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  1. I will likely go this route particularly for internal connections, however if anyone has a domestic supplier for a dc cable that would help me to get up and running faster - looks like long wait from Ghent Audio.
  2. All parts have arrived and I’m nearing completion. I plan a full recap of the assembly process and a review once done but am stuck on two things: 1 - How to connect the Keces P8 to the 6 pin DC power intake on the HDPlex 400W DC-ATX. Imagine I need a cable or an adapter, however I can’t find anything online. Am trying to avoid having to make any cables myself as I have no experience. Once I do get the correct cable or adapter, how should I route this into the computer? Should I send it through the back plate where the AC cable plug would otherwise go? 2 - (less important) Looks like the plate in the back that holds the AC plug may not have correct sized holes, although possible I am doing something incorrectly. All other parts have matches perfectly so far. I am using the screws with attached washers all of which are a different color than those in the manual. Do I even need this plate if I’m using the Keces?
  3. I compared the digione signature to my previous setup consisting of Roon streamed to an airport express endpoint, confirming what I had read on multiple reviews about the quality of the digione. My initial impression was actually in favor of the existing implementation with the airport, as the digione seemed a bit bright in comparison, along with a sort of etched quality I sometimes notice from digital cable inputs. On a/b testing though and after giving my ears some time to adjust, and maybe even some burn in, the superiority of the digione was evident. Although the airport was passable for pop music it lacked sorely for classical; the digital one cleared up all the haze and fuzz I was hearing with my airport. Now to compare to my SMS200. I was still unable to get Roon to recognize squeezelite. My only guess is that there’s something going on with the ports. How to address though is beyond my understanding at the moment.
  4. TY. Followed these steps and for some reason Roon can’t find the Allo. It says “searching for squeezebox devices” - And then something about turning off LMS which I’ve never to my knowledge installed. I got Moode working for Tidal ( but now Qobuz) by turning on UPNP and downloading an app called mconnect. Thinking best bet might be to download DietPi/Allo’s GUI which should let me connect to HQplayer/NAA.
  5. Digione Signature Player just arrived with the Shanti. I have everything connected correctly - 5V power set up right; BNC to mscaler; connected to ethernet. My unit came with Moode, and I'm able to access this via browser, but I have no idea what to do next. I want Roon to recognize this as an endpoint. Anyone can help? I have very little technical knowledge about this stuff and there is no download for Moode support on Allo's website, only Volumnio and DietPi: https://allo.com/sparky/digione-signature-player.html#downloads
  6. Just bought all the parts. What’s the advantage of the two wires in parallel vs. just the 8 pin EPS?
  7. Extremely high-value thread which has motivated me to try building my own server with these exact parts. I am coming from a background of very little technical knowledge about the operation or assembly of computers and electronics. The only area where I plan to diverge from what's here is to use a single linear power supply, the Keces P8, 20V/8A. I'll also add the JCAT USB bridge at a later date. Two questions: 1) I'll use the wiring diagram on page 2, but with only 1 Keces P8, where/what do I connect the 4-pin, EAT12V_2 input to? 2) Any recommendations for upgraded PC/DC cables that won't break the bank? If anyone has advice about common areas where things go wrong for first-time assemblers I'd love to hear.
  8. Yes I got it working to great result - read about here if I’m allowed to link: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/denafrips-terminator-the-king-of-r2r-dac.851085/page-33#post-15138748 I ordered an mscaler after this experiment.
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