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  1. Hi Peter: Thanks again for your involvement and advice. I tried dbPowerapp and it worked perfectly!!! I'll probably never know why Exact Audio Copy spontaneously stopped working after 7 months but I am, of course, pleased with the result. Best wishes for the holiday season!
  2. Hi Peter: Yes; I did reload. Sorry I failed mention that in my narrative. I also did another reload just before responding here to double check. But let me ask this. How long should a reload take? I have 89 GB on the L1 and the reload process takes less than 2 seconds. I'm wondering if there is a problem with the L1? For what it's worth, I have observed that it sometimes runs slightly warm to the touch. Other times, it is at room temperature. I've noticed this whether the L1 is online or offline and, when it is online, whether it is actually playing any music. In other words, I have not detected any pattern or correlation corresponding to when it might be warm and when it might be at room temperature. Is this normal behavior? As I have noted previously, it plays the files without problems and (of course) sounds great. What is the next step in solving this? As always, thank you for your interest and willingness to help.
  3. Hi Peter: Thank you for the amazingly prompt reply!!! I tried this but it did not fix anything. However, I want to be sure that I correctly followed your instructions. For that purpose, a specific example may be useful. One of the CDs I ripped was an Otis Taylor album called Recapturing the Banjo. I followed the process that I have used successfully since I got the X1/L1 combo last March. I inserted the album art automatically as part of the ripping process through Exact Audio Copy. The ripped CD was saved into a folder on my computer hard drive that I have named Otis Taylor. That folder consists of the 14 tracks on the CD plus three additional files: "Otis Taylor - Recapturing the Banjo.jpg" (this is the name assigned to it EAC); "Otis Taylor - Recapturing the Banjo.log"; and Otis Taylor - Recapturing the Banjo.m3u". I then dragged that folder on to the L1. This evening, per your instructions as I understood them, I attached the L1 to my computer and edited the folder on the L1 named Otis Taylor by renaming the file called "Otis Taylor - Recapturing the Banjo.jpg" to "folder.jpg". I did not otherwise change, rename or move any files. I did the same thing with the other affected files. I reset the L1. However, all the album data remains missing from Lumin app display. Please let me know whether I've handled this correctly. If so, what should I try next? Thanks again!!!
  4. Hello: I have the Lumin X1 and L1. I am ripping my CD library to the L1 using Exact Audio Copy. Recently - meaning after the most recent Lumin App update (if that matters) - the Lumin App no longer shows album data on newly ripped CDs. Specifically, I will rip a CD to my computer drive and then transfer it via USB to the L1 (same as I always have). The CD will show up in folder view without album art but over the artist's name. When I tap on the folder, it shows the song titles and timing but not the album title, artist name, genre or any other information. The album does not appear in any other view. It continues to show all data on previously ripped CDs. All the CDs in question play ok. I have tried re-ripping the CDs (including a re-rip on a completely different computer). I have tried Reloading and Updating the music library. I have performed a reset of the L1 per Peter's instructions given elsewhere on this forum. Nothing has restored the missing information. There is this tidbit however: the first CD that I ripped following the reset did properly display all the album data. However, the second CD post-reset rip reverted to the previous pattern. All this is deeply frustrating and I am hoping that someone can offer a solution. Thanks so much!
  5. Thanks!! I'll try this. I am guessing that I should add all the art that needs to be added prior to undertaking this process. Can do this by simply adding the jpeg to the folder on the L1 that contains the audio data for the album in question. Are there any particular naming conventions or other protocols that I should observe?
  6. Hi: I'm very new to the world of streaming audio; I know I have a lot to figure out but I hope this isn't a stupid question. I recently got a Lumin X1 and L1 drive. I am using the Lumin App on my iPad Air. I am moving my CD collection to the L1 using Exact Audio Copy. There are several cases where I did not include album art in the initial rip of the CD (and subsequent transfer to the L1.) I would now like to add the art but can't figure out how to do so. Here's what I've tried so far: Copy and pasting the art directly into the album folder on the L1. Closing and restart the App. Using the update music library function in the App. Transferring the album file to my computer, deleting it from the L1 and then resaving it back to the L1 with the album art included. None of this has worked. I am hoping that someone on this forum can offer some guidance. Thanks!!
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