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  1. That would be awesome, only problem is waiting another 35 days...😁
  2. Fuzzy memory, however I believe it’s a Marantz SR8001. Can’t confirm that until November when we make our final move. Last trip to our new home, I did unpack the receiver and a pair of Definitive Technology towers, played local FM station and it sounded good. Also have a OPPO player but all my discs are still in storage. I was just a few months into setting up the system ten years ago, then had to pack it up - until now. Planning to avoid spending on more hardware - for now. I have enjoyed Sonos but it’s limited to 16/44. Bluesound has good hardware reviews, but BluOS software not so much. Roon has very positive reviews, and they have a free trial. thanks again!
  3. Thanks AudioDoctor! Not familiar with USB to audio receiver cables and frankly I don’t recall exactly what input options are on my receiver (it’s in another state), but it’s not that old and likely has HDMI, Toslink, and of course RCA. Happy to hear it should work as I envision.
  4. After ten years of storing my last HiFi system and dragging it thousands of miles and through 3 moves, it now has a home. Of course things have changed, namely streaming. In the interim I picked up a couple of original Sonos Play Ones and enjoy the convenience of streaming. Been reading up on the new Sonos Port, Bluesound Node 2i, and now thinking about starting off by repurposing my Mac Mini 2014, currently wiped clean and in storage. Been searching posts, and I believe this will work for me using 3.5 headphone to RCA splitter cables to my Marantz receiver, Roon software on the Mini, and Roon app on my iPhone. Storage could be Mini internal/external, or network NAS. I’ve read about various Mini mods, but for now this should provide streaming quality equivalent to CD 16/44, or am I overlooking something? Thanks - Alan
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