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  1. Hey Adrian, Tks tks for the advice 🙏 Will not touch my Emperor double crown clock with certainty then ... Cheers. Richard
  2. Hmmh .... 0.4mm for 1A before melting i.e. Afterdark clock <<1.0A ? Frankly do not like how fragile 0.4mm is and may just change to same dueland 0.8mm one ... any concern on detrimental effect to performance if soldered right ? Cheers.
  3. Here ? https://duelundaudio.com/cable/ But I am a believer that it is all about matching including tuning by ear and it is still only to AD's demo system if done at all. Some swears by Mundorf silver/gold dc cable but ghentaudio's are fine for me ... I prefer to spend on technologies not tried e.g. external higher quality AD clock, ER etc. and Cheers and enjoy !
  4. Duelund AC0.4 Silver Premium Audio Cable (Silver in Cotton / Oil impregnated) Those black dc cable from pcb to dc jack
  5. Wow ! Finally after 5 hrs and family stopped watching Netflix for me to hear the obvious improvement brought by adding the AfterDark Emperor double crown ! 🥳🥳 Will skip all the usual waxing to say: - the AfterDark double crown while diy looking is one component together with Uptone ER will not leave my system together - music just pops ... wide and deep staging, extended highs, pronounced critical midbass for body and further PRAT factor ... fast, dynamic and yet delicate, real sounding midrange but no tube-like addition like some reported
  6. I got weak and just installed the emperor double crown into my system after ordering it 3 days ago ☺ Get to use sidelined wdye eye bnc cable from cold storage and awaiting for ghent audio one as current needed 2m one is with 2.5mm oyaide that did not worked ... now running with Meanweĺl smps and mors listening thereafter 🥲
  7. For completeness of mutec clock offering and specification ... se120 supposedly much better sounding 🤔
  8. Nice spec beyond afterdark offerings and configurable .. square, sine, 50ohm, 75ohm etc. German quality, detailed specification and on top of their game 👍👍 Usd7k indeed but not sure what can be heard in MY setup 😄
  9. Hi 21a, I can assure you that in my system also with wireless mesh, the ER made an obvious improvement. I have 25m of Supra cat 8 cable in my closet as it did not improvement sound quality to my ears ... ymmv as usual. Cheers. Richard
  10. Oops x2 and tks .. will edit this obvious typo error 😅
  11. Hi R1200CL, Yes and same thinking too ... and for me, it will Queen at its price level and nothing else. But asking for phase noise # do not make sense and AD need to fix it if this is the case ... each of the 11 versions of AD clocks are already with declared spec and buyers cannot and should not be subjected to draw of luck 😅 Cheers. Richard
  12. Hi R1200CL, Sorry but I do meant dBc if this is what matters and also only speculated since rubidium clock while not having actual x72 specification. In consideration of Afterdark options but hoping more educated bros here can comment on BG7TBL with Rubidium clock at usd680 which was not shared previously. Not the recommended usd2k double crown version for me though as it will be too much $ for EtherRegen at usd640 in my opinion .. imagine if we have 11 versions of EtherRegen from usd640 to 3000 and you have the usd640 version 🥺 Cheers.
  13. Hi mfaoro, Affirmative @ usd565 with already included discount and cheers. Richard
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