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  1. I upgrade to 20200712 last night with no issues. Hooray!
  2. The I3 processor in the PTS is typically doing less than 3% utilization on all four cores while streaming Qobuz through Roon. So many people think an I7 is the minimum useful processor, yet there are many who believe the I7 is noisier. It is so easy with Euphony to see processor utilization. I own and use the box, I know what I am talking about. I am sad to see I3 isn't up to task nonsense again and again. That is one of the brilliant things about Euphony, it does not heavily task the system.
  3. I replaced the fancy power supply I was using with my EtherREGEN with the simple one that comes with it. I did not hear much difference, nor does the creator of the EtherREGEN when he does the same. Those who claim to hear large improvements with expensive power supplies may be fooling themselves. I tried it myself, and I don't agree that it makes an audible difference. And for what it's worth, I am not in any hurry to replace my PTS with a Summus. I think you should spend the money and do all the things cause you seem to need to do it anyway. Please do these things and tell us what you have learned.
  4. The first time I installed Euphony on my computer I could not access it no matter what I tried. I emailed support and it turns out the problem I was having was do to my network switch. I was using a Cisco 2960 managed switch. This is a higher end piece of gear than most people use. Euphony support said it was most likely the problem so I swapped it out for an off the shelf non-managed switch. That took care of the problem for me. No problems since. What switch are you using?
  5. It makes my system sound better, yes. Is it as noticeable as the change from a Silver Starlight hdmi cable to a Platinum Starlight hdmi cable? About the same amount of improvement. I appreciate it, and I am glad I have it. Is it worth the trouble? For me it is. I am guessing I bought my CD2-MK2 after reading your comments on the PS Audio forum. When I first listened to it I thought damn, this does sound better than the PTS. But then I played the same track on the PTS and to me it sounded as good. I have no regrets, I love the CD2-MK2. I just do not understand why your PTS isn’t doing it for you. There can’t be that much difference between power from your P3 vs. power from my P8. Maybe it is the cables. Blue Jean cables are held in high regard so I am not sure what the deal is. I stream through my PTS using Roon, Qobuz and Tidal. I also have 1.5 TB of flac files stored on an internal Samsung SSD. (A no no around here) Streaming sounds wonderful, as do the Flac files. Curious...... I am not confident the EtherREGEN is a cure for your situation. One way to find out though. But remember you will need yet another power supply and upgrade cables.
  6. My Jays Audio CD2-MK2 sounds pretty much the same as my PTS feeding into my PS Audio DSD via a Matrix with Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB and HDMI cables. I just recently added an EtherREGEN which I power from my Keces P8. It does not make my system sound worse, I am certain of that. Now I am starting to favor driving my Bridge 2 card with the EtherREGEN. What I do not understand is why your PTS doesn’t sound as good as the transport. Interconnects? Where is your music stored?
  7. I can't imagine how it would be useful to you if you are already having issues with skipping and drops.
  8. organics1, did you ever mention where and how you have your music files stored? I had a thought that you might possibly be using an external USB drive for storage as well as using USB for output to your DAC. If that were true I had a hunch it may be an issue.
  9. Any time a discussion gets going here you comment that we should start a new thread. End discussion. One day it will get lonely for you.
  10. It says your device is Write protected. That means it cannot write, erase, or in any way change the pen drive. There is some sort of mechanism that switches write protection on and off, find it and change it.
  11. I own a PTS server which I believe is the server you are referring to Chopin75. Yes sir, it is a new i3 chip and I have not run into a situation where I found it limiting. I do not believe the PTS server is an official Euphony hardware product. I believe it is something put together with Euphony OS installed on it to make it easier for someone to get started easily. If I understand correctly Euphony has plans to release an official product, one most likely to be more powerful. I would just like to say that I am quite pleased with my low power PTS server.
  12. http://notthenetwork.me/blog/2013/05/28/reset-a-cisco-2960-switch-to-factory-default-settings/ I have a 2960 as well and I stopped worrying after I replaced it. But this is supposed to solve the problem. I have not tried it.
  13. After our exchange in the Euphony topic on Optane I did a little exploring. If I now understand things you are using Optane for system memory rather than music library storage? I was thinking people were excited about Optane Solid State drives, not system memory. I would be interested in trying it if it is available for my server. I have never opened it so I'll have to ask the folks that sold it to me.

  14. I do a little testing myself Bob. What I have been doing lately is to make 24.96 recordings of an LP and then play the recording on my Euphony server and compare the sound of the recording to the sound of the actual LP. My thinking is there are fewer variables between the two and when testing you should try to avoid variables, i.e. "my system was different during 1,2,3: DAC, amp, speakers!". My system stays the same for these tests. I am very pleased with how close my digital sound is to my analog sound. It is very close. So close that I have gone many weeks now without buying or trying another component. This year alone I added very significant components at great expense to my system. Feeling calm about it right now is a luxury I hope you might appreciate. There was intended tongue in cheek in my statement about the Optane religion. I get it, really I do. My system has many very expensive components that most people would think absurd. (cables etc..) My only point was to say that in my direct experience, I don't notice the noise some speak of with a SATA SSD.
  15. I don't know about NVMe SSDs but I can tell you for sure that Samsung SATA SSDs sound wonderful. So much so I have never been interested in even trying Optane. I have a 4TB Samsung on my Euphony PTS server and harsh is not a word anyone would use to describe it's sound. To me it feels like one guy said use Optane and a religion formed around it. Haven't heard it, so shame on me, but still.....
  16. I am confused. I have LMS running on another computer on my network. That computer has a copy of the same audio database that also lives on my Euphony PTS server via an internal SSD drive. I have Euphony running Roon Core + StylusEP. So what do I do to listen the way you are suggesting. I want to use the Roon interface but I want to listen to the Logitech Music Server? I don’t get it. I probably will seconds after I save this message. Switch to Roon Core + Squeezelite mode for a step up in sound quality? I can still use Roon but it sounds better than StylusEP mode?
  17. Hi David, I am not looking for advice about my system, I'm curious if others have compared listening to music via Roon vs. say, JRiver on their systems. After extended listening I have decided there does not appear to be a large difference on mine.
  18. People on a forum I visit are comparing the sound of their systems when using Roon 1.7 and a system driven by JRiver. Some believe the JRiver setup sounds noticeably better. Seeing as how Euphony makes it so easy to switch from a Roon Stylus mode to a Squeezebox setup that can easily be used with JRiver, I am now listening to that setup. I love what I hear with the Roon setup but this is sounding a bit better. I am curious if anyone has any thoughts on this.
  19. Hi, no sir, I have not done any upsampling with the Euphony setup as my DAC does all that.
  20. In my setup I bought a server from Power Holdings that was equipped with a 4TB Internal SSD (Samsung) that Euphony installed to and also stored my music library. As you mentioned, one device with no need to talk to any other devices other than the DAC. This device sounds better than my finely tuned windows machine running Win 10 Pro. The same machine running the Euphony OS on a thumb drive sounded better still. The new dedicated server sounds best of all.
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