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  1. I have used Tidal and Qobuz before with a node2i running both optical and analog out to my Outlaw rr2160 for comparison of the DACs in the node2i and the receiver. They sound pretty much the same to my 61 year old nonaudiophile ears. I am trialing Amazon HD and find the sound quality to be just as good as CD or MQA or PCM (Qobuz) from the other services. I can find all of the music I want but the Bluos app on Android isn't as efficient in finding music on Amazon as it is on Tidal or Qobuz. Maybe it will improve? My receiver does flash the sampling rates on an optical input so I know I'm getting 192k when it's available. Frankly I can't hear the difference between sampling rates anyway. I do think the sound is a touch more detailed on 24bit as opposed to 16bit but it also depends on the quality of the recording. My bottom line is I'm committed to streaming as my main listening mode and Amazon sounds as good as Tidal and Qobuz at a significantly lower cost. I'll stick with Amazon after the trial with an annual subscription which is even more cost effective.
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