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  1. Forgot to mention that I did notice one negative side effect, soundstage depth has gotten smaller in my case. However cause for that can be so many things as my audio path is now so much more complicated than before. Overall improvement means more to me than losing some depth, so I can live with it for now.
  2. You can still use Roon UI. Just enable JRiver ASIO output in Roon and set JRiver up correctly. It's bit fiddly I must say. I have had several Jriver crashes, but it might be due to too short buffer. I've now maxed it out in Jriver (500ms) and no crashes in few hours. WASAPI output seems to be more stable...
  3. Thanks Mitchco for this fantastic review/article! One question, is there a reason why one would record impulse responses for Room Shaper with DRC filters enabled ? I did that (Audiolense filters), but in my (simple) head I think it should be other way around... At the moment I'm so sick of taking measurements, but I need to test that. Not sure if it's possible with Audiolense, but maybe it's doable if one uses Jriver asio output in Audiolense (with Room Shaper enabled in Jriver). I'm in the middle of fairly comprehensive acoustic project for my listening room, but most of my bass traps aren't arriving until mid december and this Thierry's genius plugin really helps the wait. Got to say if this was released a week earlier I might have skipped purchasing most of those traps I can't believe how well this thing actually works (at least for my room & equipment). I have ended up using effect/sense at 40-50%.
  4. I can confirm that 48k rates work with my Pro iDSD and Linux NAA. 1.60 firmware is required for that so you lose MQA capability. Pro iDSD will also output some "crackles and pops" when switching from audio format to another, so there's that and few other minor bugs related to 1.60 firmware that are not there with latest MQA capable FW versions >2.XX. As far as I know 1.60 is the last FW that handles 48k rates and it's available via iFi support.
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