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  1. In no particular order (including my favorite album for each band), older + more recent: Clock DVA (Buried Dreams) Trentemoller (The Last Resort) Lulu Rouge (Bless You) Plastikman (Consumed) Coil (Horse Rotorvator) Personally not such a Kraftwerk fan, except for "Live on Radio Bremen 1971", which I adore (and which I would not "classify" under Electronic). And I agree, as said before: too many subgenres to make a selection, hence my "mix".
  2. The Necks - Sex https://play.qobuz.com/album/9326425807262
  3. Hi Chris, Would you mind at least clearly separating in the initial post the Supreme Collection 1500 from other collections (such as the Ayako Hosokawa Collection added now), otherwise it might get tricky in the future distinguishing the different parts of potential different collections. Note that the thread title doesn't reflect other collections, so you may consider creating an additional, separate thread on this new collection.
  4. Forgive me if the below feature request has already been made. I searched for it but couldn't find it back easily. After I stream albums on Qobuz, I often buy the files and add them in my collection on my NAS. With the general increasing risk of MQA infestation, the probability that I might unconsciously buy such files and therefore unconsciously support MQA also increases. I would like to see a clear indication at least on the Qobuz store which versions are MQA-mangled. With respect to the streaming itself, I now see sometimes the same album available in CD-quali
  5. A friend of mine is looking at the Marantz PM7000N. Despite the good reviews, I am not sure it will be the best choice for him. He sees the PM7000N as a convenient one-in-all standalone solution for streaming hires from Qobuz or Deezer, without the need for further devices (except for a smartphone based remote control). Now I read that remote control for streaming on the PM7000N has to go via the Marantz/Denon supplied HEOS app. It would appear however that this HEOS app somehow does not allow for Hires PCM (via FLAC) streaming from Qobuz, even though the AK-DAC chip supports a lot of hir
  6. With the latest update of SonicOrbiter 2.8 as announced on the Sonore forum, native DSD for at least the Ayre QB9 Twenty is working on my Sonore opticalRendu. I tested DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 files (.dsf) using Squeezelite and LMS (on the oRendu).
  7. Today I bumped into this (not so recent post): https://diskunion.net/jazz/ct/news/article/0/88856 As far as my Japanese goes it would appear that a sequel to the supreme collection will start on 19th of August with 5 CDs per month for a total of 35, the first 5CDs listed on the page. But my Japanese could be wrong of course (then I blame Google translate 😉).
  8. I understand the move (to avoid overloaded scattered followup). However it looks like some interesting threads not only closed but just disappeared. For example the "Rendu Support Thread" in which quite some interesting information was embedded appears to have disappeared. That is a pity IMHO.
  9. Clear. And no rush! If there is anything I can do to help (e.g. getting log files, try something, or anything else), just ask.
  10. Thank you for trying it out! Which Ayre DAC did you use (I assume a QB9-Twenty since you replicated my setup)? What do you mean with "driver is not working"? Is that something on the ORendu (how could this be resolved?)? Or is that something on the QB9-Twenty (for which supposedly I should get in touch with Ayre (Ryan Berry))? In other words, how could this non-working driver issue be identified/confirmed and resolved? Thanks in advance for your response!
  11. Thank you for the support. In the mean time I did the following test: 1) I disabled LMS on my NAS. 2) I installed the LMS on the orendu as provided in the Software Manager app. 3) I installed the DSDplayer plugin 4) To be sure, I rebooted the orendu I checked LMS information on the orendu and found out the version is 7.9.2. I also checked the DSDplayer plugin was effectively installed. Then I checked the settings for Native DSD playback in the Squeezelite client which appear to be fine to me. You can see these info in the attached png files.
  12. OK Jesus, here the complete output of DAC diagnostics, when playing back a DSD64 file (2L-45_stereo_01_DSF_2822k_1b.dsf): DAC description: Ayre QB-9 Twenty 21b4:0230 Diagnostic information for this DAC Ayre Acoustics, Inc. Ayre QB-9 Twenty at usb-ci_hdrc.1-1.1, high speed : USB Audio Playback: Status: Stop Interface 1 Altset 1 Format: S32_LE Channels: 2 Endpoint: 1 OUT (ASYNC) Rates: 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000, 176400, 192000, 352800, 384000 Data packet interval: 125 us Bits: 32 Interface 1 Altset 2 Format: SPECIAL Channe
  13. I also just performed the latest update. Initial update cycle gave lots of errors. After reboot, the second update appeared to go smooth. And after another reboot (to maks sure) I performed another update/reboot cycle. After that I expected Native DSD support of the Ayre QB-9 Twenty, but when I played back the 2L DSD128 track, 2L-45_stereo_01_DSF_5644k_1b.dsf (supposedly DSD128) I didn't get any playback. The DAC diagnostics tells me: "no setup" The same is with the corresponding DSD64 dsf file. I haven't received any Ayre message that a firm
  14. Could it be that those guys both missed "the elephant in the city bus"? 😉
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