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  1. I signed up for the Qobuz Premiere trial and canceled it the same day the apps for Windows and Android were so bad.
  2. Of the Four HD services I found Deezer to be the best for music discovery. Amazon HD and Qobuz a distant second and Tidal doesn't give a crap what you listen to they just keep feeding you rap.
  3. My amp a Peachtree Decco125Sky has wireless built-in. It works with Tidal, Qobuz, and Deezer but can be a little temperamental at times. Amazon HD is not supported right now but should be in the future. But I'm finding the laptop wired to the amp by USB is more reliable so I've been using that more recently. Peachtree relies on 3rd party apps for the wireless so that may be part of the problem. If I'm not mistaken Peachtree may be working on their own app for wireless which is hopefully more reliable. At any rate the laptop tethered to the amp is not that big of a deal anymore even though that
  4. I've tried Amazon HD, Tidal, Qobuz, and Deezer. I can canceled both Tidal and Qobuz before the trial was over. I don't like Tidal thinking everyone wants to listen to Rap because I sure don't. Qobuz apps both Windows and Android were the least intuitive of all. I actually like Deezer even though it's maxed at CD quality and the others all have higher resolution files. In the end after the Deezer trial ends I'll probably be going back to Amazon HD. As an Amazon Prime member it's the lowest cost with the Prime discount and has quite a bit of high res files and pretty good apps for Windows and An
  5. I've been using a 10 ft generic USB cable without any issues streaming both Tidal and Amazon HD to an external DAC or the internal DAC.
  6. Heck may as well hard wire the two devices together 😉
  7. They're going for the kill. Tidal or Qobuz could never afford that ad.
  8. Do you enjoy listening to Christmas Music? It's my favorite genre of music and I've been listening to it nightly for over a monthl now and probably will until January. My wife is getting tired of it already. Here are some of my favorite Christmas albums. I don't particularly like listening to the boy bands music but I really like their Christmas albums. 98 Degrees - This Christmas 98 Degrees - Let It Snow Nsync - Home for Christmas Martina McBride - White Christmas Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas Kenny G - Miracles The Holiday Album Linda Ronstadt -
  9. You know what they say about online reviews. A dissatisfied customer makes 10x the noise that a satisfied customer does. Most satisfied customers don't bother to make reviews. If I recall Amazon only had about 10 reviews on this product but I did enough research and found other reviews that made me feel comfortable buying it. Getting 120W per channel with Wifi made this an attractive purchase for me plus the fact that this item was $1100 when it first came out, it's still $900 at most online places, and Amazon has it for $740 plus I get 5% cash back with my Amazon Prime CC. It's not the r
  10. I ended up buying a Peachtree Deco Sky 125 it fits what I was looking for and allowed me to cut the chords and get enough power to run just about any speaker I want in the future. Node 2i has a better OS but a tradeoff I was willing to accept.
  11. I would encourage OP to get a single box solution. I went with a separate DAC initially and bought a Modi 3, bought some cables, and eventually got tired of the laptop tethered to the DAC config. Could have saved a $150 if I just went to my final solution from the beginning but live and learn. You just have to determine what your budget is and find what fits within your budget and make the best choice for you. It could be a separate DAC, or the Node 2i, or a new streaming amp.
  12. I almost bought the Node 2i but thought about a bit and decided get a new amp with streaming for just a little more. The Marantz NR1200 is also a great option.
  13. If you don't mind spending $ on a streamer the Cambridge CXN V2 is highly rated. If you want a powered streamer the NAD M10 might be worth looking at as well. I recently bought a Peachtree Deco Sky 125 and I'm really happy with it. It doesn't have an OS per se for streaming like the M10 which uses Blue OS but relies on 3rd party phone app to control and works quite well. Also the PT doesn't have ethernet just wifi. The M10 does have an ethernet port. If you want full sized equipment both Marantz and Denon have Heos integrated amps.
  14. I asked Elac and speaker specs have not been released yet. Speaker is due for release in November but I'm guessing specs will be similar to previous models in the Debut bookshelf line which had sensitivity ratings around 86-87.
  15. Will a 35W amp be enough to play these? I bought a Cambridge AXA35 thinking I was going buy high sensitivity speakers but now I'm leaning towards speakers in 86-87 range. Wonders if the Cambridge is going to struggle with those speakers. The speakers I want are the Elac Debut Reference which will probably be 6 ohms.
  16. I figured it out it's the laptop I was using it's too underpowered. It's a HP Stream I had lying around that I cleaned up only for Amazon Music but it's too weak. I used my Pixel 3a as the source and no skipping or stuttering even with the same 10 ft cable.
  17. I think my USB cable from computer to DAC is too long at 10 ft. I read that USB is prone to errors on cables that are too long. I'm going to try a 2M cable. Laptop is next to my listening chair but I don't want to get up too often when shuffling through music if I have to move it closer to the equipment.
  18. Anyone have problems with skipping? I have 500mb internet so bandwidth shouldn't be an issue. My mesh network give priority to my computer. Can't imagine Amazon wouldn't provide enough bandwidth on their side.
  19. Just found my new speakers. They won't be out until November and still very little info out on them but they look great. Was going to get something Klipsch but the rear port was always a concern with speaker placement in a small room. The References solve that with a front port. Can't wait....early Christmas present for me 🎁
  20. Looking to upgrade a set of Triangle 202s with either the Klipsch RP-500M or RP-160M. The Triangles still sound pretty good to me and don't have 15 years of listening on them as they were boxed for about 10 of those years but I just want try something new to see if speakers have improved over the past 15 years since I got the Triangles. I'm deciding between the 500M (newer but smaller) or the 160M (older but bigger) as I want to keep it around $400. My listening room is small, about 11x12 as I use a spare bedroom for my hifi room. These will be strictly for listening to music using a Cambr
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