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  1. So I got all to work. Some errors fixing and playing around and I had an LMS server running on my little RPI4. There's no doubt that LMS delivers great results being a free platform. Although Album and Artist info plugin is running I think I still don't have correctly setup as the info I get is poor compared to what I see in the screenshots provided in other posts. However bottom line is that even if get everything to work I still don't get the Roon user experience. I also think the sound quality is ever so thinner although I cannot really AB - I can only play a bunch of songs from Roon and t
  2. I am running now PiCoreplayer 6.1.0 on the USBrudge Signature and works great. Sound quality fantastic but for now I still use Roon as the server. Today I will attack the server side again and see how it works. I see it difficult to be able to get anything close to Roon user interface and integration. Let's see.
  3. Can material skin work on LMS 8.0? I cannot get Qobuz to work on LMS 7.9.3 and cannot get material skin to work on 8.0
  4. Weekend so have time to start the experiment. I will setup 2 instance of PiCorePlayer one for an LMS server - I assume there a standard setup will be sufficient. For the player, I have an Allo USBridge Signature and there I assume cannot use your tweaked version as USBridge Sig uses a Rpi 3+ CM.
  5. Thanks to both. I still need to play with this a bit more. The difference is in sound quality (and this is very audible) between Moode running in Squeezelite mode with Roon with Squeezbox support turned on (a scenario not supported by Roon) and the variants I tried before is still amazing me. I will definitely try with another LMS instant (will set it up on my NAS), as well as with piCoreplayer. One thing is that I am too hooked to the user experience of Roon. Also need to check the Qobuz integration in LMS.
  6. I started writing this in previous threads that got me into this topic but at the end decided to open a new one. I think the journey I am describing below is one that a lot of novices like me arriving in this and other forums go through. I started my journey into the Raspberry pi player world about 5 months ago. The corona lockdown probably had a lot to do with it. Instead of travelling every week for work I suddenly had time to build a new setup and tweak to death trying to get a better sound.... I tried several players outside the Pi world - BluOS, Audirvana to name a couple. I
  7. This streamer-dac is now available in Europe and despite what looks like an impressive spec, I see no reviews, forum entries at all. Any opinions references?
  8. This is just pure curiosity and I will probably do the test anyway. I am currently running a dedicated ROCK NUC box in my office. It is quite a nice spec. Core i5 8th gen, 16GB of RAM and 500 GB SSD. My music library is currently on my Synology NAS also located in my office and both boxes are connected to the same switch. My main setup endpoint is currently Allo USBridge Signature located elsewhere in the house and connected to a UCB DAC. I've been wondering how using the NUC as an endpoint compare to the USBSignature. The USBsignature proved much better sound wise than A rpi4. I wonder how it
  9. I sent a mail to support this morning but posting here as well in case someone can advice. I received a new USBridge signature a week ago and I am continuously having issue with my network connectivity. The Ethernet port seems to have a contact issue. It works on and off resulting in disruptions in operation. Sometimes I manage to get the streamer to work by touching the cable and finding the contact. It works for sometime but next time I want to use it amback to square one, is this a known issue. I asked Allo support to replace the unit, I do have a WiFi dongle lying around but t
  10. Hi, am also running it for a few days in a similar setup + USBridge Sig. The funny thing is that for me (using Gentooplayer on the signature) I get better sound when pointing Roon to Squeezlite endpoint (configured in Gentoo Player) than with using the Revolution over Roon Bridge. This means I need the HW volume on the Rev. Question - which power supply are you using?
  11. A couple of days with the USBridge Sig and the Revolution DAC. Unlike with my previous setup (RPI4 and Topping D50s), I feel that going directly to the DAC (so using the Roon Bridge) delivers better sound that Squeezelite. Will continue playing - still need to order a power supply.
  12. I am on a much more modest quest, but my USBridge Sig and the Allo Revolution DAC are shipped today from France and if I am lucky they will arrive to my house in Belgium just in time for the weekend 🙂
  13. Wow, first of all Gentooplayer is a game changer for me (and now I understand why you recommended it to me on another thread I opened). The depth and sound stage using the same HW with Roon is just so much better than with Ropieee. This weekend when I get a couple of extra micro sd cards I will try to A/B them even though there will be a gap as I’ll need to swap sd cards. now Squeezelite wins. The distance isn’t huge. It is there for sure when both are native (eg. Roberta Flack Killing me softly master edition 96/24 on Qobuz. When Squeezelite needs to convert eg. Dire Straits first
  14. Hi, yesterday evening I managed to install Gentooplayer and get to it work with Roon as a Roon bridge. However, I was told on another thread that the best results are obtained when I enable Squeezelite and point Roon to it. A few questions: - Do I enable Squeezelite or Squeezelite R2 ? - I understand I lose DSD support in this way? - Any other settings I need to watch for RPI 4 to Topping D50s DAC over USB. Thanks!
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