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  1. By the way order number is 8769. 3 months.
  2. Everything is in the title. And the worse part is I am not even sure what I did. I did move the DAC but did not pull anything abruptly, nor used any kind of force. The port is literally out and fell inside in case. Am I covered for this kind of scenario?
  3. Thanks for this! hopefully the tropical storm is not causing damage! I've read numerous posts yesterday about the AL NUC setup. I am struggling to get it to work but I did not pay any attention to BIOS tweaks - will have a second shot tonight after work. A few questions to you as i noticed you have worked out your NUC setup over time: - Are you running the NUC without a disk? I have an m2 drive there and although I do plan to go Ramroot, I was thinking of installing AL on the M2 internal SSD. - You're currently using the NUC as the server side. Are you usi
  4. Hi, I'm posting here the question hoping someone has a similar use case. I recently acquired a second hand X86 music server that is relatively weak on HW configuration, but has a pretty decent HW components. A low power Jetway motherboard and Celeron N2930 CPU. A linear power supply (again I understood it's not of the highest quality but still) and a jcat USB card. Until recently I ran a Roon ROCK and fed an endpoint from it (previously a USbridge Signature, now the new server). Enter the new server, I ended running Roon server in Ramroot on the new machine. In my setup this delivers the best
  5. And what about the Gustard A22 - I am looking at it very closely - especially as I use my DAC as a pre amp (at least for now)
  6. I want to pul the trigger on an AK4499 DAC. I was about to get the Topping D90, but now seeing the Singxer SDA-6 from a company that got great feedback on thier USB interfaces. Anyone tried this one - connected directly to a power amp in my case (Hypex Ncore).
  7. Many thanks again to Piero for a lot of patience (I am learning but still a novice) and responsiveness. In fact, I was massively wrong on my music library size (no clue where the 1.5 tb came from.....). I am at around 200 gb right now and with a Roon DB of about 350 mb, I managed by re-allocating my 8Gb RAM to get what looks like a stable Ramroot Roon server (will still do a long session tonight to test) on my server. In Ramroot AL sounds fantastic in my setup increasing the depth of the sound. Further Redbook sounds now great, while with my previous SW setup I resorted to DSD oversampling in
  8. headless single. Wanted to test first. I am very happy with the results though.
  9. Since my NUC is already there I will try the two systems setup as well. I willbe looking at HQP, but first need to get stage 1 as you rightly say working. Thanks for advising on the Ramroot. Too bad. I will though setup the NUC on AL and A/B both options which I can easily do.
  10. I am using an SFTP client - my mistake. So indeed the issue is my drive is FAT32 as I need it to be accessible both on a Mac and Windows. Roon part is OK - it is the first issue that poses the problem then.
  11. Hi, indeed I am starting to find my way around the menus and building the system. After a mail discussion with Piero (patient and quick to respond. Can only recommend!), I have now a system with rRoon server. Based on my setup Piero recommended me to stay with one PC system, so I did a clean install and setup AL as Roon server and endpoint. Removing my NUC ROCK means that I cannot oversample to DSD, but i think I have a better result with the one box setup. One issue is that I could not connect the USB drive I used for music library. AL sees it and I mounted it, but when browsing
  12. Hi, I just bought a second hand server with what looks a pretty nice HW implementation (see pics below). The server has Linear power supply with a Toroidal transformer (this is the exact reference https://www.toroidal-transformer.com/shop/toroidal-transformers/120va/57/2x-12v-toroidal-tranformer-120va.html). It is currently feeding a Jetway NF9M - N2930 mobo/CPU. I understood from the seller that the Mobo is customized but looking at the layout I do not see any major change compared to the picture in the Jetway website. With a pretty weak CPU and only 8Gb of RAM, I am unable to do Roon oversam
  13. It is nice. Especially with ramroot. My only concern is that as I have 8gb of RAM I could only use the headless version and I am struggling to get it configured correctly - for example I wanted to test with a roon core onboard (instead of streaming from my NUC ROC), but I am struggling to access the second SSD and configure it so that I can copy across my audio library. The issue is the documentation is patchy to say the least and although I am not 100% clueless, I still need clearer instructions and a proper GUI.
  14. Pulled the trigger on Audiolinux :-) Will try this afternoon.
  15. :-) To clarify I did not say that the fact Euphony is more expensive means it is better. The Euphony price deters me in fact. With Audio-linux my main concern is I cannot trial. I need to buy directly.
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