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  1. So I have currently: A low power machine running Euphony and Stylus and powered by an HDPLEX 300W (it's a Jetway N2930 mobo and I feed directly to DC in 19V). I have a JCAT FEMTO USB for USB out (powered separatelyby the HDplex 5V). My DAC is indeed a NOS DAC (MHDT Orchid). You suggest I move to a two machine architecture?
  2. I am very close to giving up on Roon as I am more and more back to physical media. I still intend to keep digital as a source since will never get all the music I listen to in physical media. The Euphony stylus interface on my iPad is to my taste not user-friendly at all - maybe too used to Roon :-( So - for those who compared, what gives you the better quality - Euphony or Windows + add ons? And if then what is a recommended setup? I need a relatively easy to maintain setup, and it needs to be headless.
  3. Hi, can you specify how exactly you use your two LPS? Do you have a USB audio card (JCAT etc.)?
  4. Hi this is not really a feature request but more of a question. I tried researching for the answer but couldn’t really find it. Question is if Qobuz does carry in the streaming service audiophile masters of albums eg. MOFI, DCC etc. I think the answer is no but wanted to be sure.
  5. I am slowly starting on scoping a second streamer for my setup 2 that due to recent upgraditis (or rather a momentary lapse of reason) had become a more than decent system. My current streamer is a single box Euphony server running Roon + Stylus EP config. It is powered by an HDplex 300W and USB out via a JCAT Femto. I am currently very inclined on an Allo Digione Signature with an LPS but potentially thinking of a component that can also act as a second box in my main setup and improve SQ. I have been also thinking about adding optical into my main setup to use my Cisco 2960 SFP port. Ideas and experience sharing are welcome
  6. Not sure if this was asked before as it is hard t search such a long thread. One of the things I like about Qobuz and for me make it an audiophile streaming service is the ability to listen to several versions of the same album. Since I got more into audiophilia I learned about the importance of which version (master, year etc.) of the album you are listening to. It is possible to guess as Qobuz shows you the year of the recording (which may different of the year of the original album appearance if a remaster etc.), but it would be amazing if Qobuz could give more info!
  7. Hi, has anyone pitted a proper Euphony server (in one and two machine setups) with a 2-3k streamer? When I say server I mean: a machine with a "certain level of investment" having an LPS, and a USB out card as minimum. Happy to hear some feedback - with and without ROON. I have just declared as closed my Euphony setup, but curious to see how it stans and don't really have the means to compare.
  8. Going back to an item raised a while back in this thread so posting again to get the latest. While I use Qobuz as my main music streaming service, I do have a Deezer Hifi subscription that I am mainly using on my phone. Deezer has a lot of music Qobuz does not have, so while Qobuz became my main music service in my main setup, I keep Deezer. A few days ago I discovered Deezer Hifi is now supported on LMS. I would like to test Deezer Hifi on my system so need to get this working with my Euphony server/end point (same machine). I can run LMS on my Synology NAS (looks complicated as I need to tweak stuff) or potentailly grab a RPI and run it there. Any recommendations are welcome
  9. 421 is indeed very nice. Sounds a bit better than 108 to my taste. As I did the change I also tested again the Stylus player vs my (default) Roon server + Stylus EP. Maybe I should have not done that as again Stylus player sounds for me better, but am so addicted to the Roon GUI....oh dear....
  10. Just did. Željko will take a look. I have a feeling my disks are not configured correctly.
  11. Another topic which I had an issue with recently is copying very large files into my music SSD. I use the euphony files manager but when I have very large files 700mb and upwards, I get an error "400: ENOSPC: no space left on device, write" - anyway to work around that?
  12. Yes I am starting to understand this. A more modest setup in my bedroom sounds very close my main setup in my new listening room just because room acoustics is probably better there. If you can send a few tips my way that would be great!
  13. Interesting one. My HDPlex is the first "serious" LPS I got for my server. The previous was a home-grown LPS installed inside the case by the Dutch store who originally built it. The store owner described it as "high end", but the HDPlex outclassed it by a massive distance. Your comment that the HDplex is better than a Farad (which is considered as a very reputable brand) is interesting.
  14. Maybe the 7-10k was a bit on the high side, although I was in EUR so your £4k is already €5k :-). Then, if you count the extra card (I think you'll need a high end JCAT or equivalent to match the rest, extra work on the networking side (card, cabling, switch). I suspect that the full package gets very close to my €7k. My server is €2-2.5k (case, motherboard + CPU + SSDs, HDPlex 300W, JCAT FEMTO) and for now I settled for a non tweaked Cisco 2900 switch which already delivered a little improvement. However, I still suspect that my second part (about the other components in the system/room acoustics etc.) holds. I strongly suspect that in order to really see the difference in SQ in a higher end source, you need a high-end setup around it in a proper room. I have come up quite a bit since I started this hobby in a more serious way last year, but probably am still very far from what is required, but maybe I'm wrong.
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