system the first 20 seconds into it will astonish anyone . Years ago I had to know why this recording was so realistic sounding and to my complete surprise the recording engineer responded to my email , he told me his studio has nothing special equipment wise other then some modified recording microphone’s from a collection valued well into the 6 figures. I had the Innuos dealer rip this cd for part of the audition and demonstration of the Phoenix , played back through the big Wilson speakers he jumped out of his seat just seconds into it , there’s something your not expecting at all and it got me too. And for beautifully done realistic vocals the Balanger & Bisson Conversation CD along with good music is up there with the best in recording’s.
  6. Frank congratulations on the Phoenix , I found with some exceptional recordings , just a quick example ripped CDs of Tonian Labs Drums and Bells along with XLOs FORS Master Sound recording of Belanger & Bisson is eye popping for a lack of a better phrase, so realistic sounding I never heard before , not with my system not until the Innuos Zenith server and Phoenix were introduced into my home. Love it.
  7. Yes sir you are correct, I have one USB without the 5v conductor ,
  8. Thank you for the reply, I have checked with the dac manufacturer and Innuos, the 5v is not needed in the USB cable .
  9. I just purchased the Phoenix and been using generic USB cords I’m waiting on delivery of two USB cords the cable manufacturer asked if I needed the 5v line installed that performance of a USB cable would be better without it , would that be true ?
  10. Not to take away a single thing from AustinPops hard work and great review of the Phoenix a online reviewer John Darko explains exactly what the Phoenix is in detail , the data clock , power supplies and what have you which initially got my interest. Also I’m not so hung up wanting to use l2s any longer.
  11. Like some I never have an opinion on said component without a demonstration of course , first at the dealer then listening to it in my own system. Well it turns out this all in one box USB regenerator / power supplies and data clock proved its worth the salt , I bought a Innuos Zenith server including the Innuos Phoenix the same day I borrowed it from the dealer. Call me what you will ,...🥱
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