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  1. An hour ago I set my Euphony PTS server to run in Roon Core + StylusEP mode. This is my first experience with Roon. I added Tidal a few days ago, and Qobuz a few weeks ago. At first I had Roon stream to the Bridge II card in my PS Audio Directstream DAC, just to verify the MQA was properly functioning. It was my first experience with MQA. I am not political about MQA yet. Now I am listening via the USB out to my Matrix and then to I2S. It sounds pretty much the same as it did pre-Roon. From what I have been reading I was afraid Roon would take the sound down a notch. This does not seem to be the case. it all sounds better than my highly refined audio computer running that Windows stuff. It sounds pretty darned BOLD at the moment. I enjoyed the commentary of the last 24 hours or so here. Some of you have experience with equipment I can only read about. Thanks for sharing!!!
  2. That's the thing. I have a PS Audio Directstream DAC. It can do the MQA thing but only through the Ethernet Bridge. I am not sure how to send something from the Euphony server to the Ethernet Bridge card on the DAC. It's looking like Roon is the answer.
  3. So now, just to make it interesting I have a new Tidal account. Does Euphony OS have any MQA ability?
  4. Wait for Euphony to get Qobuz to allow the data to flow. I created a trouble ticket the moment I noticed the issue. They told me they were aware of the problem and had contacted Qobuz. Apparently something was worked out. No change on my end, no new software or upgrades. They asked me to "try it now" I did, and it worked. I blame you Bob.
  5. I am back in business with Qobuz and Euphony! Thanks to Željko Vranić and the Euphony Team! All in all a weird first week with my new Euphony server and Qobuz subscription.
  6. I am right there with you. I tried to get the Qobuz app to work on my pc but it would be easier to make new recordings of everything I listen to than to accomplish that. What a nightmare. The day the service went out I had just paid for a year sub. Bah. I miss it.
  7. Hi Bob, I did this two days ago, as well as notifying Qobuz. Euphony responded within an hour, Qobuz no response. As far as the JRiver part goes, the Quboz application offered it as a connection. It just couldn't let go of wanting to connect to the computer monitor speakers. The Quboz app seems to think JRiver is an option.
  8. I am very unimpressed with Qobuz at the moment. Unimpressed, I am quite angry. I have my Euphony server in Squeezelite mode and I am playing music to it via JRiver 25. Like a fool I downloaded the Windows app to the computer I have JRiver on. When I run the Qobuz app it wants to use the speakers in the monitor attached to the computer for output. When I try to select JRiver it loads something into the playlist on JRiver. Meanwhile the Qobuz app goes into not responding mode, and when it comes out it says it couldn’t use JRiver but here, we can play out of your half inch monitor speakers. Bah. And of course I kept fiddling with it thinking it could be solved. Qobuz is a French company, isn’t it? (not that there is anything wrong with that) at at least I can sleep well knowing they have my money.
  9. I have heard that Tidal is affected as well for Euphony users which made me think......
  10. I am sad streaming is broken. I signed up and paid for a one year subscription to Qobuz and minutes later Euphony loses it's ability to stream it. Bah.
  11. Thank you for the welcome! I am familiar with that thread. I believe it was my introduction to this site. There is a bit of information in that monster thread.
  12. I have a Keces P8 feeding power to the PTS and the Matrix X-SPDIF 2. It is more than worthy. I haven't touched the included adapter.
  13. Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback. It's hard for me to make changes to a setup that sounds so amazing at the moment....
  14. Hello, I have rad this entire thread and I am a new owner of a Euphony PTS server. I am quite taken with it so far. I was hoping one of you could answer a couple of simple questions for me. The topic is Roon. So far, I have managed to avoid Roon. I am pretty certain Roon may be the right thing for me, but I fear it may be an endless time hole. From reading this thread I get a couple of notions: 1. Using Roon as a media playback solution does not offer the best sound. 2. Using Roon with the core running on another device and using a Euphony device as a Roon Endpoint can offer better sound. 3. Using Roon with Euphony set in Roon Core + StylusEP sounds better still. 4. I wonder what Roon Bridge mode offers? I was using a Lenovo PC with the paid version of Fidelizer to playback my music. I was using and enjoying JRiver software to choose and play my music. I find listening to Euphony Stylus on the new server sounds wonderful. I also have found setting Euphony to Squeezelite mode and using JRiver to stream music to it sounds great too. Is there a loss in fidelity doing this? I'm not certain myself. Euphony seems like they are all set to have my little server be a Roon Core but I think I might prefer using my other server for that and have the Euphony server do as little as possible to get the best sound out of it. Am I on the right track? Is Roon avoidable or am I missing out? Should I do it all on the Euphony PTS server or am I thinking right running the Core on another machine. I have so many machines available so it would not cost me a cent to use one. Thanks for any advice you can offer, I have enjoyed this thread a great deal. I am using: NBS Universal II Preamp NBS Universal II Power Amps PS Audio P20 Power Plant PS Audio DirectStream DAC Wilson Audio Yvette Speakers And the new Euphony PTS Server
  15. Hi, I am a lurker now a member.

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