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  1. When you take delivery of it , just listen to it , I wouldn’t worry too much about after market anything .
  2. Welcome ,,I haven’t heard any differences stacked or separated but that doesn’t mean I’m right , I have footers and shelving I haven’t used under the May dac , I might though at some point currently I’m wanting a good solid taste of the May . I can’t give you any recommendations what you might want to upgrade however my thinking is what’s upstream of the dac counts for much of what your going to hear and finally definitely use XLR from the May to your amps . Have fun
  3. This is my 4th dac I’ve owned counting the one built into a EMM Lab player I bought in 2008 my first ever CD player except the ones that came with vehicles. Im finding theres a lot to take in with the Holo May though I’m really liking what I’m hearing . I still have the Denafrips Terminator and the PS Audio dac I’m not even going to bother comparing them , I already know the KTE dac is the better performing dac just from what I’m hearing with so much familiar music . I haven’t moved off of NOS setting nor I’m interested right now in hearing higher res but I will down the
  4. Toni I know what your saying , There is some details that are missing with digital playback that are clearly there with a couple of Lps I had . It’s a curious thing I don’t know what to make if it . I first noticed at the end of Dire Straights MoFI CD release I noticed at the end of the tune Industrial Disease the escaping steam sound is missing , well it’s not any where as evident as the Lp ,.Secondly Pink Floyd’s The Wall the 1st pressing I had of it there’s a segment where a groupie is talking to Mr Pink she enters a very lively sounding room , a bath room all tile, she’s scuffing her fee
  5. I’m fairly new using digital playback after a long time with vinyl though it was only in the past few years using vinyl as my primary source I enjoyed it more then at any other time simply because I could afford much better stuff . Getting ready to retire made me re-think everything I enjoy and not so much with this hobby , deciding to move on from vinyl to the ultra convenience of using digital no more fussing , storage of Lps and management of music I’m happy and content with digital playback finally. Sound staging using speakers the illusion of the players appearing out of
  6. There was a time everything sounds like it was produced in the same studio or venue by the same recording engineers with only slight differences in tone and clarity , that wasn’t too long ago . Digital playback today for me the sound quality has profoundly changed and now with the purchase of the May KTE dac clearly provided another step up in sound quality performance . Only having the May for a few days listening to familiar well recorded music it brings more to the experience and pleasure then my previous choice of dac the Denafrips Terminator including a PS Audio Direct Stream sen
  7. It could be overkill for some I suppose though it certainly would be very pleasing to the eye if your component stand sits between your speakers , I wound use beefy legs top and shelving to highlight the beautiful wood and epoxy that comes in a verity of colours , some pretty funky looking . If I were to built one I’d most likely keep it for myself the labour that would go into something like this would be semi intense. Mdf is great to work with and takes paint exceptionally well , a high gloss piano black is stunning to look at , had one however it shows Dust a mile a
  8. Robert I’ve had my May KTE dac just for a few days and I’m also enjoying it immensely !
  9. Yup I’m aware of TNT audio , great idea in the long parade of audio stands available on the market. However I was thinking of one off design just for the fun of it something similar to this,with a live edge top and shelving including matching legs ,.
  10. Sure your room is as important as any components you can choose . Our previous home I used a large detached garage with vault ceilings in the 2nd story my Magnapan speakers thrived in our new home no such luck and with nothing I could do about the dimensions of the only room I could use I was forced me to sell the Magnapans . For now I use a headphone system , they sound fantastic and no room issues .
  11. That’s a great idea , can you post some photos? My initial plans for a stand were live edge and funky coloured epoxy top and shelves though most of this artful beauty would be covered by the components of course , there’s a old timers Mennonite / Amish wood mill close by with a good verity of wood species plus imported exotics , it might be fun to come up with a verity of component stands that are knock down for shipping and easy to assemble,.
  12. I built the stand , laminate sugar maple for the legs and top , used maple cabinet ply for the shelves , stained it with black cheery finished with a a few layers of clear coat . Having tried several dacs I’m highly confident I will not be replacing my current one anytime soon , the cables are very flexible and the holes are just right ,.
  13. Al Schmitt RIP recording engineer for RCA his first job at his uncle’s recording studio was cleaning cables and equipment now I don’t know what they used in the 1950s ,...,I’ve used DeoxIT ,.
  14. Wire the most confiscatory priced item in this hobby, some shocking pardon the pun ..
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