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  1. I understand your post very well and i am also -sorry- pissed due to the behaviour of DIRAC in the last months. So i stoppted using DIRAC. Instead i purchased Acourate, created Acourate filters (you need a windows PC for this), put these filters into Roon convolvin engine; and in this way Acourate is also usable on a MAC. Sounds even better than DIRAC, no more fiddling and stress with the non working DIRAC software. Okay, i had to pay again for a room correction software. Anyway: now i am ready and everything works fine.
  2. hi, is anybody out there who uses Dirac 1.2 (NOT 2.x) with OS Mojave? and: does it work flawlessly? got an answer from Dirac helpdesk but that could mean both, yes and no ... thanks for your support!!!
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