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  1. Hi BigEars, Which statement do you need help with ? Cheers. Richard
  2. Hey Alex, Received my EtherRegen this afternoon here in Singapore much earlier than expected ... thanks ! Was busy modifying my Bel Canto FM-1 tuner from green to blue led display with newly received vacuum desoldering kit for 72 pins of 4x 18 pins 8 segment leds but managed to hook up the EtherRegen with accompanying adaptor to my diy 2kVA isotrans in star topology and pulled out my unused Meicord Cat 6 ethernet cable to wired up my wifi mesh. From the EtherRegen, it is all Audio Revive metal shield ethernet cables to my Antipode EX+CX stack. Wow ! Whicheve
  3. Think dun need Taiko SMG Extreme or newer Antipodes K series .... My Antipode CX and EX sounded worse via Gaia and Hermes ... direct USB to TP sound obviously better. Allo USB bridge signature and Nuprime Omnia S1 both sounded better via Gaia/Hermes after another sgd3-4k of the ddc, zonotone shupreme pc and argentus hdmi/i2s. Cheers. Richard
  4. Hi, Best mod for me is serious music playback from built in 8TB SSD of Antipodes .. shortest path and no connectivity concerns. Synology NAS for back sits quietly at the corner powered down and not collecting dust .. haha ! ER will be last effort on non critical streaming music from full flac internet radio stations for background music. Cheers. Richard
  5. Hi Symon, Sorry for the bad jokes especially since no interest in my Nuprime Omnia S1 at almost 30% off but more seriously, you will have no trouble selling your previously used ER .. was looking for one in Singapore without success for quite many months before ordering new. Cheers and hope you get to be back to our little but encompassing red dot of Singapore soon :) Richard
  6. Hi xllms, You can sell me your ER while I wait for late Jan 2021 shipment or you can take the Nuprime Omnia S1 media server off me listed at Carousell Singapore .. haha ! Cheers. Richard
  7. Btw, my new Audible Illusion L3B tube preamp arrived yesterday to replace the previous L3A blackgate and sound quality improvement even without recommended 40 hrs is much more than all the lps psu, dedicated 20A/30A AC lines, zonotone shupreme powercords or ethernet/usb cabling that I had installed or upgraded in the last 6 months. This affected not only streaming music but music files in ssd of Antipodes, cd via cdp and fm radio from tuner. Looking forward to find out how pending ER in Feb 2021 will further improve the sound quality of my setup for streaming music as a
  8. Hi Bernie Make sense to me also but I really doubt ever subjective "50% improvement" else uptone can offer and have new business case for "super ER" at usd1k instead .. at least the designer cum mfgr already declared upfront little if at all any positive impact above included smps. Here 50% improvement, there 100% improvement ... and soon 1000% better system sounds illogical but this hobby is on whatever floats your rocks 😅 Cheers. Richard
  9. Hi Kenny, I can only say that the same from my dealer in New Zealand was also received as per audiogon seller's remark .. hope by mid 2021. Cheers. Richard
  10. Hi John, Read some of your other posts and realised your expertise. In short, I placed an order for end Jan 2021 production of the uptone ER. Thanks again for the advice and help ! Richard
  11. Hey John, Thanks ! Both my router, main mesh node and mesh node that connect to the Antipodes stack are powered by 2 units of zerozone lps albeit do not know its leakage current performance. Noted on the phase noise aka jitter from inevitably inferior consumer level clocks used in the router and 2 mesh nodes. Questions are then: 1. Wifi would also effectively blocked noise/jitter from main mesh node to node connecting the Antipodes which leaves only the phase noise/jitter from latter node into Antipodes ? 2. Will phase noise/jitter be affecting
  12. Hi Martin, Thanks for the advice. Against conventional thinking, I found that the 25m supra cat 8 cable that I bought (now kept in my hifi cupboard storage) sounded worse directly from my router to the Antipodea stack than the Airties 2500Mbps 802.11AC mesh node and hence held back installing it into the false ceiling. Cheers. Richard
  13. Hi,, I run wireless mesh node powered by zerozone 12v for ethernet to my Antipodes ex+cx stack via acoustic revive tripleC lan cables. Will added ER between the node to Antipodes CX used as server improves the SQ for what it does and how so ? Many thanks in advance. Richard
  14. Hi, I shared in other forums that adding Gaia or Hermes to TP improves the allo usb bridge and omina S1 but deteriorates the Antipodes cx+ex. It depends on your usb source and I run my Antipodes directly to the TP. Cheers. Richard
  15. Hi Seeteeyou, I got weak and bought the Acoustic Revive LAN-0.5/1.0-TripleC for my Antipodes cx+ex setup since % $ in proportion is still ok: https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/Acoustic-Revive-audio-grade-Cable/dp/B01CZBEU7K While at it, I also bought a 0.5m length one for i2s connection from the Avatar to the TP. Cheers. Richard
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