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  1. Hi, Wondering if anyone can offer any advice on this strange problem. I use itunes to rip CDs and have seldom had problems. However, recently I have come across the odd CD that when ripped has audible "clicks" and "pops" between the tracks. Now here is the weird bit. I only hear these via one particular DAC I use in my headphone system and also they only occur when a CD is ripped or compressed to itunes plus (256 AAC). I don't have any problem using my other DAC with any format and also both DACs don't have the problem with CDs ripped as lossless. A strange one - anybody any ideas - BTW, I am using error correction when ripping. Cheers Phil
  2. Tonto, I am going to cheat here a bit and direct you to another forum for my photos and details of this very versatile and fine-sounding system - see http://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?t=4552 ...and of course, details can be found on the AVI website http://www.avihifi.co.uk/neutron.html Let me know if these links don't work or you need any further info from me. Like you, I also have the ADM9.1's and am looking at a way to try and fit both systems into my modest abode! Phil
  3. Mr C, To bad he left indeed. I know Ashley quite well now and although he has strong opinions on hi fi and other subjects, almost all of what he has told me has turned out being true or having merit. Not wanting to open up a can of worms but take compression for example, one of Ashley's pet topics. I was wary at first, but am now happily compressing some material to 256 because I am darned if I can tell the difference from lossless. Do try and audition some ADM9.1's because they are awesome, particularly in the value for money stakes (as is the new system). I should just say I am not in any way connected with AVI - I am just a huge fan of their products and am happy to spread the word!
  4. Hi everyone, It has been a while since I have posted on CA. This reflects, in part, the great advice I had a year or two back from all of you (particularly Chris) when I took the plunge into computer audio. I now don't have that many questions - everything is running relatively smoothly and I am enjoying the music. I use a Macbook for my music and feed an Apple TV which I use as my main music server with various configurations using an Airport Express, etc. However, the main reason for this post is to describe my latest system which I feed that digital signal into. It is manufactured by AVI in England, the same company that created (and continues to create) a stir with the ADM9.1 product. My new system is known as the Neutron Five 2.1 system and is built around AVI's existing N5 speakers. The clever bit is the "2.1" bit. This is a single unit which looks like (and indeed incorporates) a very nice subwoofer. However, it also includes a Wolfson digital receiver and DAC, a pre-amp and three 100W power amps which drive the two speakers and sub. Everything is remote controlled - you just turn it on and away you go! So what does it sound like? I gave it a fair test over the weekend whilst doing some room re-arrangement. I was using my ipod touch to control the ATV feeding a signal in via the AE and operation was simplicity itself. My initial impressions were that it produced a very smooth, detailed and neutral sound and particularly seemed to excel at low to medium volumes where all the detail was preserved. The fact you can remote control the sub and tweak it's settings meant it was easy to adjust the sub for different types of music, etc. Don't get me wrong about the volume levels though - I wound it up with some Johnny Winter earlier and it certainly goes loud and powerful. A very interesting product, in fact groundbreaking I would say. If anyone is looking for a compact, neat, fine-sounding system to compliment a digital source for relatively little outlay I would say this is certainly one to consider. I am happy to post a photo if I can if anyone is interested. Cheers Phil
  5. Hi Chris, No, I wish it were as simple as that! It is the main itunes window when maximised is still small and only fills about 1/4 of the screen. It was larger originally, but somehow the settings have got upset. I can't see any obvious way to make the window bigger. The Safari window is a decent size, but the itunes window is way smaller. UPDATE - Chris, sorted - windows can be maximised by dragging bottom right hand corner - I never knew that - DOH!!! Phil
  6. Hi, I have a problem where my itunes window has become very small on my Macbook and no matter what I try I don't seem to be able to get it back to a decent size. Other windows like Safari seem OK. Can anyone tell me how to fix it? Thanks Phil
  7. Yes, I listened to the 9.1's over the weekend and what more can I add to that that other's have already said - clear, detailed, great resolution, musical, just fantastic! An unbelievable bargain in my view.<br /> <br /> There are a couple of other significant improvements over the ADM9 apart from an improvement in sound quality:<br /> <br /> - a much quieter background<br /> - almost no "kick" when the speakers are turned on/powered up<br /> <br /> Get to hear some if you have not already!
  8. Do optical cables really make a difference to the sound quality? I think Radar uses a Lifatec because the plugs fit his ADM9.1's - I have ordered one for the same reason. There are relatively few toslinks with a mini-plug on one end and a normal toslink on the other. I must admit, I don't like using adapters.
  9. Well, I have been "out of circulation" for a while whilst I concentrated on selling some gear (including my treasured ADM9's) to fund an upgrade to 9.1's. The 9.1's arrived yesterday and I have only listened to them for around an hour, but almost immediately I noticed an improvement over the 9's which, in themselves, were pretty darn good. The 9.1's just seem sweeter with fantastic detail and a much quieter background. It is early days yet, but I think AVI have excelled themselves...again. I will post more in a couple of weeks when I have lived with them for a bit, but I am sure my ultimate verdict is going to be just as positive, if not more positive, than others.
  10. Darren, You state you have gone active (like me - ADM9) but your second system is presumably passive (N5s). I am also thinking of possibly getting some N5s for a conventional (but still computer source) second system - how do you find them? Phil. GazD, I have done the same as you for exactly the same reasons - children, lifestyle, etc. Lots of boxes, wire, etc have been traded for ADM9s. I thought it would look more aesthetic. It does, but also sounds better. I am looking to upgrade to ADM9.1s. Phil
  11. Hi, I have an Airport Express for streaming music, but also want to use it for a Nokia device which asks for a "pre-shared key". Does anyone know how to find the pre-shared key for an Airport Express? Many thanks Phil
  12. Hi, Anyone got any advice about the best settings to use in itunes to rip SACDs? I always get confused as to what SACDs actually are. Is SACD 16/44.1 or 24/96? Anyway, any advice much appreciated. Phil
  13. Thanks Chris, Have you any more info on the Focal XS - likely release date, price, etc? I googled it to no avail! Phil
  14. OK, not really an "audiophile" question some would argue, but one of the advantages of having moved over to a Mac-based system is the compatability with ipods, etc. A couple of quick Qs. 1. I have heard rumours that the latest (5th?) generation ipod classic does not sound that good - is this true? 2. Has anyone any recommendations on docking stations with speakers, etc (for use outside my main system - in kitchen, etc). I have heard Logitech are very good and they are competitively priced. Many thanks Phil
  15. Radar,<br /> <br /> Thanks for your update which is of great interest to me. I have some ADM9s and Sub, which I have owned for a few months now. I have been (and remain) very happy with them, but this thread has got me itching to get hold of some 9.1s (I particularly like the idea of some piano black ones!). I may well do this - depends on funds. I also like the idea of having 2 digital inputs - I can then directly feed the dig out from my DVD player to my speakers, utilising the speakers' high quality DAC.<br /> <br /> What are you planning to do with your original ADM9s? I think you are based in US, but I'm not sure. Happily, AVI gear is sought after and fetches good prices on ebay - it is a measure of how highly regarded they are.<br /> <br /> Thanks again for your update.<br /> <br /> Phil
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