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  1. Hi all, As desbiss assumed correctly, a firmware update managed to get the initial problem solved. I am able to play music via the Squeezebox Touch and the Uptone USB REGEN. I haven't done too much listening with respect to the quality of the sound as I want it to break in over the week and further because it's a bit hectic with work now. One thing I tried was to verify the PCM claims (up to 384kHz). I used the 2L test bench and in particular the first track (the Hoff Ensemble (nice track by the way!)). When I played back the 24bit/352.8kHz version of it, either I ran into problems or the Ayre ran into problems (could somebody verify if this track plays with you? It would be very much appreciated). I unexpectedly heard an irregular very low-frequency rumble in stead of the nice track. The rest of the PCM tracks worked fine and since I couldn't find any 384kHz track, I couldn't test the max rating. I will try DSD later. Dear Ryan, is there a way for us to determine which firmware version we are running? If more versions of it get into circulation it may be difficult to pinpoint issues or to compare. And how will we find out if a new version becomes available? Kind regards, Jan
  2. I received a mail from Alex and I can confirm the 100%! Jan
  3. That is also what I would assume, but I'll let you know to make it 100% 😉 Jan
  4. It would be nice if I could do the firmware update myself (if that's what it boils down to). Otherwise the sending back and forth may take quite some time (again). If the Native DSD comes in a future firmware update I hope we won't have to send in the DAC again.
  5. One further information: I checked on the Squeezebox Touch in the Advanced Settings where you can select the Digital Output. I see that the Ayre QB-9 Twenty is appearing in the list of interfaces for a few seconds after which it disappears again. I'm not entirely sure this continuous appear/disappear cycle corresponds with the Err Loop. For now I'm in touch with the importer who performed the upgrade and who has tested it with a Mac Book Pro/Pure Music 3 combi without problems (I have no Apple HW to play with though). Of course if Ayre reacts here (or via PM) it will be much appreciated. Jan
  6. Thank you for your reaction desbiss. I have indeed also this loop you describe. And every time the green standby LED appears there is an "Err" message displayed (no specific code) in a blink. I contacted the Ayre importer in The Netherlands to see how to proceed. I also send a message to Uptone to verify if the Regen USB does or does not output clean 5V when no 5V available on the USB input. I initially had music playback when I hooked up my laptop (Lenovo X220 running Ubuntu 19.10) directly but now playback is also interrupted repeatedly about every 20 seconds.
  7. Hi all, My upgraded QB-9 Twenty arrived this morning and I also bumped into the USB-power issue/feature. My setup includes a Squeezebox Touch connected via an Uptone USB Regen to the QB-9. Direct connection with the Squeezebox Touch doesn't work and it seems the USB Regen also doesn't pass clean 5V output when there is no 5V input available, because it also doesn't work via the Regen USB. Direct connection with the laptop works fine, but that's not what I want in the end. I suppose I will need some kind of USB power injector solution to convert the powerless USB signal coming from the Squeezebox Touch to include 5V power. If anyone has a good reference to such device feel free to let me know. Another solution would be to force the Regen to output the clean 5V even though no input 5V is available. Any further ideas? Kind regards, Jan
  8. I am not a financial specialist, but these accumulated debt figures 2016-2018 do not look very convincing. Wouldn't MQA in the meantime fit the definition of a "zombie company"? Money being cheap and all... Jan
  9. I sincerely hope you do not have to send your DAC before they have the board... otherwise you risk missing your DAC for a long time. Here in The Netherlands at least my new board is pre-ordered and when it arrives I will get notified to hand in my DAC with the local dealer. Then it should be a matter of days, as it happened with the previous upgrade. I have no clue when the board will arrive but at least I can still enjoy using the QB9 as it is now.
  10. Because it is all available on a sampler, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some pre-MQA-transformation-processing done for giving the masters (from which the MQA is supposed to be derived) the proper "sound", which even Mr Elias is not aware of. In any case, there's also other lossy codecs which sometimes can sound pretty good, though hardly ever as good as the original (without remastering). So if Mr Elias likes the lossy MQA sound or even prefers it over his DSD versions, OK for me. After all, it supposedly generates the sound the artist wanted it to sound, no?! Jan
  11. Now I am confused... Does this mean that only big labels (Warner, etc) and artists under heavy NDAs (= never release the originals from which the MQA-version is derived) can get their masters the MQA treatement? A random artist cannot go to MQA with original material, have it MQAd for a price, and hand out both versions to whomever the artist wants? Would the NDA stipulate that the artist can either distribute "only" the MQAd version or distribute "only" the original version? When I write it down like this, on the one hand it looks like a joke, while on the other hand it is the superlative of a drama (native speakers help me out here). Or maybe I'm just stupid, which would also be joke 😉 Jan
  12. Nothing wrong with Qobuz in my opinion. And if you buy music from them regularly, you can through the discount rate for subscribers earn back you subscription. I moved from Tidal to Qobuz and plan to keep on supporting them. They are quite responsive to queries and I am a happy customer. Jan
  13. I am just curious: If somebody using his real name would write an article titled "Some objective insights in the folding/unfolding audio treatement by MQA-processing", which would explain objectively and factual what we all have learned from Archimago and could verify, in the most neutral manner possible, and offer this article to JA for publication in Stereophile, knowing that JA and/or his colleague JA are perfectly capable of verifying these facts; would such an article get accepted and published? Jan
  14. If you write something positive about MQA, it's clear who could benefit from that... If someone writes something negative about MQA based on facts, who could benefit from that, except for the end-users? Serious, tell me. Jan
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