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  1. Hi Mouna, Thanks for reaching out to me with offers 🙏 Will stay with existing to keep limited funds for other improvement projects. Thanks again and glad you had sold your ER ... Cheers. Richard
  2. You will make their new owner a happy man ! I have my ER with AD double crown between my olandra Antipodes cx and ex and just added a cheap China BG7BTL with Oscilloscope Inc clock to the other ER before the Antipodes cx 2 days ago ... my system never sounded as good as it does now. Will be great if you can list the $ for each component and this total package here .. I may be tempted to grab them 😅 Cheers.
  3. Hi Mihaylov, I am quite certain my AD doubleclock is also the same vintage CTS crystal and also believe that AD's certification is genuine but I am surprised on the variation in performance of reported of my sorted "golden one" if indeed simple electronics that does little to achieve from the certification shown of 118db and 144db. Cheers. Richard PS: In my younger days, I did buy 5x CPUs each time to sort golden samples for overclocking and benchmark reporting
  4. Hi R1200CL, I cannot explain for certain but just thought I will continue to sharing what I can only hear. 🙏 a. Meanwell smps sounded better than the ifi ipower smps .. more expansive and less "compressed" for a lack of better description b. Leaving the meanwell smps in the same dedicated 20A line for digital components in my complicated system sounded worse than the house's stock 30A line shared with TV, 4k disc player, TV box and other AV components. Not sure if it is because the dedicated digital 20A line goes thru a 2kA isotransformer but I cannot imagin
  5. Hi R1200CL, Should I be using the ifi ipower that I have or the meanwell one that came also with my Bel Canto FM1 ? https://audio “science” review/forum/index.php?threads/mains-leakage-currents.5552/ Cheers. Richard
  6. Hi R1200CL, Thanks for the quick response ... Will opt for 2nd option and just use the many meanwell smps that I have for the wifi mesh then ... local fm stations via Bel Canto broadcast chinese music/programs that I need to keep in best possible sound quality since none in full flac via internet stations. Will have a redundant 12v rail from the zerozone then but indeed confirmed that I am breaking the moat in the ER#1 ? Frankly, the system sounds fine as it is especially with the recent oladra upgrade of the Antipodes and not sure what improvem
  7. Hi R1200CL, TIA .. I hope to avoid more LPS/$ and I am keeping the Uptone 1.2 for my Bel Canto FM1 tuner that wish for the best available. Please find simplified schematics which should be correct and the concern areas in red ... hope it is ok but do not hesitate to query me. Cheers. Richard
  8. Hi GG, Indeed and I am sticking to stock smps but having 2 units and added clock needing 12v power makes it not as straightforward and hoping for further clarification here. Cheers. Richard
  9. Just to keep it updated that power is indeed on B side as advised by Alex to avoid more confusion to a confused me. Cheers.
  10. Hi Agladstone/R12000CL, Just realised that I may be breaking the moat in my new setup with 2nd ERs with dual outputs lps that are not isolated and chance on this topic here. I am having the lps powering my wireless mesh node and the AD double crown clock down the equipment chain between my Antipodes cx server and ex player but it certainly sounds great. Why DAC and ER both being on B sides will break the moat ? Moreover, there must be a server/player in between and does that offer high impedence to prevent this "moat breakdown" ? Else with 2X ERs that I have
  11. Old topic and unimportant in my setup with Hermes and Avatar synced to single higher oxco clock of T+ but some clarification and terminology needed against current linked page .... cheers.
  12. Hi Gr8tful, Off topic but cannot help to notice that you are using the nice 1.7i which I had in addition to earlier 1.7 ... fond memories just 2-3 yrs ago. You may wish to consider 100% reversible and worthwhile modification of the crossover made by Humble hifi for me ... Cheers. Richard
  13. ER=🥳🥳 ER+AD=🥳🥳🥳 Not absolutely needing AD but obvious improvement albeit almost 200% more for my double crown. Save $ on cabling in powercord, lps, ethernet cable etc. with stock ones and have an oxco 🙏
  14. For completeness, the phase noise specific of Mutec Ref10 120se.
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