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  1. A different question. Euphony is not allowing me to upload a 1,6 Gb file into my music library (located in the internal SSD used as the Euphony drive). Currently I use the file manager to upload files. error message is: "400: ENOSPC: no space left on device, write" 2 questions: - How do I solve this limitation? - Can I map a network drive on my Mac?
  2. JCAT USB 1.1 card View Classified I am selling my JCAT USB 1.1 card. In excellent condition with firmware 2.0. EU shipping at cost. 125 EUR Seller al2813 Date 03/21/21 Price 135.00 USD Category Computers / Networking Gear  
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    I am selling my JCAT USB 1.1 card. In excellent condition with firmware 2.0. EU shipping at cost. 125 EUR

    135.00 USD

  4. Lol - he does have a few good songs here and there. This is what I see over here in little Europe. None of the albums shown above exist over here.
  5. There used to be a time I ranted a bit more about the big holes Qobuz has in its catalogue. I kind of accepted it plus I see items showing up from time to time. Tonight AMA bit flabbergasted. Dave Matthews Band - pretty known artist. Nothing. Only one album. Switch to Deezer and a massive amount of albums pop up. Come on!!
  6. Yes I just found out exactly the same thing. Just need to see how I can check which version is running to make sure the it is not a HW issue.
  7. I tried to send an email to support and post on the Jplay forum, but maybe someone here had a similar case. I bought last week a second hand JCAT FEMTO USB card. The Card was purchased from JCAT directly in October 2019 (I received from the seller a complete box including original invoice). I plugged the card into my existing audio PC. The card replaced an older 1.1 card I had there, and I kept all settings as I had before. 5V Power is provided from an external (HDPlex) LPS. After multiple tests, I cannot get to work one of the 2 USB ports (the one closer to the DC in). I have one U
  8. maybe not so fast. I couldn’t reproduce it last night and I listened to numerous tracks from DSD (converted to PCM) to 44/96/192. Very strange. Until I see otherwise no issue on my side.
  9. Hi Paul, again I need to do real testing. I will try to find some time this weekend and will report back any findings. I have several combos I can test. Euphony is in Ramroot default setting. I did not tweak any further and I am on the 108 version. I run Roon server with Stylus EP.
  10. it’s a TDA1541. I have also a PCM1794 DAC (both are DIY but very professionally built) which seems not to have the issue although again I need to do more rigorous testing and add my RPI source to the mix. Again as it appeared very little I did not investigate any further. Only reading the thread today made me think there could be a link.
  11. I am running a singxer SU-1 as an innetrface between my Euphony box (JCAT USB card) and the spdif in of my DAC. Before that I had a WAVEIO card delivering the same functionality. In both cases the distortion is appearing very randomly. In fact I was "blaming" my DAC until I tried the CD player which had no such issue. I will do some more testing this week. The issue is very rare on my side
  12. Hi, I assembled a NUC with an HDPLEX H1 V3 and the NUC kit + riser cable. I ended up selling the combo becuase i decided to keep my second hand server in a Streacom F10 Alpha for the time being as a combo Stylus server / end point with my JCAT USB card. While the HDPLEX box is a great product and the only solution in the market allowing you to run a fanless NUC with a PCI card, there one point to take into account. You need an external power supply for the JCAT card, since the the riser cable delivers 3,3V and it seems to not be sufficient to power the JCAT. You will also need to get a SATA sp
  13. Hi, I am still on version 108 (which was the first version I really installed as I purchased Stylus in January). Is it worth reverting to 102 as well? I have fired up the support site to submit a ticket but thought I'd ask here first :-)
  14. Hi, I have just built a little Pi player with a TDA1387 Hat. It started as a little cheap solution for my kitchen setup but the sound of the Dac is so nice that I want to invest a bit more and try using the player with my better setups. I understood the Allo Kali is a great addon to deliver a cleaner sound. I also understood that the 22/24 mhz version needs to be used, but I see that Allo no longer makes this version. Would the 44/48 hz version still on sale work with my DAC?
  15. Reading all the posts here I have no desire to update..... Yesterday I listened to music the whole evening and I like it as it is now. Only one issue bugs me, I need to reboot my Roon core (used in core + stylus EP mode - works great for me), evey time I start my Roon app as Qobuz login is not working. Reboot Roon core and issue solved. For now, I will stay with the 108 version.....
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