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  1. Thanks I'll give the magni a try. The sound is not too bad to these gaming motherboards. The specs are reasonable, though nowhere nears audiophile levels. But they are close to average for home AVR gear. Just the output is low, and gamers usually have powered headsets, and/or dedicated sound cards. KL
  2. I have a great pair of original AKG K240's. I use the them on my Carver main system at night when the family is asleep. But sometimes I want to use them on my main PC to listen to background music, podcasts, etc. But the max volume from my PC (custom made mid-tower with an ASUS 270F Lighting Motherboard) is way to low! ! ! I think I need a headphone amp. I have purchased several $50 units that just do not work. No sound, wrong input or output connection, etc. Is there a quality amp that can help me? I would like it to use the output from the motherboard, not USB. Put I would like it to be powered by A/C not USB. A volume control would be best. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Thanks
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