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  1. I got a Topping D50s (which I power using a powerbank). Very good results with Chromecast over optical. This combo as it is already delivers an audible improvement over my Powernode 2i. I am going to test this weekend with a mac mini over USB. I am planning this setup to become my main music listening post. I currently haver there a pair of Fyne Audio F302 speakers. The current Corona Virus closure prevents me from moving further as I want to sell my living room amp and speakers which are hardly used today, and use the money to upgrade both the speakers and the DAC.
  2. Obviously I was looking for a one stop shop, but your point is excellent. I will order a PI and go that way for now.
  3. Hi, you are totally right. My pain is Deezer and their lack of appetite to integrate with UPNP/DLNA type solutions. I considered going back to Qobuz, but my issue is the catalogues. Deezer has pretty much the same coverage as Spotify in terms of geographies and genres that are very neglected both by Qobuz and Tidal. Obviously this is very personal, but for my music taste, Deezer is the only losless option 😞 I asked Qobuz to look at expanding their catalogue (especially Israeli music which they ignore completely), but received a polite thanks but no thanks response.
  4. Over the past weeks I have been looking at improving my room rig. I was running there a Powernode 2i (which surprised me in its quality) and a pair of Fyne Audio F302 floorstands. As I mentioned in another post on this forum, I recieved last week an Allo Volt + D amp which left me surprised how good it was. Yesterday I received a Topping D50s to which I connected a CCA on OPT. I could not A/B both setups properly (took too long to switch between the two), but the gap in SQ was clear. The D50s and the Volt + (that cost less than half the price of the Powernode 2i) deliver better separation, better clarity and more depth. The powernode is retired for now. I am now trying to find an alternative to CCA. I have a collection of FLACs that is slowly growing and am looking to buy more albums in hires. Am a bit irritated that CCA cannot handle 24/192 files and outputs them at 48khz. I need a streamer that can support Deezer Hifi which reduces my choice by quite a lot. I was thinking of getting a mini pc and run Linux/Win on it with Deezer desktop (in Linux was thinking of testing the Nuvola player which seems to support Deezer hifi). My only doubt is the result I will get. What I read in the different forums is that CCA is actually not bad at all on the OPT output, so looking for advice from other users who hopefully went that route already?
  5. Question to those who have this amp - I am now looking to order a DAC for it (and then look for a streamer). I don't knw if I should keep it at the 200 level (Topping D50s/SMSL M300) or go to the 400 DACs (SMSL M500/Topping D70/Sabaj D5)? What do you think? What DACs are you using with your Volt + ?
  6. i was so happy when I realised I could merge my Spotify and Qobuz playlists to one Deezer app but then this lack of understanding that those who are willing to pay for premium sound quality need also better tech support.
  7. I am currently using a Powernode 2i all in one for my bedroom setup. Last week I bought an Allo Volt + D amp which really impresses me to the level I am thinking of replacing the Powernode. So am currently looking at a DAC/Streamer combo. On the DAC side I am locking on the SMSL M500, but still debating. The streamer part is more difficult. Deezer (which I chose over Qobuz and Tidal due to catalogue being more suited for my listening), does not support Roon nor Audirvana, is not integrated (hifi level) into LMS so no RPI support. This leaves me with less choice. I looked at thet Nuprime Primo HD which is 159 Euro and supports Deezer, but I don't have any reviews or feedback on it, so looking for other options and recommendations. Preferably not more than 300 Euro/USD.
  8. I got today the Volt + D and it’s an amazing value. My bedroom setup has currently a Bluesound Powernode 2i, by itself a very nice sounding amp/DAC/ streamer. Against it I tested the volt with my 150 euros Topping NX4 connected to my phone. This improvised cheap setup already sounded cleaner and better imaged than the powernode costing 3 times more. I am now looking to get for it a DAC and a source. I currently use Deezer Hifi that replaced recently Qobuz. Deezer just has a much better catalogue, but only issue with it is that it supported by less sources. Any recommendation for this setup are welcome
  9. Sophie Zelmani is great. Try others from Scandinavia (if you don’t know them already): Stina Nordenstam, Agnes Obel, Fredrika Stahl, Christel Alsos, Elvira Nikolaisen. Many great female singer song writers in the Nordics.
  10. Hi bobbmd and thanks for the advice! I don't have Soundiiz premium but even with the non-premium version I was able already to do it. As to Roon, I have been looking at it a lot and the key issue preventing me from taking the plunge is that all streaming services allow offline only via their app (for obvious reasons). As I listen a lot to music on the road and in offline mode, Roon is not an option. For now I use Vox player for my own ripped FLACs and the streaming app(s) for the rest.
  11. I just signed up to Deezer Hifi on a promo. In the past it was a no-go for me as mobile apps were not supported on hifi. I just discovered this barrier was removed in November last year. In the next days I will compare it to Qobuz on my different setups and use cases, but after a bit of testing I already think I will stop my Qobuz Studio subscription and retain Deezer. All the catalogue gaps (some of them very specific to my background and culture and probably not missed by most users on this forum, others probably more of an issue to many here) are resolved. I could port my Spotify playlists (containing everything I could not find in Qobuz) and merge them with my Qobuz playlists into one app with all my streaming music. I think that Qobuz is still the best service on SQ, but to my non-audiophile (and a bit aged) ears the gaps are not very noticeable.
  12. understood. Much appreciate your transparency. A shame these classic albums are missing
  13. I also submitted in the Belgian site the request for adding artists and got the same "standard response"
  14. thanks! I sent a message to customer service (in French) but no response. I am getting the feeling you miss a lot of albums in Belgium. I assumed naively that you have the same rights here as in the UK or France.
  15. So am now on my Mac and able to search with more screen real estate. Blonde on Blonde is only available in a 2010 mono release. The same for Highway 61 Revisited. Blood on the Tracks is not available as far as I could tell. Again I am awaiting a response from Qobuz customer service. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but the weakness of the Qobuz search and presentation is bitterly exposed in a scenario where you're looking at an artist that has hundreds of releases. You search in Spotify and when selecting Bob Dylan it pulls directly the list with first the studio albums in chronological order (the REAL order not the wrong release years you see often on the album descriptions. When I try a search such a "Bob Dylan Blonde", you do not get the 2010 mono version. It only pops up when carefully scrollling through the multiple entries. I have been an unconditional fan of Qobuz since seriously getting into high quality streaming. I am happy to pay the extra amount to get a quality service that does not compromise on anything. This is why issues like this bug me and a lot.
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