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  1. Sophie Zelmani is great. Try others from Scandinavia (if you don’t know them already): Stina Nordenstam, Agnes Obel, Fredrika Stahl, Christel Alsos, Elvira Nikolaisen. Many great female singer song writers in the Nordics.
  2. Hi bobbmd and thanks for the advice! I don't have Soundiiz premium but even with the non-premium version I was able already to do it. As to Roon, I have been looking at it a lot and the key issue preventing me from taking the plunge is that all streaming services allow offline only via their app (for obvious reasons). As I listen a lot to music on the road and in offline mode, Roon is not an option. For now I use Vox player for my own ripped FLACs and the streaming app(s) for the rest.
  3. I just signed up to Deezer Hifi on a promo. In the past it was a no-go for me as mobile apps were not supported on hifi. I just discovered this barrier was removed in November last year. In the next days I will compare it to Qobuz on my different setups and use cases, but after a bit of testing I already think I will stop my Qobuz Studio subscription and retain Deezer. All the catalogue gaps (some of them very specific to my background and culture and probably not missed by most users on this forum, others probably more of an issue to many here) are resolved. I could port my Spotify playlists (containing everything I could not find in Qobuz) and merge them with my Qobuz playlists into one app with all my streaming music. I think that Qobuz is still the best service on SQ, but to my non-audiophile (and a bit aged) ears the gaps are not very noticeable.
  4. understood. Much appreciate your transparency. A shame these classic albums are missing
  5. I also submitted in the Belgian site the request for adding artists and got the same "standard response"
  6. thanks! I sent a message to customer service (in French) but no response. I am getting the feeling you miss a lot of albums in Belgium. I assumed naively that you have the same rights here as in the UK or France.
  7. So am now on my Mac and able to search with more screen real estate. Blonde on Blonde is only available in a 2010 mono release. The same for Highway 61 Revisited. Blood on the Tracks is not available as far as I could tell. Again I am awaiting a response from Qobuz customer service. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but the weakness of the Qobuz search and presentation is bitterly exposed in a scenario where you're looking at an artist that has hundreds of releases. You search in Spotify and when selecting Bob Dylan it pulls directly the list with first the studio albums in chronological order (the REAL order not the wrong release years you see often on the album descriptions. When I try a search such a "Bob Dylan Blonde", you do not get the 2010 mono version. It only pops up when carefully scrollling through the multiple entries. I have been an unconditional fan of Qobuz since seriously getting into high quality streaming. I am happy to pay the extra amount to get a quality service that does not compromise on anything. This is why issues like this bug me and a lot.
  8. I am based in Belgium and those albums are not there. Just checked the app. I will contact customer service
  9. I am in shock. Just realised I cannot find a whole bunch of Dylan’s classic albums including highway 61, Blond and others. This is using BlueOS app. How is it possible?
  10. When going offline and able to see only local music, the IOS app only shows you "the original" playlist imported. If you've added more tracks to the playlist and imported them, they are only accessible from the single track view, but not from the playlist itself. This is fixed only when I delete the local copy and import the playlist again. Is this tracked/planned to fixe?
  11. Since entering into the wonderful world of audio setup I have ended up with three main listening setups - living room, bedroom and kitchen. And in fact one of the things I discovered is that my living setup (in which I invested the most amount of money) is hardly needed - I hardly ever listen to music there. The bedroom and Kitchen are used a lot more. Listening to music in the evening in the bedroom and over the weekends in the kitchen. Hence, I decided to upgrade both. In the bedroom I will place a Bluesound Powernode 2i with Fyne Audio F302 speakers. This will release the Dali Spektor 2 currently in the bedroom to move to the kitchen (currently using powered Stelje NS3 - these may go to my office). I am now looking for a small amp to power the Dalis. I am almost decided on the new SMSL SA300 which seem to improve on the widely acclaimed AD18. Only potential issue I have is that the SMSL are fully digital, meaning I cannot improve the DAC part (for which I can use a Topping NX4 I already have). Do I stick with the SMS? Any other ideas? Needless to say I need small and relatively discrete components.
  12. Hi Qobuz friends - first, despite some critique I posted in the past I remain and will remain loyal. I think this is the best music streaming service for music lovers and find the SQ to be much better to Tidal. A couple of questions: - I would love to commit for a longer period, but are we going to see the promos you offered in the US over here in Europe (Belgium in my case) - As originally I am from Israel, I still find your Israeli music catalogue on the thin side, any chance of seeing a change here. And finally - keep up the good work!!
  13. 24,99 VAT inclusive is about 20,5 EUR before VAT (taking the 21% which is VAT in Belgium where I live as well as in a large number of Western Europe countries). This is still more than 50% above the US promo (14,99 USD or about 13,7 EUR). The fact of the matter is that Qobuz has probably fewer users than what Spotify adds in one month even in their home country of France. I am part of a minority that appreciate lossless quality streaming and between Tidal and Qobuz, I choose Qobuz. However, if Qobuz wants to make a real breakthrough they need a similar approach over here. As a side note, The Belgian equivalent of Consumer Report (so a typical mass audience publication) has done a comparison between the streaming services with Qobuz scoring relatively low mainly due to its high price.
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