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  1. I am on a much more modest quest, but my USBridge Sig and the Allo Revolution DAC are shipped today from France and if I am lucky they will arrive to my house in Belgium just in time for the weekend 🙂
  2. Wow, first of all Gentooplayer is a game changer for me (and now I understand why you recommended it to me on another thread I opened). The depth and sound stage using the same HW with Roon is just so much better than with Ropieee. This weekend when I get a couple of extra micro sd cards I will try to A/B them even though there will be a gap as I’ll need to swap sd cards. now Squeezelite wins. The distance isn’t huge. It is there for sure when both are native (eg. Roberta Flack Killing me softly master edition 96/24 on Qobuz. When Squeezelite needs to convert eg. Dire Straits first album which I have in DSD, than I think it is still marginally Sounds better. In any case Gentooplayer is just amazing!
  3. Hi, yesterday evening I managed to install Gentooplayer and get to it work with Roon as a Roon bridge. However, I was told on another thread that the best results are obtained when I enable Squeezelite and point Roon to it. A few questions: - Do I enable Squeezelite or Squeezelite R2 ? - I understand I lose DSD support in this way? - Any other settings I need to watch for RPI 4 to Topping D50s DAC over USB. Thanks!
  4. I am looking to get a Usbridge Sig to replace a pure RPI 4 as my Roon bridge. This feeds to a Topping D50s DAC feeding my Hypex ncore power amp/KEF LS50 speakers. I am debating about the Shanti which almost doubles the cost here in Europe. I currently power my D50s and the RPI from a powerbank that outputs 5.1A on it's two USB ports. I feel this is giving a good result. Not sure if at this level of setup (I am a novice in this space and just starting up), the Shanti will make a difference?
  5. I would like to repurpose my Allo Volt + D to be used in a desktop setup. Is there a way I can modify the amp to add a DAC HAT and /or a SBC in the way you propose with the Volt amp?
  6. I spent this weekend reading about potential upgrades for my source network streamer which is now a simple RPI4 (doing a stellar job) acting as a Roon bridge. I started with the optics of source only (looking potentially at an Allo USB Bridge Sig), but the more I think about it, I want to add other functionalities. So what I would like to try and achieve in a single box: - A quality source that will offer a real improvement in SQ compared to my RPI - A CD ripper/player again bit perfect and of quality - Storage - I want to move my library from my NAS to the dedicated box Looking at the market, there is plenty of offer but it starts from 1200 EUR and goes up to 3-4k or even more. At the end this is quality (more or less some people are even sceptical on this part) HW combined with packaged SW. I am happy to get my hands dirty and build this myself for several reasons: 1. I think it will cost less 2. I will be able to choose my HW/SW, replace it and upgrade it as I wish 3. I will enjoy the process of making this work (probably the strongest argument). For the compute platform I am very kin to stay with the Raspberry pi that offers low power consumption and rich SW support. I would say even more, I am very tempted to insert the Allo USB sig board, although am a bit worried the board (based on the 3+) does not offer enough compute power for the other functionalities? This is an important point as I would like to use USB as my digital audio output. Any recommendations are welcome. then if people can recommend other components or even send me to posts describing projects that would be great!!
  7. Thanks for this. I might try this. I got to Roon after trying Volumio and I found Roon to sound better in my setup. I have to admit that, I signed up to Roon also becuase of the wide HW support, the enriched content (lyrics, bios, versions etc.). I do not see an imediate alternative right now. As to Euphony proposed by someone else earlier, I went to their website and honestly their pricing is no less than scandalous. Charging PER DEVICE is a bit over the top for me.
  8. I have a more emotional link to Dire Straits growing up when the albums came out, so buying them fresh from the store (unfortuantely I lost my entire LP collection but this is another story) and the brothers in Arms live concert at 18 us still a memorable experience. BUT, I consider DSOTM to be a masterpiece (I already posted in the youtube video of John Heaton ranking the PF albums disagreeing about DSOTM). It is masterpiece that goes well and beyond the music alone.
  9. I am going to try another DAC - mainly because I could use an extra one anyway. I miss a DAC in my living room right now. I am currently hesitating between the topping D90 and the Gustard A22 which costs more, but seems to have a much better output stage implementation.
  10. you are right. I got to the same conclusion last night. My DOSTM is a DSD ripped from the 2003 EMI SACD and indeed sounds amazing. Love Over Gold is streamed from Qobuz. I am getting the feeling they are using a master which is not that great. I will try to see if I can purchase a better master.
  11. you are right. It is different than most cases. love over gold was one of the first LPs I bought as a 14 year old from my pocket money when it came out. I do think however that DSOTM is electric but multi layered and with a lot of acoustic passages.
  12. wow this other thread is yet another wealth of info (and some heated discussions). I believe I did visit it at some moment but not sure. one of the issues I have in my corner of Belgium is that the number of good HiFi stores is limited indeed. I don’t think any of them allows loaners (if anyone is from Belgium and knows a store that does that please PM me). Than online sites do allow returns but you get a relatively short time frame to do it (14 days). So am trying to get some recommendations and make more informed choices. My appetite for trying another DAC is also because this is my first proper one. I had a Bluesound Node 2 which I used as DAC for quite some time but the D50s blew it out of the water. Then came Roon and I ditched BluOS all together.
  13. first thanks for the great feedback and advice. At 51, I am a starter in this, and although the love of music has been the centre of my life since childhood, I was not in a position to build up setups for many years. About the subs, i have a lot of doubts. First because I am not sure I have the space to fit them and secondly, bass is not at the top of my priority list, separation, depth, transparency are higher on my list. I sold my previous setup (NAD C388 and Focal Chorus 836V - big floor stands) for two reasons: - I don't get enough of the living room to listen to the music - I got to the conclusion that this is a bad space to listen to music. The acoustics there are just awful - I did not like the combo - too much bass for my taste, plus i was not happy of how the amp sounded. I made a good deal selling them both and decided to start from zero. About the comments of lack of separation is some types of music, I agree. Still I need to understand why DSOTM sounds so great in my setup and Love over gold does not. Probably it's also my own lack or training, placement (which I can't do a lot about at the moment since I cannot move the speakers too much). not sure what.
  14. Another point. I feed my DAC as well as my RPi from a power bank. This improved my sound a lot.
  15. Many thanks for this great feedback. I also think the amp is fine. It’s my 4th class D. I was ready to pull the trigger on a class AB ( I had a short list which I was going to listen to and choose). Than came this opportunity to buy this amp from a musician that decided to sell his amp made with care and a custom power supply he made himself. I bought it without listening (the seller lives in France so he had to ship it). It was risky but the price was good and I figured it was worth the risk. I think it is much more musical then the previous class D’s I had. On the DAC on the other hand I feel I can experiment. I like the sound of my setup a lot but as I said it sounds much deeper and layered with more acoustic music. When the music is more electric the separation is not as good. It’s like the music is not as layered. a few posts higher someone asked me for the attenuation level on the DAC. I am ranging from -24-25db to -15db.
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